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Wedding Wednesday

This week- Wedding Colors!
So I've had a serious time with colors, I have imagined my bridesmaids in every color under the sun and every color makes me want to gag. 
I hate the thought of turquoise, green or yellow on the girls and purple makes me cringe. No black, no grey, too boring. 
White, tan light pink? Now you're talking! 

Yes, white. I will not be wearing solid white so possibly my bridesmaids can? Tan or nude, so classy and chic. The only thing I worry about tan or nude is blending in with my blonde beauties! 
So baby pink it is!

This is the pin that made me swoon over light pink & the groomsmen wearing kakhi!

We still don't have a date (I know, I know!) but were thinking late summer of 2014. I know this light of pink may seem wrong for late summer but I think its perfect, once again, fall colors make me gag so I'm the bride and I make the rules. 

Here are some other pins I have found for my pink and gold wedding!

How perfect, this cake already has a B on top!

These pictures make me so happy inside! I want my table to look exactly like this!

Ok now I need to seriously start wedding planning! Happy Wednesday Y'all!


Outfit: Mint & Peplum

I've had this skirt for months now and I haven't found anything to wear it with until I found this mint top. I am so beyond obsessed with this outfit! 

Shirt: Forever 21/ Skirt: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Old (Similar here)/ Necklace: Neiman Marcus for Target /Rings: Bauble Bar


Lust List

Still going strong on the shopping ban, however I snooped around Bauble Bar last night and made myself a little wish list!
Lusting over these items hard!

Emily has this adorable little pendant and I think its just a perfect touch, especially in February! 

UM HELLO! Quite possibly the best color Essie has ever come out with and an adorable bangle! I want!

Classic, elegant and edgy! Love, love love!

What are y'all lusting over this week?


Friday Five

Five things I am loving this Friday

1. The cold weather
I mean it's not really my favorite but it sure does make laying around in yoga pants more acceptable!
(& a not so favorable thought... don't buy yoga pants from Target, they're crap.)
Which makes me wanna buy these!
2. I'm gonna need this bikini to come back in stock, preferably the day my shopping ban is over!

3. Valentines Day
I love this holiday, probably my favorite! Love and all things pink! I work on February 14th this year so I can't wait to wear pink and spread the love to all the kids!

4. My Charlotte B-Cycle card
Jeremy really wanted me to get the annual membership with him so we could bike together around the city and get some exercise! I was so against this at first because I've never been a fan of biking but after our 6 mile bike last week I really am into it! It was fun and a new way to get some exercise for me!

5. My new Tervis 
(didn't buy this! It was a Christmas present I totally forgot about)
I take a tumbler to work every day, first full of coffee and then it keeps me drinking water throughout the day! I try and fill it up at least twice with water before I allow myself to drink a Diet Coke! 
Um hello, adorable. 

What are y'all loving this Friday??


Wednesday Update

So I talked last week about my sixty day challenge and I promised I would update y'all on how I was doing!

Last week was hard! The no shopping wasn't the hardest part, it was the no drinking. I had a long week last week and we had a 3 day weekend.
 Friday night we went to dinner with friends and I honestly didn't feel the need to drink, I obviously wanted a margarita but I didn't drink at all! 
Saturday we ran some errands and didn't really have any plans for the evening so I though I would be ok. We met up with our two friends who are moving to Chicago and sadly realized that this was our last weekend with them and all our mutual friends, not to mention it was Erin's birthday. So Erin and I shared a bottle of wine and we went to see a movie. Harmless, I stopped drinking so I could feel healthier so I do not in any way feel bad about that glass or two of wine. 
Monday was my bad day. It started with everyone having off of work and enjoying the gorgeous Monday that it was. We had tickets to a 2pm Bobcats game and with all the boys drinking and enjoying the day I decided to open a bottle of champagne. I didn't spend money on alcohol, I already had the bottle from the holidays and I felt in good health. 
Then I started feeling awful, I don't know if it was just crappy Trader Joe's champagne or what but I felt lethargic, dehydrated and so tired after drinking it. I started chugging water and ended up going to bed at 7:30 Monday night. 
Yes, I believe I was being punished for drinking when I promised myself I wouldn't! Darn me!

I felt no need to shop all week but it sucked going to Target and only getting shampoo and toothpaste. whomp! 

I need to learn to stay on track and tell myself that I will only get really disappointed in myself the next day if I choose to drink. 
I'm not starting the sixty days over, I just need to stick to them and think before I act. Stay away from all our friends drinking in groups and just keep telling myself that I can do this!

THANK YOU to everyone for the supportive comments and words! Y'all are the best readers ever and I hope you don't loose faith in me, I swear if I can do this, ANYONE CAN! 

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


That Day I Tried to Photograph Outfits, Alone

Well I got a fancy camera and I thought with this house full of windows I would be able to photograph outfit posts more effectively and frequently. 

You see I have no where in my house to properly photograph outfits, the lighting mid-day is funky, and I have a lot of windows. So when people are walking their dogs outside they can see me being narcissistic, inside, snapping pictures of myself. 
I then decided to give up and just play/learn new things about my camera. I tried out the self timer and shutter thing where it takes like 10 pics in 5 seconds. 
My results... a serious selfie photo shoot, on the floor. Pretending to laugh at something, oh thats right just laughing at myself! 
Maybe I'm pretending to sit in our nonexistent agent chair that I am still desperately looking for!?

If it were still 2003 then I would totally make this my new MySpace prof pic. totally. 

 I really wanted to photograph this outfit. Cute black collar shirt under a lace peplum top with pleather pants and my favorite black booties. sigh. Oh well, instead you got to look at pictures of me and how conceited I am!

 This is kinda how I felt when I realized I still need my BFF Emily to photograph me. Emily, Why you live so far away??

Fashion Blogger FAIL!
Happy Tuesday Y'all!



Last Friday I had the day off and tried to brainstorm some blogging ideas and I got into my closet and started layering some things! I wasn't fond of this trend a few months back because I felt like wearing multiple pieces of clothing sounded awful. I get too hot. 
So I tried out this outfit...
Blouse, Sweater & Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Michael Kors
Necklace- Thrifted from a friend! 

Now I'm addicted, I want to layer every day. Its fun sand cute and I think it will help me go through my closet and find new ways to wear old items! 


What are y'all layering? I need sequins STAT!



I was reading E Tells Tales the other day and she took a personality test, naturally I wanted to do the same. 
I don't think I have ever taken one so honestly I was really intrigued! 

The test said I was ESFJ...

I honestly don't know anything about personality test or how to perceive/read the results but I guess I'm a pretty average girl!

I did some more research into the ESFJ type and tried to think about how my life directly related to the results.

+Guardians of birthdays, holidays and celebrations, ESFJs are generous entertainers.
I am very in tune with peoples birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations! I love to entertain and I always want people over at my house!

+ESFJs enjoy being in charge. They see problems clearly and delegate easily, work hard and play with zest. ESFJs bear strong allegiance to rights of seniority. They willingly provide service (which embodies life's meaning) and expect the same from others.
Very True.
I like being in charge of things but when someone else is fit for the job or has seniority over me then I know when to back down. I also don't ever mind helping a coworker or friend out when they need help but I don't always expect anything in return! 

+ESFJs are easily wounded. And when wounded, their emotions will not be contained. They by nature "wear their hearts on their sleeves."
Oh So True!
I have a hard time masking or hiding my emotions. I quickly react when my feelings are hurt and I kinda cry a lot. But I can also turn into a stone cold biatch, if you mess with me or my family I will mess with you. BAM. 
But I'm mostly nice and fluffy! 

+Strong, contradictory forces consume the ESFJ. Their sense of right and wrong wrestles with an overwhelming rescuing, 'mothering' drive. 
My lord yes, Jeremy is always saying I have such a "motherly" personality and I think that is why I love my job SO much! I love taking care of people and no matter the situation I usually just want to take care of that person and care for them. 

OK, so here is the verdict. I thought this little personality test would be bogus but its dead on and I am ESFJ inside and out! 

Have y'all ever taken a personality test and evaluated the results? I mean I am kinda totally hooked on this stuff now, I can't stop looking up stuff on ESFJ's! 


Sixty Days

thats a long time, sixty days. But I'm doing it. 
No drinking.
No shopping.

----------------- oh that was my heart stopping for just a second.
Yes, you read that correctly, no drinking alcohol & no shopping for 60 days

I originally started this sixty day journey on January 4th but then I had some wine with friends one night and bought a $4 pair of boots on Monday, I mean they were four dollars! 

So I'm restarting this and I'm committing to it!
Start Date: January 14th
End Date (aka drink a bottle of wine a buy some shoes date): March 16th

"Breanne, you're crazy! Why do this?" 
Well I kinda got out of control with both. Judge me, I drank too much wine, I bought too much stuff one month. And probably the amount of wine I consumed correlated with how many packages showed up on my doorstep each week, duh.

 In November and December I kept buying stuff here and there, I would get a dress, a pair of flats, etc. And it just got out of control. I have multiple dresses and shirts in my closet that I have no idea where or why I bought them and they still have tags and I probably will not wear them. I have so many shoes I found myself hiding some when we moved because they wouldn't all fit in my closet. Jeremy has rolled his eyes at me one too many times at the amount of clothing in our guest room closet that I haven't even touched since we moved. 
Excessive much? I just love shoes! 
I want to come up with a plan for it all, I want to donate clothes, sell clothes and probably throw away some old shoes and shirts! I just don't know my plan of action for it all yet, I need time to plan this, I love my clothes. 

My exceptions for the shopping ban are:
-I can buy it if I have a gift card
-I can buy it if it is necessary for daily life activities (i.e. shampoo)
-I can buy gifts for birthdays/occasions (anniversary/valentines/birthdays)
-I can buy food, because I can assure you if I can't drink or shop, I'll eat.

Now the drinking part, oh this part. 
Where do I start? 
I like my wine and my margarita Mondays with Rachel, a lot. I noticed myself wanting a glass or two of wine after work every day, a beer on a beautiful Saturday or a whole bottle while painting my nails with a friend. Just too much, it's spending unnecessary money and honestly I'm sure all my health problems will significantly improve from being sober for awhile! 
Jeremy decided to do the no drinking thing along with me for support and someone to hold me accountable. 
Do I think I have a problem? No, not at all. I just know that my body is dealing with a lot of medical issues and stress right now and I could really benefit from a sober month or two. The detox will be nice and my bank account will love me also! 

I know there really shouldn't be any exceptions for this but I do have one or two...
-The annual JDRF Hope Gala is March 2nd, I can have a drink or two this night as long as I'm healthy. My body knows when my numbers and counts are out of whack and I feel it. I have to keep myself disciplined to watch my blood sugars closely and make sure I'm taking my iron and eating correctly so I feel good and not crappy if I have a glass or two!
-Our good friends Forrest & Erin will be moving to Chicago in a few weeks and you bet your butt I'm going to see them off one evening with a toast! But just one!

My support system for this will be Jeremy and the Bible. I have started a few devotionals and prayer books that I have really gotten into the past two weeks. I want to turn to God and His word when I am feeling tempted to relax and have a glass of wine or go shopping for a dress. I don't need to be giving into the worldly sins of greed and alcohol but I do sometimes so I know that if I pray or open my Bible, God will lead me through it!

So I hope y'all stay with me through this, I want to blog my weekly thoughts about it and how I'm doing. I use my blog as an outlet for thoughts and ideas so I really want to blog about my sixty days! I also want to blog about what I do with my closet problem, maybe a blog sale? Maybe I'll just donate! 

Whew ok, time to go relax and drink a glass of wine read a book!


Rainy Day Thoughts

I recently started scheduling myself so that I have Mondays off, I need those Mondays to prepare for the week, get bills paid, run errands, clean house, etc. 
Today is rainy and really yucky, I also have to stay in today to wait for ADT to come hook our security system up. They said they would be here before noon, its 1:30, no sign of them. sigh. 
A while back I did some random thoughts/ things I wonder post (here and here) and they were a hit! 
So on this gloomy, rainy day, stuck at home I'm going to unload my mind on y'all...

-What happened to "the customer is always right" & customer service in general??
I mean between ADT and Time Warner Cable I have spent countless HOURS on the phone hashing things out with them! Don't tell me I got the $85.99 a month deal and then bill me $202.43. WHAT?!? Yes more than double what I "promised" to pay. After 3 hours on the phone, I got our bill down to $93.00. sigh.
ADT you just blow up my phone. I scheduled the appointment for my day off so please, do not call me 7 times to ask if I want an earlier installation date... I will not be home. Why don't you just make note of this so I don't have to look like the crazy biatch yelling into my phone when you call me for the seventh time. Yes, seven phone calls in one day. 

Does anyone work in the customer service-phone answering industry? I would love to know y'alls side to this!

-Why are my neighbors so obnoxious? I understand y'all are two young bachelors, but come on, Skrillex and other noises at 11am during an appointment in my home and 11pm when I have to be up at 5am?? Y'all think i'm overreacting, seriously the pictures on my wall shake and bounce when these kids turn the music on. It is insane. I cannot even begin to explain how much it annoys me, next time it happens on a Wednesday at 11pm, I'm calling the cops, end of story. 

-Why are people so mean, bitter and just flat out angry? 
This is all I'm gonna say on this or I'll go crazy...
If you have something to say about me, my home, my fiancĂ©, or me being engaged before you, say it to my face. Not on Twitter or any other social media, tell me directly. I will probably just laugh at you because it is NONE of your business how we pay for our home and why my fiancĂ© decided to propose to when he did. 
Own up chick, stop hashing it all out on social media, just tell me because honestly, no one else gives two craps about what you have to say. 

-*side eye* My closet. 
I need damage control, I have too much and I don't know what to do about it. Should I donate some stuff? Should I do a 30 in 30 challenge and see what I don't wear or don't need? I wear scrubs 3-4 days a week so I feel like a closet challenge would be pointless because it would take me forever to go through all my clothes. I just always feel like I have pieces that I use very rarely but I love them so I don't want to get rid of things! 
Have some of y'all done closet clean outs? What were your methods?
(oh and that is closet one of two that I have full of my stuff, oops)

- finally, can I sleep for 12 hours every night? Yes, I did sleep for 12 hours last night. 8:30 bedtime isn't too bad after all...

Any thoughts or randoms y'all want to unload on me, go ahead, I'm listening! 


Home Tour: Master Bedroom

And now y'all will see the master bedroom... the boring master bedroom that I don't know what to do with!

No, I actually love our master, the sunlight that comes into our room during the day seriously makes me smile! We have really high ceilings and huge windows so tons of sunlight pours in and its so beautiful! We have blackout shades that we pull down at night so I can get my beauty rest but I just love waking up on the weekends to that gorgeous sunlight! 

I still love our bedding from when my mom and I made over our bedroom last year but I once again just don't know how to accessorize and decorate! 

Any ideas let me know, otherwise here is our poorly decorated master bedroom!

 Once again I wanted to hang these curtains from the ceiling but the previous owner left these and I really liked them so I just left them! 

I want to get some decorative vases and knick knacks for the dresser and I'm thinking a trip to West Elm is in my near future.
Also- thats the wardrobe from our old place, without doors, housing about 1/4 of Jeremy's shoes... I hate it, but I got the bigger closet so I just have to deal with it. 

His & Her closets!

Where we keep the elves... 
Whats in there? I have no clue. How do I even get up there?!?

I seriously love how high our ceilings are! I feel like it makes our bedroom so much more homey and relaxing!

We downsized on the master bathroom but gah am I happy to get rid of those awful black concrete floors in our old bathroom!

My Daddy's photos

I like our glass shower but I liked this curtain more so I hung it... odd?

So there ya have it, our new home! I seriously could use some ideas for out master bedroom so comment away! 

Home Tour: Guest Room


Home Tour: Guest Room

I am so in love with our guest room, I wanted to create a space where guests could feel cozy and at home!

I already had the turquoise chevron pillows and blanket so I decided to work off of those. I wanted turquoise, white and black, and I had to have grey walls!!

The ONE thing Jeremy wanted to add in this room was that zebra print! He saw it at IKEA one day and was literally talking about it every time I mentioned the guest room, we finally bought it and I also love it!

I want to add a mirror over the blue desk to cover the circuit box, I mean really who put that there?

I love that I got to hang the curtains down here from the ceiling, it makes the window and wall look so much bigger! 

There is also a second bathroom in the guest room which I also wanted to paint but geez that just sounds like a pain in the butt!

I have actually caught myself just staring at this room when I come in sometimes. Oops, I'm just obsessed!

Once again, if you want to know where anything is from just comment and I will let ya know!