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Our worries are OVER!

Hello Hello! So guess what... we got J's placement last Thursday! 
eeekkkkk, ready? CHARLOTTE! 

I can not being to describe how happy we were! I kid you not we were both yelling and screaming and jumping up and down when we heard! We haven't been too stressed over the placement until about Tuesday of last week. J was worrying but he wouldn't let me know and I was freaking out all day Wednesday & Thursday! Thursday evening we went and celebrated with fellow co-workers then J's roommate popped open a bottle of bubbly he's been saving for a special occasion! 

Friday we started to make plans to travel to the queen city later in October but after my 12 hour work day was cancelled on Saturday we decided to wake up bright-n-early and get on that apartment hunt! The overly organized freak I am, made a nice detailed list with pros and cons of about 15 different apartment places and we headed to Charlotte! 

Here is how almost every single conversation went with the leasing agents:
us: yes these are the dates we HAVE to move, nothing else & this is our budget...
agent: well, we don't really have availability or Yes this is the rent, is that too much?
us: umm do you want my arm and 4 left toes? because yes that is RIDICULOUS!
agent: well I'll keep you updated, have a nice day! see nothing was really working in our favor. J has to be moved by a certain day, I have all the time in the world, but he doesn't. And its not like were made of moolah, I mean come on $1,800 for a tiny ass bedroom and crappy cabinets in the blah kitchen? oh and I need to rent a washer/dryer oh and you wanna make me pay an extra $50 because we both drive cars? You CRAZY lady!

So after much searching we found the one. Exactly the space we want and needed, for the price we could afford! All the luxuries we wanted and its walking distance to bars, restaurants, groceries, dry cleaners, nail places, shopping, our church, etc. We have a rooftop pool, you know where I'll be all next summer! We could not be happier!

Here is our new humble abode!
ps. its a super modern and "urban" style place, we LOVEEE how different everything is! 

Love the floors! 

this closet is HUGE! It goes on forever, my dream. I am so happy! :) 

Thank you to anyone and everyone who prayed for us and our future location! We were quite worried for a bit but now all those worries are gone! We are so thankful and thank the Lord everyday for everything we have and will have in the future! House warming party once were all moved in? of course!
Have a fabulous week dolls!


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