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knock knock! Is anyone home??

Well the answer to that is nope! Please forgive my absence from my blog but I have been so busy between moving and traveling that I feel like I don't even have time to breathe! It has been great getting to see family and spending time with the people whom I love a ton, but once again I am missing having a job! Who would have thought?!? 

The most exciting thing so far has been the move to the new house! A little stressful but the official move day is this Thursday! I will post a few pictures of the finished product sometime next week once things are in order! I'll give yall a little laugh...
This has been me the past two weeks working hard to get this house finished! 

I also was able to attend my uncles wedding at my grandfathers house last week. He is in the Marines and he found himself a beautiful fellow Marine to say "I do!" They had a precious little wedding and I was so thankful to spend that time with all my family! Oh and if you can't tell from all the blonde in my family... I am a natural blonde! Hoping to be one again very soon! 
My aunt, mom and sister!
Sister, me, mom, uncle & bride, Linda, papaw and aunt

So my only biological sister is Brooke, I do however have two girls that I consider my sisters, Jenna & Sydney. They have been a huge part of my life and I would do anything for them just as I would my own sister! Jenna graduated high school on Friday and it was a great day! I am so proud of you Jen Jen and I love you so very much!! 

Other than running around getting a household put together and seeing friends and family I have been very blessed to be spending a lot of time with my boyfriend Jeremy. He is a really amazing guy and its been so nice living just 30 minutes down the road instead of two hours! We spent Memorial day on the boat with my mom and Paul and it was wonderful! I am a little toasty from the 95 degree sun beating down on us but it was a great day! 

I REALLY do promise to get back to some normal blogging soon! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and an even better start to summer! 
 much love!


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