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5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Celebrate Halloween

Linking-up with Erin today for her impromptu "5 things I'd rather do than celebrate halloween." 
You see, I've never really been into Halloween, I don't like getting drunk in an unfamiliar costume, I don't like spending the money on said costume and I just don't like being scared!

In college I never was a slutty cat (is that possible?) or anything slutty! One year I dressed up in a tutu from my actual 17 years of ballet...

and another year I went as a glow stick?!? (pretty sure my hair is the only thing that was glowing...)

Last year I actually purchased a costume (regret the price) and only because we were invited to a huge party...

This year, I work with sick kids who obviously are bummed about being held up in a hospital on a holiday, so I dressed up! Obvs I went with my go-to ballerina idea.

So here are my 5 things I would rather do on halloween than dress-up and all that jazz...

1. Drink wine. 
No explanation needed. 

2. Shop! 
Can we go ahead and move my Nordstrom Event up to tonight??

3. Drink wine and/or beer and/or vodka with friends!
Oh wait, I'm going to actually do that tonight, with girl in dino costume above. 

4. Travel to Florida and lay by the pool, at the Hard Rock and not give a ____. 
& drink.
This event really is fun, I've done it for about six years now. So yes, when I was 19 I was sneaking fifths in my suitcase and party-rocking with my mom, poolside. 

5. Be at home, in my huge sweat pants, eating a bowl of chili, with my honey. & wine. 

...So basically you get the idea of what I would rather be doing. 

Happy Halloween Y'all! 


Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party

I promise this won't be a weekly thing, but right now the excitement is just too much not to share! 
This Wedding Wednesday: how I asked my bridal party to be in my wedding and my bridal party!

I wanted to do something creative, fun, different, etc. However nothing was striking me the right way! I think I searched Pinterest and multiple blogs for hours, possibly days for a fun way to ask my girls! But literally nothing stood out to me! I really wanted to send each girl a bottle of wine, but then I remembered 4 girls are under the age of 21. A monogrammed kookie? Nope. A monogrammed anything? I just couldn't decide! 
So I went with simple and what I thought was perfectly "me." Calling my girls "darling" and just simply sending them a good ol' fashioned card! 

I have always been a huge fan of Sweet Potato Shop on Etsy! I even featured Molly's shop in my week of favorite Etsy shops! I knew once I decided on cards that I had to contact Molly and have her custom make my cards! I chose the "Hello Darling" cards and then asked Molly to custom make the wording on the inside! She listened to every word I had for her and created the most perfect cards! 

At the time I ordered the cards we didn't have our venue or date set. I liked the idea of not knowing but asking them anyway. I knew no matter where, when or how I got married, I wanted those 11 girls by my side! 

I am so happy with how amazing the cards turned out! All of the girls loved them and were so excited! I can't wait for the day, every person I love and adore right by my side! 

I give you my bridal party...

 Brooke aka Seester {Maid of Honor}

 Hayley {Bridesmaid}

 Leslie {Bridesmaid}

Lindsay {Bridesmaid}

Emily {Bridesmaid}

Rachel {Bridesmaid}

Jenna & Sydney {Bridesmaids}

Taylor & Brittany {Junior Bridesmaids}

Sophie {Flower Girl}


Fall Baubles

Happy Tuesday loves!

So if you follow me on Instagram {@brenicole88} then you know I seriously love this fabulous necklace from Daily Chic! The day I wore it I was sipping on a PSL and store owner, Brooke, pointed out that the necklace was a bauble version of a PSL! Yumm!

This necklace sent me on a spree, an online shopping spree! I think I spent around three days looking for the perfect Fall baubles! While looking I had some fall colors in mind: dark greens, browns, oranges and gold! I wanted big, chunky and really different pieces! I haven't purchased them all yet, I have a few on my birthday list!

I bring you, my favorite Fall baubles!

What baubles are y'all loving this fall? Any that I need to have?


Winter White

I wore this outfit on Saturday and I was quite happy with it. It did feel a little weird to be head to toe in white, mid-October but hey, rules are meant to be broken!

Oh and I'm officially a red-head. Back to the salon we go!

Shirt: Old Navy/ Pants: Thrifted/ Vest: Jack by BB Dakota (similar)/ 
Boots: Target (similar)


The Charlotte Social November Meet-Up

Happy weekend Y'all! 

I had the honor of planning the November The Charlotte Social meet-up! I have teamed up with Nordstrom South Park to bring you ladies a night of champagne and holiday fashion! 
You know every holiday season you're searching for the perfect outfit! Work parties, Christmas parties, holiday weddings, you name it, Nordstrom & I will find it for you! 

Please join me in a night of fashion, champagne, and friends! As always you don't have to be a blogger to attend a meeting, if you're a Charlotte reader then please feel free to join us! The more the merrier!

You can RSVP by emailing me at breanne.stoll{at}gmail{dot}com or you can RSVP by commenting on this blog post! 

Hope to see some of you beautiful ladies there! 


5 on Friday

My 5 on Friday this week is 5 outfits I've worn recently and I'm loving!!!

1.  Navy & Red for a day of Fall clothes shopping!
Shirt: Gap/ Pants: Target/ Shoes: Michael Kors/ Bag: Phillip Lim x Target

2. I saw a Madewell window with a big flannel shirt and a gold chain. I fell in love and had everything to make the perfect outfit!
 Shirt: Old Navy/ Jeans: Madewell (old)/ Shoes: Kohl's/ Necklace: Grandma's

3. REALLY bad photo quality but this outfit is the definition of Fall for me. Browns, greens and leopard! 
Shirt: Old Navy/ Pants: Old Navy (current)/ Shoes: Target/ Scarf: Nordstrom

4. Hot pink & gold! I've always been obsessed with this J. Crew Factory blouse and I got two gorgeous new gold necklaces Tuesday so I had to pair them together!

Shirt: J. Crew Factory/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Boots: Target/ Necklace: Boho Blue/ B Necklace: The Jewel Box

5. Black & Blue & print mixing!!! IN LOVE. I was wearing this outfit proudly all day yesterday! 
Gingham shirt: J. Crew/ Sweatshirt: Old Navy/ Pants: Target/ Shoes: Old Navy


Blo Me

Blo Me Dry! 

Blo Dry Bar opens in Charlotte today and I got to attend the media event yesterday! OMG y'all, awesome things happened!

First off, this place is adorable! Pink and white and so modern chic! 

My blow girl Kaitlyn was so sweet and she helped me go through the Hair Menu to decide which amazing look I was going for that day! 

I got a serious wash and condition then off to the blo-dryer!

They had champagne & some sweet treats for us! How cute?!?

I mean how chic and adorable is this place? Below is Jo, the Blo owner in the pink and Dion chatting it up!

Mid-tease with the "hair crack" that I will have to write an entire post about! 

My fabulous finished product! Seriously I'm gonna be here more than I should be! 

Thank you Blo Charlotte for inviting me out yesterday and I am so in love! I can't wait to round up a few ladies and get some Blo outs! 

Y'all head over to Blo Charlotte like ASAP!


Wedding Wednesday: Venue & Date!

The day is finally here, we have set a date and secured our venue! I am so, so, so excited! I have been on cloud 9 for a day now! 

So about 7 months ago we were on the lake with my mom and she pointed out this house. She told me it was where everyone around town was getting married and I laughed, out loud. I was dead set on getting married in Charlotte or at least in a city, not out in the literal middle of nowhere! I mean I hastagged #overmydeadbody

Well, lets hope I don't die on my wedding day because yes, I am getting married there!

We toured the venue about two weeks ago and just fell in love! I'm not one for options, I want black & white, this one or that one. We have only seen one venue and we went with it! It felt right, it was gorgeous, it was in our budget and I could picture myself getting married there!

 We will get married on the lawn overlooking the lake at 5pm! The views are just breath-taking! 

I will walk down the staircase...

After the ceremony we will all go take pictures and there will be a cocktail hour in the lower level of the mansion! I love the look and feel of this house, every room and corner is even more gorgeous as you go through!

The reception will be held on the deck I'm standing on and inside the main floor of the mansion!

Food and the bartender will be inside along with the tables!

Just a few more pictures, I'm obsessed!

I am so excited and I cannot believe we have booked and found the perfect place! I am in love with our date also, 10.10 just has the perfect ring to it! Yes, a Friday but I just couldn't throw an odd number in there with my even month and year! #OCD

I am so thankful for my amazing family and their support with everything! I have an incredible family and future in-laws that are so very excited for us! I can't wait to marry my best friend!

At dinner last night celebrating! Almost a year after engagement we have finally started our wedding planning!