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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

It has been one amazing year! I survived moving to a new city where I didn't have any friends or a job! I had high hoped for this year and 2012 exceeded my expectations! We went through some highs & lows but overall I think it was an amazing year! 

I landed the job of my dreams with a pediatric ward & Jeremy received an amazing promotion that landed him such an amazing job!

Jeremy & I bought a home! 

We got engaged!!

Ah just so many crazy and amazing things happened this year! 
Most importantly I spent a year with the man of my dreams and we have many, many more to look forward to!

Happy New Year everyone!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! 

I'll be back to normal blogging next week! Family is the most important right now! 
Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Christmas! 

Jeremy & Bre


Family Christmas Weekend

This weekend Jeremy and I got to be with both of our families and exchange Christmas gifts since we will be by our lonesome selves on Christmas! 
(warning: picture overload, sorry!)

Friday after work we drove to Greensboro to attend my step-sisters graduation party! She graduated from UNCG on Thursday! 

My sister-seperated-at-birth, Lindsay showed up for a little bit! I pretty much HAVE to see her every time I go home, it's a must! 
Isn't she gorgeous? I was exhausted and didn't feel like getting dressed...

Saturday morning we celebrated Christmas with my family since I can't go to Florida with my family :( This is the first year since birth I haven't gone to Florida. My mom tried to cancel the trip when she heard I had to work, we're all a little bummed! 

I wore my "lets fa la la" shirt, It was a hit! 

I went overboard this year and decided that I had to get my mom something nice! She has done so much for me and Jeremy and my sister this year and I cannot thank her enough for how she's always there for all of us! She has always wanted a red leather bag so I got her a Michael Kors red leather purse! She loved it! 

Saturday was also my sisters 18th birthday! She also got herself a Michael Kors bag along with a few mimosas! ;)

I got my Christmas present also...
Oh yeah, the blog is about to blow up with some AWESOME looking pictures!

Saturday afternoon we headed back to Charlotte and had Christmas with Jeremy's family! 

 We went to dinner at Villa Francesca and then went to a Bobcats game! Jeremy's dad decided he needed to fit in at the game... hilarious!
{Jeremy, his dad and his sisters, Brittany & Taylor}

We walked uptown to see all the gorgeous Christmas lights before the game!

Sunday was spent at Church and eating way too much Panera & homemade chili to function! 

I am so thankful to have such an amazing family and such amazing future in-laws! 
What were you guys up to this past weekend?



Throughout our busy lives remember today to just stop for a moment and pray for those who lost their lives on Friday in CT. 

May God bless those families and bring them peace


Charlotte Blogger Dinner 2012

Last Thursday Beth from Classic Annie organized a Charlotte blogger meet up/dinner/ornament exchange at Aria in downtown Charlotte!

We all met up at Aria for a delicious meal, a few drinks and exchanging gorgeous ornaments! 


Top Row: Laura, Me, Kate, AnnieMarielLuluMaranLauren
Bottom Row: BriChristinaMindyMichelleApril
Rachel is the only one not pictured, she headed home right after dinner to be with her precious little baby!

It was such an awesome evening and I loved meeting and talking with so many fabulous girls! Best part is that we all live in the same city! I can't wait for more events with these lovely ladies!


Wedding Wednesday

So I realize that we haven't set a date for our wedding yet, and it will be at least 15 months away... but still, I wanna start doing a Wedding Wednesday here and there! 

This week: location/city of the wedding!

Jeremy grew up in Ohio and moved to NC around 8th grade, we both grew up in Greensboro after that and both have family all over the dang United States. 
We don't really have a love for Greensboro and there isn't really a reason to have the wedding in Ohio or Florida since we have no ties there anymore. 

We love Charlotte, we have SO many friends here and family is only an hour to three hours away from Charlotte. Jeremy had a few family members left in Ohio but I know they wouldn't mind traveling for our wedding! I don't like the idea of a destination wedding because just thinking of that gives me anxiety. 

So were going to get married in Charlotte! 

Next is to pick the date/venue! I do not want to get married in a Church, nothing against a Church but we don't really have a home church or a Pastor we both love and grew up with! Nothing again my man Jesus but I would prefer our ceremony and reception to be in the same place! And we all know I can't get my groove thing on in a holy place!

I'm going to the Charlotte wedding show in February so until then I think I'm going to hold off on looking at venues! If any of you Charlotte ladies know of a great place leave me comment! I would love to do a little bit of looking between now and February, just to fill the wedding excitement!

Here's to many more Wedding Wednesdays!


Recent Threads

I feel like I have been slacking tremendously on my OOTD's! I really do enjoy posting them, sometimes I get crazy with my style and when I don't get good reviews I know to calm it down! 

Here are a few from the past month or so! 

Top- Old Navy
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Old Navy

OBSESSED with this blouse!
Blouse- H&M
Leather pants- Vestique
Shoes- Candies for Kohls

Shirt- Old Navy
Scarf- KiKi La'Rue {Lenore Infinity Scarf} You NEED this scarf!

Shirt- J. Crew
Necklace- Vestique (sold out) buy it here!
Leather pants- Vestique
Shoes- Old Navy

Shirt- Vestique
Pants- Old Navy "Rockstar"
Shoes- Target

Dress- Old Navy
Belt- KiKi La'Rue
Boots- BCBG (very old!)

Sweater- Vestique (i'm wearing a small!)


twenty four

 I turned twenty-four on Saturday. 
Oh my, where has the time gone?
It was a wonderful birthday weekend, friends, wine, champagne & cupcakes!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend!

Crappy iPhone pictures will have to document the weekend until I receive my baby camera for Christmas! 
Friday night I hosted a birthday/housewarming party and had a few friends come to town and just laugh the night away! 
GiGi's Wedding Cake cupcakes! To-die-for.

My sweet friend Sarah from college drove from Raleigh bearing GiGi's and enough champagne to swim in. Love. 

My good friend Leslie from college also! She is such a sweetheart and I couldn't imagine birthdays and life without her!

Emily bought me this AWESOME wine sippy cup! It is from Swoozies, buy it here! You need it in your life, I haven't stopped drinking out of it yet! 

A few wine sippy cups deep and apparently my duck face comes out?!? 
oh heavens.

And there may or may not have been birthday cake shots involved...
I'm getting too old for this!

Saturday evening Emily, Leslie and I went to Cowfish for dinner and then met the boys out for a few drinks and dancing! 

24 roses for 24 years from my amazing fiancĂ© & adorable mommy! 

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special! I genuinely enjoyed the time spent with such important people in my life and I love each and every one of you! I am so blessed!

{my dress is from Vestique}


Sparkle This Season!

Have a holiday work party and you're lost at what to wear? 
I found it. 
Classy, sparkly and stunning!

Holiday Work Party

Pair the dress with a classic black pump and wear a girly coat to keep warm! Add a fun bag and a pop of color in the earrings so you're not too matchy-matchy!
I wish I had a work party because I would love to rock this outfit!

What are y'all wearing to your holiday parties this year?


Santa Baby

Oh my gosh I cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner! It is blowing my mind at where this year went! 

Since it is so close to Christmas I figured I would take the time to let some people know what's on my list, feel free to buy any of these items for me! ha!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i
This is pretty much all I want. I need it actually.

Monogram cut out necklace, with my married monogram of course!

Fiestaware! I collect the Lemongrass & Tangerine colors and I would love some more serving dishes and unique pieces!
And lastly I think this means I am officially grown up... I want a vacuum.
Preferably one with a detachable piece so I can vacuum my 100 stairs and one thats light weight so I carry it up and down my 100 stairs! 
Any suggestions?

What's on yall's Christmas list this year?



Rest & Relaxation
That's what the doctor ordered for the rest of the week! 
My surgery went well and I genuinely thank each and every one of you for the thoughts, prayers and sweet words! 
That means so much to me! 

I am still SUPER tired and out of it from the anesthesia but I haven't had any pain yet! 
I know many of you may be wondering what happened but its graphic and not too fun to talk about so I'll just tell y'all it had to do with my bladder and kidneys! yuck.

And I guess this is what the world has come to, my 50 year old parents on their cell phones almost the whole time I was in pre-op!
sadness. haha and yes, mama needs glasses!

Once again thanks for the thoughts and prayers! 

the drugged up Breanne...