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Always a bridesmaid...

...never a bride! Just kidding, this girl does not want to be a bride for awhile! However I was a bridesmaid for the first time in a good friend from high school's wedding. It was a beautiful Saturday morning wedding in these wonderful botanical gardens a town away. 
Remember my post about wedding hair?? well we had every brides serious nightmare happen the night before the wedding, the hair lady CANCELLED on us! gasp! Yes ladies & gents, at the rehearsal dinner, open bar rehearsal dinner mind you, hair lady texts me saying... "can't do the brides & bridesmaids hair tomorrow or I will loose my job" WTF?!? Yea my thoughts exactly!  Good thing I went to cosmetology school... SIKE! So quite tipsy I grabbed a curling iron and about 200 bobby pins and went to work! Hazel ended up absolutely loving her hair and she received many compliments on how beautiful she looked! Yes I will brag for a second, I dominated at the hair doing thang! However in the midst of making the bride happy no one else got their hair done, including me. I have very difficult hair people, If I don't flat iron the crap out of it or wash it daily we may have a serious hair show for ya! So I was very upset that I couldn't get my hair done, especially after running off of 3 hours of sleep (I blame the MOH, we were in the "party room" in the hotel.) 
But every good bridesmaid knows the day is not about you, its about your best friend and what she needs! The wedding was gorgeous and I had a blast with all my best friends! 
Here are some snapshots from the wedding!

The wedding party!
Our serious hair doing line the morning of!
I LOVED that she let us pick the style of our dress but kept them the same color! So unique since we all had different styles! 
The beautiful bride & her bridesmaids! 


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  1. Everybody looks so pretty in these pictures and the whole picking out your bridesmaid dress concept is so smart! And despite the professional cancelling it looks like you saved everyone from a bad hair day!


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