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I was invited to the preview night of TOPSHOP for Nordstrom last night and OMG fun! 

My outfit for the evening...
Dress- Phillip Lim for Target
Bag- Local boutique
Shoes- Kelly & Katie

The second Leigh contacted me from Nordstrom about the event I was over-the-moon excited! I have always loved TOPSHOP but haven't been able to in person shop since two years ago in NYC! 

I am OBSESSED with this jacket! I mayyyyy have to go back and snatch it up once the line launches!

 This black dress was perfection! Literally the PERFECT little black dress! 

I ended up pre-ordering this green number! So different and cute, I could style it so many ways! Yes, I wanted both dresses but I went home with the green!

I tried on some amazing pieces and had a really hard time on choosing just one! (personal achievement, told myself I would only buy one piece!) Huge thanks to Leigh for hosting us gals and can't wait for more fun with Nordstrom! 

Who else is super excited for TOPSHOP at Nordstrom? And who else wants to make a Nordstrom trip with me next week??


  1. GO get that military jacket! So fabulous.

    You looked amazing, as usual! I'm so glad Nordstrom's upping their game

  2. That green dress is just too perfect for words! Breaking your "one piece" rule might've been OK for last night only, considering how great both dresses really are! ;)

  3. eeeeee! so precious!!!! love that philip lim you wore to the festivities as well!! you are a doll!

    {cheers yall}

  4. That black dress!!! It's perfect, and it looks perfect on YOU missy! I hope you go back and snatch it up :)

  5. I've been getting so antsy seeing the Topshop under construction section of Nordstrom. I'll be heading over asap.

  6. those dresses look lke they were made for you!! You definitely need the black one in the future but the green is definitely more versatile! love it!


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