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It's about that time...

...For me to start thinking about decorating for our new place! Ok, not really, we still have 3 months but I like to be prepared and know exactly what I want in this new place! My number one focus is the bedroom, I get to totally start over from anything I have previously had and this excited me very much! I have a complete living room set and pretty much everything for our kitchen also but all of my bedroom stuff I had to get rid of or just really want to change! J and I have been looking at bed sets and these two are our favorites so far!

I really want to do a grey-ish color on the walls and possibly one of these bedding sets! (all from Target, love me some Target!) The last two are my favorite!! 

Any suggestions or ideas ladies? I really love my bedroom and it is kind of my escape so I want it to be perfect! Do any of yall have grey in the bedroom? I would love some pictures or ideas! 

ps. Going away this weekend on a surprise trip planned by my amazing man! I can't wait to tell yall all about it! Have a fabulous weekend!


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