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Our worries are OVER!

Hello Hello! So guess what... we got J's placement last Thursday! 
eeekkkkk, ready? CHARLOTTE! 

I can not being to describe how happy we were! I kid you not we were both yelling and screaming and jumping up and down when we heard! We haven't been too stressed over the placement until about Tuesday of last week. J was worrying but he wouldn't let me know and I was freaking out all day Wednesday & Thursday! Thursday evening we went and celebrated with fellow co-workers then J's roommate popped open a bottle of bubbly he's been saving for a special occasion! 

Friday we started to make plans to travel to the queen city later in October but after my 12 hour work day was cancelled on Saturday we decided to wake up bright-n-early and get on that apartment hunt! The overly organized freak I am, made a nice detailed list with pros and cons of about 15 different apartment places and we headed to Charlotte! 

Here is how almost every single conversation went with the leasing agents:
us: yes these are the dates we HAVE to move, nothing else & this is our budget...
agent: well, we don't really have availability or Yes this is the rent, is that too much?
us: umm do you want my arm and 4 left toes? because yes that is RIDICULOUS!
agent: well I'll keep you updated, have a nice day! see nothing was really working in our favor. J has to be moved by a certain day, I have all the time in the world, but he doesn't. And its not like were made of moolah, I mean come on $1,800 for a tiny ass bedroom and crappy cabinets in the blah kitchen? oh and I need to rent a washer/dryer oh and you wanna make me pay an extra $50 because we both drive cars? You CRAZY lady!

So after much searching we found the one. Exactly the space we want and needed, for the price we could afford! All the luxuries we wanted and its walking distance to bars, restaurants, groceries, dry cleaners, nail places, shopping, our church, etc. We have a rooftop pool, you know where I'll be all next summer! We could not be happier!

Here is our new humble abode!
ps. its a super modern and "urban" style place, we LOVEEE how different everything is! 

Love the floors! 

this closet is HUGE! It goes on forever, my dream. I am so happy! :) 

Thank you to anyone and everyone who prayed for us and our future location! We were quite worried for a bit but now all those worries are gone! We are so thankful and thank the Lord everyday for everything we have and will have in the future! House warming party once were all moved in? of course!
Have a fabulous week dolls!



Wine a little, or a lot!

Happy hump day 'yall! 

I have a dilemma... I have about 5 pounds of wine corks. Don't judge, I like wine. Haha no, they're actually all from a family friend who owns a little restaurant, come one I can't drink that much wine! So my problem is what to do with all of these lovely corks. I thought about the typical cork board but I do not like clutter and things pinned up all over my kitchen on a cork board is not my style! 

So after dilly-dallying around on Pintrest I found these cute ideas! 

Do any of 'yall have cork related items in your home or know of some cool ideas? If so leave me comments! I want to do something really cool with all of my corks! 

oh, ps. I;m blonde again! ;) & J is ridiculous, but I love him! 



The Forever Glamorous

Happy Thursday dolls! 
I slacked off and skipped blogging yesterday, my 3 hour nap was so much more important, oops! So today I want to introduce to everyone my sister's YouTube channel! She is 16, a junior in high school and addicted to all things fashion and makeup! Sister is totally adorbs in her videos! Her and two of her best friends, Morgan and Sydney have created this channel to let fellow teens know about current trends! They do an amazing job and I am kind sorta jealous of her current success. They started their channel just to get the word out there about makeup and fashion and they have turned into somewhat a sensation among friends and fellow vloggers (did I spell that correctly?) haha Recently The Forever Glamorous was  informed that if they reach 25,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel they will be able to attend the IMATs in 2012. They are super excited about this and I really hope I can do what it takes to help them get there!! 

This is one video just Sister is in, shes doing a tutorial for blue eyes! 

So what I need from you ladies is to subscribe to their YouTube channel and spread the word! They are also on Twitter, I'll post all the links below!

Follow sister here!
Follow Morgan here!

Love you dolls!


oh la la, Romantic weekend getaway!

Hello Dolls!
So how is everyone's week going so far?? Only Tuesday but hey Tuesdays are kind of my relaxation days. Only two classes and the rents are cooking for me tonight so I am just kind of chilling in bed right now! So as I had mentioned in a previous post my amazing hunk of a man I call boyfriend, planned a romantic getaway weekend for us! AWWW! At first it was supposed to be a surprise but he spilled the beans, he wanted it to be perfect and he wanted me to pick the hotel! I didn't mind the surprise being ruined because that is one detail in any trip that stresses me out, where I will be laying my head at night. I'm too much of a control freak to just stay anywhere!

So Friday after Jeremy got off work we loaded up the car and headed to Asheville, the gorgeous mountains here in NC! Friday night he took me to an awesome little Tapas restaurant and we grubbed out on some very interesting food!

Here were at a little jazz and blues bar! We were the youngest people there by at least 10 years! haha  

Saturday we rolled out of a ginormous king sized bed pretty late and had a wonderful breakfast then went out and explored the town!!

At a bar called Bier Garden, over 200 beers on tap! We picked a "mystery bucket" and people watched!

I am a huge beer snob, I like nice beers and if they don't fit my liking then your 'outta here! This beer however was delishhhh, Brooklyn's Pumpkin Ale. Holy moly it was fall in my mouth!

We took a comedy tour of Asheville Saturday afternoon and it was BYOB, duh. The tour guide was hilarious and I could not stop laughing!

After a much needed nap Saturday evening we headed out to explore a few wine bars (obviously) and also found an adorbs cocktail lounge with leather recliners, hello heaven! 

Sunday we enjoyed a late brunch downtown and headed to the Biltmore Estate. I have been once as a kid but J had never been so it was a must! All weekend I had random people taking our pictures and everyone was always awkward, except this lady! She straight up just said, "yall just kiss for the picture, it would be better!" haha I LOVE the picture!

In the beautiful gardens at Biltmore!

Soooo then the exhaustion from the weekend hit me, and hit me hard. We traveled down the mountain to have dinner with my Grandpaw and well, I passed out... NOT a pretty sight! 

Overall it was a much needed and absolutely perfect weekend! I am even more in love with the boy than before, and I thought I seriously couldn't be more in love! Thank you so much honey, I love you so much and you are amazing! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!



It's about that time...

...For me to start thinking about decorating for our new place! Ok, not really, we still have 3 months but I like to be prepared and know exactly what I want in this new place! My number one focus is the bedroom, I get to totally start over from anything I have previously had and this excited me very much! I have a complete living room set and pretty much everything for our kitchen also but all of my bedroom stuff I had to get rid of or just really want to change! J and I have been looking at bed sets and these two are our favorites so far!

I really want to do a grey-ish color on the walls and possibly one of these bedding sets! (all from Target, love me some Target!) The last two are my favorite!! 

Any suggestions or ideas ladies? I really love my bedroom and it is kind of my escape so I want it to be perfect! Do any of yall have grey in the bedroom? I would love some pictures or ideas! 

ps. Going away this weekend on a surprise trip planned by my amazing man! I can't wait to tell yall all about it! Have a fabulous weekend!



Temporary freak out moment... ZARA is ONLINE!

Yes, I know, whattttttt? So maybe I am late to this party but I just found out ZARA will be available to purchase online starting September 7th! OMG! Upon finding this out I stocked my shopping cart up! Then I came to the bittersweet conclusion that I cannot purchase anything! With J & I's upcoming move and relocation to  possible different state we literally need to be saving every penny possible, boo hiss. So as the dear sweet girlfriend that I am I have taken it upon myself to stop any unnecessary shopping, so unfortunately a ZARA shopping trip is unnecessary. 

So even though I cannot purchase the following, these lovely items will be on my wish list, hint hint honey! ;) 

I know you ladies are just as excited as I am so tell me, what will you be ordering from ZARA??



Football season has begun!

Hello dolls! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I am so relieved that there is no school or work tomorrow! yay for Labor Day! Yesterday I attended the first football game of the season and man oh man it got me going! I absolutely love me some Wolfpack football! 

I don't have much time now so I'll update on some funny stories later on in the week but heres a few pictures from the game!