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Back To School

Here in NC college has started or is staring this week! So crazy and sad that summer is over! My sister moved into her dorm on Saturday and I was SO jealous! Being back on campus and at a dorm I used to hang out at all the time brought back so many memories! (good & bad ones!) 

I really wanted to write a cliche "back to school post." Buy when I sat down to think about what I would write, the only thing that came to mind was what I wished I had in college!

So here is it ladies...

I wish I had in college...

1. Decent make-up & the skills to put on make-up. You know you're guilty of this one too! Blue eyeliner? Yea, that was my go-to every Friday night, freaking blue eyeliner!

2. More classic and classy dresses vs. the cheap and cotton dresses. I honestly can't tell you one single dress I still have from college that looks decent now or didn't cost $15.90. 

3. An Erin Condren planner. Oh my heavens I would have been so much more organized with one! Geez louise! 

4. Hunter boots, or a decent rain boot. I had some Juicy Couture rain boots from high school that I BEGGED my mom to buy me and they were awful! They weighed about 30 pounds and were bright pink and brown, I never wore them because they went with nothing and they were so heavy I refused to walk across campus in them. 

5. More than one Herve Chapelier bag! I have the exact one pictured above from high school and oh that bag has been through the ringer! It seriously can withstand everything and holds it all! I wanted to buy another one but went for a Longchamp instead and was disappointed! I wish I had about three of these when it came to my last year at State! 

6. Common Sense. My oh my what I would (and wouldn't) have done with some common sense! 

What are some things y'all wished you had in college?


  1. I love the idea of this post. It is filled with everything I wish I knew as well.

  2. I love this post, all such cute stuff and so helpful!!


  3. Rain boots are a must! I can't imagine not having mine. And this year I finally ordered my EC I approached junior year in college I thought I could splurge!

  4. Love this! My sister just started her freshman year at UNCC and I listed off all these things plus a rain jacket!

  5. I wish I had Hunter boots too! I just saw an aqua pair on Pinterest and almost died. Great post! New follower!

  6. Haha, I love this post! I just did the big post-grad closet clean out and got rid of about 10000 Forever 21 cotton dresses from college in every imaginable color. And college wouldn't have been as much fun if everyone had common sense! ;-)


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