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5 on Friday!

1. I am starting to really LOVE this link-up! I get a ton of traffic from some pretty awesome bloggers AND I have been introduced to some amazing bloggers! Thanks girls for hosting us!

2. Last night The Charlotte Social hosted the August Meet-up at Blackfinn! 
CHARLOTTE bloggers, we want more participation and girl at these events! Bri and I are going to start planning well in advance and sending out emails with multiple events! We want to meet more amazing girls! 

Bri at Just Bri
Tamra at Blitz And Glam
Allison at In The Queen City

3. I have never really dealt with Charlotte traffic so I can't say I "hate" it like most do. However last night was horrendous. Took me 97 minutes to go 12 miles and another 32 minutes to go SIX miles. However there was a 9 car pile-up, Alive After 5 AND the pre-season Panthers game. UGH I seriously was so wound up and so annoyed I could have killed a kitten. But only a kitten because I don't like cats. SO ANNOYING!

4. As of tomorrow Charlotte will officially have a college football team! GO 49'ers! I know they will suck a big one for awhile but it is just one more thing to love about Charlotte! 

5. This post without planning was just dedicated to Charlotte. I really do love this city, I love the people, the atmosphere, the sports and the everything! I have fallen in love with Charlotte and I'm so happy to be here! I seriously encourage you ladies to join the CLT Social blog! I have grown to love some of these ladies and I seriously look forward to every months meet-up! We have SO many exciting things coming up! Couples meet-ups, holiday dinners, wine tours and fashion events! Come on y'all! 


Summer to Fall

I bought a white cap sleeve peplum top last month and I have worn it multiples times! I love wearing the top with shorts and even a skirt but I'm most excited about the colored jeans and scarves!

Peplum: Summer to Fall

What are y'all most excited about wearing into fall?


Sunglasses & Advil

...last night was mad real.
Thanks Kanye for the post title, probably the only thing I will ever thank you for. That and interrupting T. Swift 4 years ago, I hate that biatch. And you. Hate you both, but thanks for the lyrics for the post title, really.

One obsession I have is sunglasses.
I get in a funk and only have one pair for awhile and then I will blow up the sunglass game. 
I had a Michael Kors pair all through high school and most of college until, I am convinced, my roommate stole them. World shattered. They were so classic, so perfect, and best of all they had my prescription in them! AH! So after that I bought my Ray-Ban Aviators and stopped there for a few years. 
Once I started blogging and really getting into fashion blogging I went a little crazy on the sunnies! I mean doing my hair is enough, so why have to put on makeup for my outfit shoots when I can throw on some adorable, outfit fitting sunglasses? duh. 

Now that I have a pretty sweet collection, I'll share my babies with y'all!


Top Left: Forever 21/ Top Right: Michael Kors (note: I got these on sale for like $60 and now can't find them anywhere besides international companies, odd!)

Middle Left: Michael Kors/ Middle Right: Forever 21 (I have them in tortoise!)

Bottom Left: Urban Outfitters/ Bottom Right: Ray-Ban

I seriously LOVE my little collection of sunnies, hoping to add a few more soon! In my defense to those rolling their eyes at me, half of what I currently have were $20 and under (heck $6 and under!) and the other half I either saved up for or were a present! I  don't ever spend full price on sunglasses (except my Ray-Bans, totally necessary!)

What are yall's favorite sunglasses?

OH AND....
The August Charlotte Social meet-up is Thursday at Blackfinn in the Epicenter from 6-8! Hope to see some of y'all there!!!!


Game Day

It's that time y'all! It's game time! 
The Wolfpack kick off this Saturday and I am so excited to start attending some games! My mom bought season tickets this year so Carter-Finley will be seeing a lot more of me! I love the atmosphere and positivity buzzing around on a game day! I love cooking with friends and having a few drinks! There is really nothing better than a Wolfpack game day! 

I gave my little sister most of my red clothing since she will be attending many more games than I will, which means I just need to go shopping! 

Gameday Outfit

Dress: Daily Chic/ Boots: Ariat via Zappos/ Tumbler: Tervis 

What is one of y'alls favorite thing about game day? Let me know your favorite team!


Most Wanted

Fall is right around the corner and honestly I couldn't be any more excited! Pumpkin this and that, fall leaves, cooler weather, boots, the fashion! Quite possibly the most exciting thing would be the fall fashion!

I got my hand on the Women's Most Wanted list for Fall 2013
-Slim trousers
-Button-up shirts
-Pattern sweatshirts
-Leather or "pleather"
-Heavy knit dresses
-Satchel handbags
-Bold jewels
-Short boots
-Statement jackets

Most Wanted for Fall

I am SO in love with this list! The genius that came up with it I need to see their closet. Because I really do enjoy fashion I decided I would put my two sense in on this fabulous list!

-Slim trousers
I am wild about this, I own one pair right now and I seriously can't get enough of them. I love the flat front and tailored look of these pants, not to mention the slim is right up my alley!

Well duh. I only own about 24. Classic.

-Patterned sweatshirts
I can't wait to get on this train, I have so many saved in various shopping carts online! I love the idea of a tribal pattern with an ox blood or hunter green pant! I have way to many outfits planned in my head surrounding this style!

-Leather or "pleather"
I am already beyond obsessed with this trend. Last winter I bough a pair of pleather pants and this fall I'm looking at two more adorable pairs! I think it really adds a lot to an outfit, it can make a plain button up look sassy and sexy!

-Heavy knit dresses
I currently don't own any but I also think this item is a sister to the sweater dress! I love a big sweater dress with tights and booties and I think once I purchase the knit dress above I will probably get about 12 more. You can't go wrong with a big knit or sweeter dress in the fall!

-Satchel bags
Cute, small, practical and so necessary! I love a red satchel with army greens and browns in an outfit! It's is such a great bag for shopping or trips, carry it on the town or throw it across you for a day of fashion hunting! I am obsessed with the Marc Jacobs one above and it will hopefully make it on my birthday list!

-Bold jewels
This has been a most wanted trend for awhile, however I think we should start thinking outside of our jewel comfort zone! Buy some crazy big earrings, buy a spike necklace you wouldn't normally ever wear! I know the earrings I put in my set aren't something I would normally wear but with the right outfit they would be amazing! Try a monochromatic outfit with a bold red necklace!

-Short boots
Once again, I jumped on this trend last year and will not stop! I have 4-5 pairs of booties and every time I'm out shopping I am always looking for more! I love the look of booties with dresses and pants, with or without leggings and tights, they always look good! I'm on the hunt for a perfect black pair so if y'all know of any, send me some links!

-Statement jackets
I honestly am not 100% sure what they mean by a "statement jacket" but for me this would be something you wouldn't normally have in your coat closet. Not your typical pea coat or big winter jacket! Maybe try a leopard print or bright purple jacket! Something out of the ordinary and something that makes a statement when you walk in the room! A jacket that people say "oh my gah girl where did you get that?!?" haha I'm on the hunt for a pretty girly purple jacket!

What are yall's most wanted items for fall?


5 On Friday

1. I am exhausted, I don't really know how I am typing right now. Today isn't my Friday, tomorrow is. Which is Saturday so then I just have to wait another week for my Friday. ugh.

2. I think I've been fighting a summer cold for about 2-3 weeks now. I strongly believe I haven't come down with the cold thanks to Emergen-C! I take one every single morning and then if I'm feeling crappy I will usually take another one in the afternoon! Seriously, nurses, teachers- take this stuff!

3. I helped a friend move on Tuesday and put her new room & apartment together, but now I have decorating fever. I want to re-do everything. The kitchen, our bedroom, our bathroom. AH! Make it stop!
She did this above her bed except with a "M" in the frame, now I wanna re-do a wall.

About 6-7 years ago this exhibition was in NC and my dad went but I never did, mistake. While I was in NY a few weeks ago the exhibition was there, I still didn't go, mistake #2. 
My mom and family went and apparently I missed out on the most amazing thing ever. My mom bought me a DVD of the exhibit and I have never watched something so incredible. The DVD explains the body on another level, I never learned it like this in A&P! I mean these are HUMAN bodies that have been preserved for science and my viewing pleasure. I was glued to the TV last night. If you are in the medical filed I highly suggest to go see the exhibit or get the DVD. If you live near me and wanna see it, i'll let you borrow it!

5. I feel like I'm gonna need this dress STAT. Oh the possibilities! 


Outfit Overload

My excuse is that I'm working SIX days this week, so get off my back, the blog will take the back seat.

For now I'll share some of my recent outfit of the days...
Shirt- Neiman Marcus for Target
Pants- Target
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Scarf- Nordstrom
Dress- H&M
Booties- Kohl's (last season)

Shirt- Zara (current in stores)
Shorts- Daily Chic

Dress- Forever 21 (similar)
Jacket- J. Crew
Necklace- Sylvia Benson

Necklace- Express
Top- Forever 21
Pants- Target

Necklace- Express
Shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- H&M
Shoes- Target

Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Old Navy


Back To School

Here in NC college has started or is staring this week! So crazy and sad that summer is over! My sister moved into her dorm on Saturday and I was SO jealous! Being back on campus and at a dorm I used to hang out at all the time brought back so many memories! (good & bad ones!) 

I really wanted to write a cliche "back to school post." Buy when I sat down to think about what I would write, the only thing that came to mind was what I wished I had in college!

So here is it ladies...

I wish I had in college...

1. Decent make-up & the skills to put on make-up. You know you're guilty of this one too! Blue eyeliner? Yea, that was my go-to every Friday night, freaking blue eyeliner!

2. More classic and classy dresses vs. the cheap and cotton dresses. I honestly can't tell you one single dress I still have from college that looks decent now or didn't cost $15.90. 

3. An Erin Condren planner. Oh my heavens I would have been so much more organized with one! Geez louise! 

4. Hunter boots, or a decent rain boot. I had some Juicy Couture rain boots from high school that I BEGGED my mom to buy me and they were awful! They weighed about 30 pounds and were bright pink and brown, I never wore them because they went with nothing and they were so heavy I refused to walk across campus in them. 

5. More than one Herve Chapelier bag! I have the exact one pictured above from high school and oh that bag has been through the ringer! It seriously can withstand everything and holds it all! I wanted to buy another one but went for a Longchamp instead and was disappointed! I wish I had about three of these when it came to my last year at State! 

6. Common Sense. My oh my what I would (and wouldn't) have done with some common sense! 

What are some things y'all wished you had in college?


5 on Friday

Linking-up for 5 on Friday!

1. I had a friend staying with me the past few days and she is slightly obsessed with The Walking Dead. We started watching the first season, which she has never seen. I am scarred, I don't think I will ever sleep properly again. I HATE zombies, the shows plot may be addicting but the show itself it awful. I can't tear myself away but I can't watch it. I also think that there is a zombie behind every corner in my house.

2. I'm moving my little sister to NC State on Saturday. It is going to be so exciting and fun but oh I know the nostalgia is going to kick in so bad! Which I why I planned to go to Raleigh Friday night and do a little college re-living with Hales & Amanda! 

(there is a really funny story to this picture, I swear, it's quite comical)

3. I've had the iPhone 5 for a few weeks now and I have to say that there is no difference from the 4/4s. Yes, the camera is better and it is slightly faster but nothing too special. I was kinda bummed, but honestly I'm a firm Apple user so whatevs!

4. This weekend Jamie will be in Charlotte, I can't wait to see her again! Also this weekend me and a few co-workers are going out for a "bachelorette" party! Our co-worker Jessica never got a true bachelorette party so 5 years into marriage and one son later, we're throwing her one! I seriously can't wait for this extravaganza! 

5. Remember that time I cut all my hair off? I don't, I don't know who that chick is... 


Pink Lips & Polka Dots

Shirt: Forever 21 (current)/ Pants: H&M (current)/ Shoes: Steve Madden/ Bag: Acadia/ Sunglasses: Forever 21/ Necklace: Vintage/ Bracelets: Style, Love, Living & Target/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Lips: Mac Quick Sizzle


The Dark Side

 I wanna be a brunette again. Bad.

Heres my brunette story...

I had a break-up, so I colored my hair. I liked it but it wasn't dark enough

(along with the hair coloring, I also partied like booze was going out of style. Natural break-up response?)

Colored it MUCH darker...

Then one day it awkwardly turned red. Really red.

And I got mad so I stripped it, it turned grey.
Finally weeks later I got it back to blonde. 

So ladies, what shall I do? I LOVED my brunette hair but omg it was a pain to keep up! Should I head to the dark side??



2,896 Miles.
That's how many miles I have traveled in the past two weeks.
Charlotte-Buffalo-Ontario, Canada-Charlotte-Ohio-Chicago-Charlotte. Traveled to/through 9 States, 2 Countries! 

I am SO glad to be back in Charlotte and most importantly, in North Carolina! I have not missed the heat and humidity but I have missed NC! And FYI, this post is going to be super ADD, my head isn't totally back to reality yet.

Last Saturday Jeremy and I packed up the car and started the drive to Chicago! We decided to stop in Columbus, Ohio to see his family and to break the trip up a bit!
His family threw Jeremy a surprise birthday party on Sunday and it was GORGEOUS! It was so nice to relax, eat some delicious food and obviously shoot some potato guns!

Monday morning we were up and heading to Chicago! Jeremy's good friend from high school moved to Chicago back in February with his girlfriend, so we were thrilled to get to see them!

Tuesday Forrest and Erin had to work so we of course browsed the Magnificent Mile and did a little sight seeing!

Wednesday Erin had off work so we beached bummed the morning hours and then did a little more sigh seeing and of course, eating!

They have a super cute boston, Oscar, hes awesome.

He misses the grassy life in that big city, so crafty Erin made him some...

I drank more Starbucks than I thought was humanly possible. Thank you Starbs on every corner, oh and for being open 24 hours.

They never got my name right, this was the worst of all! Maria?!?

I discovered the most incredible beer. A little hipster but a lot amazing.

Thursday we day boozed with Forrest while Erin worked and saw The Second City comedy show, hilarious!!

Friday we might have day boozed some more and then went on a booze cruise. What can I say, it was vacation!

I ate some of the most incredible food of my life! I would have taken pictures but seriously every time we ate I was so engulfed in the food, nothing else existed!
The bars were awesome also but incredibly packed, I almost had a panic attack this night...

I got Oscar cuddles galore, which has only made my doggy fever worse!

And we now have proof that Jeremy indeed does have a heart for small animals!

I was dumbfounded at the fact that my toes could be in sand but I had a MAJOR city in my rear view!?

And last but not least, two snaps to the person who can tell me wtf is going on with this chicks hair? #badhairday

And now I need a good week to detox, loose 15 pounds and get back to reality. le sigh.