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Legs of Leather

Clearly I have been lusting the leather legging look for quite sometime! After snagging and styling a pair of my own I can't get enough! Conveniently, my favorite pairs are all from Shop Daily Chic! #leduh 

Leather Leggings



Sunday Words

"Start each day with a grateful heart"

Start today with a grateful heart, start each day with a thankful heart. Take a step back today and thank God for one thing in your life. Be grateful for more than one thing, but everything.


What I Wore: Graphics & Leather

I don't know if I'm too fond of this outfit but I love all three pieces separately SO much. I bought the shirt at Zara this summer in Chicago and have probably worn it once a week since. The leggings are new and something I've wanted from Daily Chic for a while! The shoes I've had for almost a year and have never worn, time to get some use pretties! 

Shirt: Zara/ Leggings:Daily Chic/ Shoes: Vince Camuto/ Lips: MAC Quick Sizzle


Loafer Lust

I have been lusting over some loafers lately! I am not crazy about the loaf look but these babies need to be mine! 

Loafer Lust


Weekend Happenings

Well it's officially fall and this past weekend couldn't have been any more perfect! 

Friday night we went to a little dive bar with some friends of mine and then I proceeded to pass out entirely too early from working all week.

My #ootn from Friday evening! 
aka: the starting obsession of Little Yellow Lim, I seriously carried this bag ALL weekend!
Necklace: Daily Chic/ Shirt: Old Navy/ Jeans: M&O/ Shoes: Target

Saturday was meant for sleeping in and coffee in bed! We did some serious grocery shopping, did major damage at Target and even braved IKEA for a new dresser! It was a rainy Saturday, perfect for shopping!
Bag: Phillip Lim for Target/ Sweater: Old Navy/ Boots: Hunter

We have been needing a new small dresser for some of Jeremy's clothes. He seriously owns so many basketball shorts and shirts that they have been living on the floor for the past month. I need to find a pretty vase of picture frame for his "bedside" dresser now!
I would like to say this is what our bedroom usually looks like... (new dresser on the left!)

But this is what it really looks like!! Cups and coffee mugs, dirty laundry and a heck of a mess of a bed! Oh and J on a monogrammed laptop! ha!

Saturday night one of Jeremy's friend from college came to town with his girlfriend for her birthday! We went to Nikko sushi (SO YUM) and then they hit the town, we stayed in and once again passed out early. We're getting SO old!
Dress: Francesca's Collections/ Necklace: Express/ Shoes: Kelly & Katie/ 

Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Charlotte and the first official day of Fall! We woke early, Jeremy jogged and I social media'd till I felt caught up. We headed to Church and got breakfast at Local Loaf beforehand! After Church we opened all the windows and got to essay writing for school, so not looking forward to January now! I did manage to switch out my closet from summer to fall, just need to dig my boots out of storage next! 

This weekend was amazing, so sad to see Monday! What did y'all do this weekend?


5 on Friday

1. I painted my nails gold for childhood cancer awareness month! I truly feel blessed I get to work with the amazing children everyday that are fighting the nasty cancer monster everyday. They have blessed my life in ways I could have never imagined! 

2. A new park opened uptown and I took Jake there earlier this week! I've heard it's a really cool park and I've been dying to go! 
It was so gorgeous and neat! 

There was this amazing waterfall thing that had lights under the water changing colors, I suppose it would look way better at night!

Behind Jake there are copper squares that play piano tunes when you stomp on them! 

I can't wait to head to this park and have a picnic one day with Jeremy!

3. I am OBSESSING over these leopard loafers from Target! I mean how perfect??

4. Um it's gonna be fall y'all, in two days! Gah I need sweater weather like STAT. 
& please go watch this.

5. And now I must put the coffee down and un-cork the wine. 



4 words.
Phillip Lim for Target.

So Sunday morning Emily, Leslie & I were in Hickory, NC. Thank God. Being in a small freaking town was a blessing from the fashion gods! 

We awoke around 7:30 after a night full of engagement cocktails and literally rolled out of bed to Target. 
We were literally the only people in the parking lot besides the employees. Which I am super grateful for considering I had friends who stood in line and fought bitches... for a bag. 

Free reign of the bags, just us, and one asian chick. Who claimed she was always the only one at the launches. Who also asked us if we were from out of town, yes, we are.

Got my bags! Only took me like 30 minutes and a minor panic attack because I left my debit card at home to decide. 

After a short trip t Starbucks and grabbing some PSL's (#whitegirlprobs) we were on our way back to admire the beauts we bought! 
Clearly I believe I made the perfect choices...

After driving back to Charlotte with my new babies on tow me and Mom headed to IKEA. Obvs Phillip came with me...

I can't wait for some sassy outfit posts with these sassy bags! 
Did y'all get some Phillip Lim for Target? 


This Is My #OOTD

 This post needs no explanation. 
Clearly every blogger NEEDS this shirt!

Shirt: Shop Dandy/ Skirt: (actually a dress) Daily Chic/ Shoes: Jessica Simpson/
Watch: Wristology c/o / Bracelet: Style Love Living/ Sunglasses: Forever 21


Engagement Party

We FINALLY had an engagement party this past Saturday! My cousins and family threw us a gorgeous party in Hickory, where all my grandparents and family live! 

First off, the house the party was at. O.M.G. Straight out of a catalog, or Pinterest!

I didn't know any details of the party until I arrived, which was so difficult for me! The party was perfect, I wish we were still hanging out and drinking wine with everyone!

There was incredible food, amazing drinks, tons of family and friends! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect party!

These girls came all the way from Raleigh and were by my side all night! Making sure I had food and drinks all evening! 

Words cannot describe the love I have for these girls!

HUGE thanks to Emily who took it upon herself to snap pictures all evening! She captured some amazing photos, something I will always treasure!


My amazing mom & sister!

My second family, The Curry's! These people have been like a mom & dad to me and Jeremy!

Papaw & Granny! My precious Granny!

The love of my life! I can't wait to marry this man! 

A huge thank you to all the friends and family who came to celebrate us! We wouldn't be the couple we are today without each and every one of you! 
-Bre & Jeremy


What I Wore: Polka Dots

This dress is the epitome of classic beauty. It provides a gorgeous and classic look without accessorizing or adding to. 

The second I tried this dress on it had to be mine, I cannot wait to wear it to night three of Charlotte Fashion Week tonight!

Dress: Daily Chic (I'm wearing a medium)/ Shoes: BCBG/ Nails: E.L.F. Oxblood

25% off your entire order from Daily Chic when you use the code basicallybre!