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Adios amigos!

I ended up having a few moments to sit down tonight and blog, who would have thunk? I figure I would go ahead and tell you about my amazing, exotic and oh so tropical vacation I am going on, oh wait. Nothing exotic or tropical just visiting Charleston, SC, still amazing and very gorgeous! I went for a weekend last summer and was instantly in love with Charleston! Jeremy, me and a few of his good friends will be spending a few amazing days there and I cannot wait to be sitting here and enjoying a cold drink with not a care in the world! 

and what would one of my posts be without some images of clothing and ranting about another shopping spree I didn't need to go on?

First off I felt like I need a few staple classy dresses for this trip. I splurged on this one...

and then went in the total opposite direction for this one... hello forever 21! I bought a coral and gold necklace to pair with it. 

also while at forever I spotted this romper and figured it would be a cute beach cover up!

finally I made it to Target, which is why I ventured into town anyways, to pick up some travel necessities and ended up purchasing a tunic from the Calypso St. Barth for Target line, 30% off too!

Hope everyone has an amazing Fourth of July! 
Enjoy your breaks and vacations and stay safe! See yall next week!!



What comes before part B?

PART-A! Haha get it party? OK #fail at being funny. I have had quite a manic day today, I only worked five hours but I have been swamped with details and planning for my mom's party on Friday. My dear mother is turning 50 on Saturday and I am hosting a party for the wonderful woman Friday night! Theme of the party... 21st birthday! My mom is very young at heart and 100% does not look her age so she does not want people wearing black and being all "over the hill" on her. (she's quite the wild child) So since I have a feeling I wont be blogging much the rest of this week or next since I'll be on vacation I am dedicating this post to my mom! Happy 50th I mean 21st birthday party! I LOVE YOU! 

Sister, me & mom Thanksgiving 2009

Annual Christmas party 2010

before my JDRF Gala Feb. 2011

Jimmy Buffett April 2011

Sister, me & mommy at my Uncles wedding May 2011

State game fall 2009

Have a stellar week dolls!


Drum roll please... my finished bedroom, finally!

I have previously talked about my recent move, well almost a month later I am all moved in and have finally finished my bedroom! I decided to go for a more "adult" look in this room based off of the new furniture I received from my mom's boyfriend. I went for a muted mint green on the walls and I thought it paired perfectly with the dark, chocolate brown furniture. I took a couple pictures to show yall just because I am actually pretty proud of my design skills this time around! 

Don't know why the pic is a little crooked but this is my glorious bed! My furniture is Paula Deen Home and my bedding is from Macy's.

My full length mirror really added a nice touch, I am loving the old traditional look of it and of course my Marley Lilly hat is hanging on it! 

My favorite part about the dresser is this wonderful little pull out hook/rod thing, I'm guessing it is maybe for suits or dresses but I like to use it to hang Michael up at the end of the day! 

So I realize that the robin egg blue desk doesn't really go with the rest of my room/decor but when I saw this desk at a local furniture store I simply could not leave the store without it!
  Inside the desk is a really cool little mirror that can be pulled out so you can do your makeup and work at the same time! They totally made this desk for a girl like me! 

and last but oh certainly not least... my closet. One thing I am very proud of. 
 "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet"

The rest of the house is a work in progress, had to have my room finished first! I have a lot to do before this Friday since I am hosting my moms 50th birthday party here! eek! lots to do, busy week ahead of me!

Have a fabulous Monday dolls!


Always a bridesmaid...

...never a bride! Just kidding, this girl does not want to be a bride for awhile! However I was a bridesmaid for the first time in a good friend from high school's wedding. It was a beautiful Saturday morning wedding in these wonderful botanical gardens a town away. 
Remember my post about wedding hair?? well we had every brides serious nightmare happen the night before the wedding, the hair lady CANCELLED on us! gasp! Yes ladies & gents, at the rehearsal dinner, open bar rehearsal dinner mind you, hair lady texts me saying... "can't do the brides & bridesmaids hair tomorrow or I will loose my job" WTF?!? Yea my thoughts exactly!  Good thing I went to cosmetology school... SIKE! So quite tipsy I grabbed a curling iron and about 200 bobby pins and went to work! Hazel ended up absolutely loving her hair and she received many compliments on how beautiful she looked! Yes I will brag for a second, I dominated at the hair doing thang! However in the midst of making the bride happy no one else got their hair done, including me. I have very difficult hair people, If I don't flat iron the crap out of it or wash it daily we may have a serious hair show for ya! So I was very upset that I couldn't get my hair done, especially after running off of 3 hours of sleep (I blame the MOH, we were in the "party room" in the hotel.) 
But every good bridesmaid knows the day is not about you, its about your best friend and what she needs! The wedding was gorgeous and I had a blast with all my best friends! 
Here are some snapshots from the wedding!

The wedding party!
Our serious hair doing line the morning of!
I LOVED that she let us pick the style of our dress but kept them the same color! So unique since we all had different styles! 
The beautiful bride & her bridesmaids! 


Mother May I Borrow $251?

I have a confession... I am a shopaholic. My current living situation is ummm how do I put it? I live in the middle of NOWHERE! So I have no where to shop basically and I am having serious shopping withdrawals!!! My solution... online shopping! I was surfing LuLus tonight and normally I don't find much on this website but tonight I racked up a $251 shopping cart in about 13 minutes. oopsie! So I leaned over to my mother sitting across the table and kindly asked, "mother may I borrow $251?" Her response... "umm let me think, no." Story short, looks like I'll be $251 short this month. 

Here are my finds, I am so very excited! :D

What else is everyone dying to have for summer? These four dresses will totally make my summer... until next week when I start cursing online again! 



OOTD & Essie

Hola again! My mind is running quick right now and I've actually got a minute to sit down and blog so excuse the excess of posts! I have always liked when bloggers do an outfit of the day and I have kind of been jealous that people can look that cute everyday! I got dressed in a flash this morning and really liked my outfit so I figured I would try and start an OOTD! Excuse the hair- I slept on it wet and just wasn't trying to flat iron it for a day with the fam! 
shirt H&M, shorts J Crew, shoes Tory Burch

Second topic of discussion today is Essie... I am OBSESSED! I have never been a big fan of nail polish until I discovered Essie and now I have an obsession with how many colors I can try in one week, can we say problem? I am really loving these colors currently...
Watermelon- a really nice pop of color for the summer! 
Lilacism- this picture doesn't do it justice, it is a gorgeous lavender color! A little different but fun and sweet! 
Turquoise & Caicos- if the name doesn't sell you then the amazing color will, a perfect beach color for your nails!
& last but certainly not least, Ballet Slippers- people, this color is award winning, its perfect. I love the nude color with a slight touch of pink, so adorable! Obviously the current color on my fingers and toes!

Hope everyone is having a fun & fashionable Sunday! 


Weekend shenanigans!

Hello lovies! So on the weekends my little body runs about 200 miles a minute, I would love if BlackBerry could get a mobile blogging app... I would actually be a really good blogger! 

This weekend was a fun filled couple of days, Friday night Jeremy and I joined some of his co-workers for dinner and drinks downtown and what we planned on being a low key night turned into quite an eventful night! Between rescuing a dog off of a main street in out city and playing darts till the bar shut us down, it was a damn good night! Now one thing I do not love about myself lately is I have been SUPER slack on taking my camera places and documenting my life like I have in the past, so bummer nothing to show from Friday night! 

Saturday we went to a vineyard about 30 min away, again with about 20 of his co-workers and enjoyed a beautiful Carolina day sippin on some wine! We decided that we had to plan a trip to come back to the vineyard and stay a night, it was beautiful and the wine wasn't too bad either! The good ol crack berry snapped this picture of us!
So today being Father's day was kind of a difficult day for me. My father passed away about four years ago to cancer and I miss him every single day! After a wonderful breakfast with Jeremy I spent the remainder of the day with my mom and "step-dad." Paul is an amazing man that has taken my family under his wing and loves my mother, me and my sister unconditionally! Happy Father's Day to you Paul, thank you for everything! 

What did everyone else do for father's day?




Hello lovies! What is everyone loving this Wednesday? Normally I am psyched to blog a WILW but this Wednesday I am sad to say that my life is a little on the chaotic and boring side this week. But I have managed to scrape a few favs off the top of my head! So as said in my best friend Hayley's voice... hereee weee goooo! 

-First off I am loving TLC's Extreme Couponing show... holy crap these people are insane! One girl bought $3,000 worth of food and household products for $45!!!!! I don't know if I am just totally shocked or if I legit think these people are cray-cray!?!
-Secondly I am loving the delicious food I have been able to enjoy since I have moved home, tonight was bbq marinated steak kabobs and cous-cous. Lemme tell you, I am still in a serious food coma and I ate dinner about 3 hours ago!
-So if you know me then you know I am a true addict to Diet Coke, I firmly believe there is a drug in that stuff because I cannot go without one! So after some web browsing and blog surfing I got engulfed in Etsy , well duh, and found this...
I purchased the classic red & white "Keep Calm and Carry On" framed poster a few years ago and I always decorate a room around it. So now that I have stumbled upon this little treasure I will incorporate it into my next design adventure. Now I just need to decide what color to order it in? every one?

Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday! 


Shopping spree!

So whats a girl to do when she learns that her current broke ass self gets a job?? Go shopping, durrr. I start my new job tomorrow, whoop whoop! Although its only a part time gig due to the lack of effort on my part I am still thrilled to have some income! Of course as soon as I realized I would have a pretty decent income I decided to plan a little trip to my old stomping grounds and shop, oh and see a dang doctor in the city!  

My first stop was The Container Store... if you haven't been I don't know if you should, this place will rob you of every last penny!!! After finding some amazing organizational things that I never knew existed I headed on over to my all time favorite, H&M and brought home this adorable little crop top! 
Next on my agenda was Coach, no normally I am not fan of their products but I received a generous coupon in the mail from a purchase I had made for Christmas, so obviously I couldn't resist! I walked away with this perfect summer clutch and paid next to nothing! I can't wait to take this on my Charleston trip in a few weeks!
After a delicious lunch at Cheesecake Factory and unfortunately a quite painful doctor visit (huge bruise on my arm!) I arrived at Nordstrom Rack and just couldn't leave without some Michael Kors sunglasses! They were ridiculously cheap and perfect for when I don't want to wear my rather pricey aviators on the boat! Unfortunately I can't find them online anywhere to show you, bummer!  Guess thats what ya get for buying last season! 

Last but certainly not least I spotted a J. Crew outlet on the way back home! Snagged up some perfect summer shorts for super cheap! 
I went with a classic summer white & a very fun hot pink!

Well I'm all shopped out and its time for this girl to grub out!!
peace & love, 


wedding hair!

Hello friends! So I know its been awhile but I JUST got internet on Monday and then did a little road tripping before the wedding festivities this weekend and starting my new job next week! So on Saturday I am in a wedding, the first wedding I've been asked to be in for a friend from high school, Exciting! She is a very laid back bride and let us pick our own style of dress but we just all had to be the same color, cool idea! I love, love, love my dress and I actually really don't mind the color! But anyways back to the reason I started this post, I need help! The wedding is in two days and I currently have no clue how to do my hair!!! I have to wear it up due to the dress style so I have 3 options for yall to give your opinions on and let me know what to do!
classic messy bun & small pouf!

I REALLY want a braid so I am kind of leaning towards this one! 
& this is just beautiful but I will be outside for most of the day so I feel like this might start to fall!? 

Pretty please leave me some feedback on what hair style to go for on Saturday! As far as my life lately I will have to update you lovely ladies (&gents) on my adventurous life at a later date, I am beyond exhausted & need my beauty rest!!