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Weekends Are For Fun

This past weekend was the most perfect balance of fun and relaxation!
I had all day Friday off, which is rare, I haven't had a full day off in awhile! I had lunch with Jeremy and ran a few errands! I managed to get a little girly for errand running!

After errands I cleaned this house like no other! I also took on the grueling task of cleaning and organizing my jewelry!

Painted my nails an appropriate color, "status update."

Saturday morning I woke up early and cleaned out my closet, I posted some items here but looks like no one is in the shopping mood! 

Saturday evening my best friend Hayley and old roommate, Amanda came to Charlotte to celebrate Hales' Birthday!!!

We had dinner at Vida in the epicenter and then hit Roxbury's, the 80's-90's club here! 

Dancing to Spice Girls, a must!

We made two new friends? 

Then my lovely fiancé carried my BFF home! Such a great man!

...and Sunday was spent recovering. We just can't hang like we used to!!! Thank goodness for Christopher Columbus, me and Jeremy are heading to a pumpkin patch today and enjoying the day off!

How was y'alls weekend?


  1. I think Roxbury is so much fun!

  2. Have a great extra day with your man!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend, so bummed we couldn't get some outfit pics!


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