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If I Die In Raleigh At Least I Will Die Free

The itch has been scratched, I went to Raleigh. 

Monday after work I hit the road and was in Raleigh before I knew it! My old roommate and forever best friend, Hayley was awaiting my arrival with cold Blue Moons and a smile! 

We went to our favorite little hole in the wall place and grubbed on fried pickles and hot chips! 

And of course we had to stop by the College Beverage to grab some more cold ones!

The sun was setting and so it was a must to drive by Carter-Finley and see it in all of its glory! 

We also may have stopped by our old apartment where many nights were spent together, causing ruckus and drinking wine!

Tuesday I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister checking out her new off-campus dorm and buying some dorm room essentials! We then headed to this amazing new mexican joint on Glenwood and had dinner with Sophie! Sophie was the adorable little girl I was a nanny to for over a year and she will be my flower girl in my wedding!

We spent Tuesday night my Uncles house with his girls, painting nails and doing facials!

Wednesday we spent ALL DAY on campus for freshman orientation! Holy crap, that was by far the most boring thing I have ever sat through! Mom & I skipped out on the last two "lectures" of the day and had some wine at Cheesecake Factory, thank goodness!

Wednesday night Hales & I packed up some more wine and saw Monsters University! So cute and funny!

I headed home Thursday morning and am back at work today, sad. But hey, as soon as I leave work I'm headed to the lake! Guess I have it pretty good after all! 

What are y'all doing this weekend?


CLT Social June Meet-Up

Hey Charlotte ladies & bloggers, tonight is The Charlotte Social June meet-up! RSVP was two days ago but if you want to come just email me {} and I will add you on! 

 Hope to see some you fabulous ladies there!


Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos

So yeah, we still don't have engagement photos done. Oops! Like I said in my last Wedding Wednesday, it's gonna be a long engagement and I don't care.
With that being said, after 7 months we are finally talking engagement pics. 
I do not want them to look cheesy, staring at each other and holding awkward hands, the weird side eye, lay on his lap crap. Nope! I just want beautiful normal pics, us walking, standing, being normal. 
I really don't want them to be done in Charlotte but I wouldn't mind it, I preferably want them in the mountains. Gorgeous scenery and since it is the middle of June, it will be much cooler! 

I would love to go up to Boone/ Blowing Rock one afternoon and snap some pics as the sun sets! Then go have some wine watching the stars, just sayin, when in Rome...

So Emily, wanna go to Boone? All expenses paid! ha! Emily will be our photographer!

This is kinda what I have in mind, very natural and fun pictures! NO posing, no weird shots or awkward making out. 

A little cheesy but I love the mountains and I am picturing an exact spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway when I see this!

HOLY this whole engagement session, click on the "via" down below and please just drool over these pics with this gorgeous couple with me! Ah!

You almost married and married ladies- are there any pictures or "poses" we MUST have? What were some of your favorites?


Everyday Makeup

So I had a crazy urge to blog the other day. I sat in front of the camera for about an hour deciding on what to vlog... I then decided on vloging about my everyday makeup routine!

So lets all have a good laugh and watch me put my makeup on!

Products used:

Products talked about:

...and apparently they don't make the Victorias Secret eye shadows I have anymore. sad! They still have many eyeshadows but the Beauty Rush ones aren't listed on the website anymore!



The term nostalgia describes a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

That described me about a week ago. Total breakdown & feeling nostalgic. 

I actually had a mental breakdown. I cried, ugly cried, I wanted to drive straight to Raleigh and leave it all behind. (kinda, sorta, not really.)

But I didn't, look at me being growing up. dang it.

So what did I do? Well first I made a playlist of every single song that reminded me of college. I listened to that, with some wine and cried some more. Then I drove to Raleigh, when I didn't have work, and it was appropriate. Which is today. I'm gonna go to work for my previously scheduled 8 hour shift then hurry my little ass to Raleigh. I know Hales will be there and dang it, Amanda you better be there! Leslie is in Boston, being nostalgic herself and seeing old friends. So we will catch up another time, Leslie & I often have these moments, dang it. 

So heres to nostalgia, old friends, and college days! If I wake up tomorrow and don't think "what the heck?" then it wasn't worth it. 

Heres to my BFF's from college and the year we all lived together- best year ever! 

I love y'all!


Wedding Weekend

Saturday was Jamie's wedding! Jeremy and I traveled to Georgia and experienced a true, gorgeous southern wedding! If I wasn't so exhausted I would go into elaborate detail of just how beautiful her wedding was, BUT I am quite pooped! So I'll let all the pictures do all the talking! 

My dress is Lilly! (got it on super sale)

Cheesy, we know!

Mr & Mrs. L!

 Dance with Daddy! 

I mean come on y'all, look how gorgeous this venue was!

First dance!

Her flowers were GORGEOUS! For about five minutes I actually thought about having flowers at my wedding! ha!

Horrible iPhone pic but I am so happy I got to meet some wonderful bloggers!

Jamie- your wedding was stunningly beautiful and so were you! I had such an amazing evening and I am so lucky I got to see you say "I Do!" Enjoy St. Lucia and hurry back so you can plan my wedding! 

A Sunday Thought

Heres my thought: get a second job.
Why? Save money for our wedding and pay off some school debt before the wedding. 
Where? Somewhere fun, something I don't mind doing or enjoy doing, so I'm not dreading the second job every other day. Possibly a clothing store. 

Is this actually going to happen? Probably not.

I really want to get a second job and save every single penny from that job for the wedding but the more I think of it the more I hate the idea. I only work 3 days a week at my current job and that is considered full-time since they are 12 hour shifts. So my days off are nice, I can relax, catch up on house work, do nothing, go grocery shopping! Oh now my life just sounds pathetic! But really, I love my 4 days off a week and I love my current job! 
I'm always after more money, unfortunately, I wish this wasn't so! Which is why I'm constantly in school, I always want to better myself. I want to make the most money possible in my career field. I will get there, but obviously, things take time and especially in the medical field. 

If I got a second job I would get it probably in the retail world- a clothing boutique, something simple where I could pick the days I work and I wouldn't be working 9-5 or any more 12 hour shifts than I already do! 

Is this smart? Did any of y'all get a second job for wedding expenses? I don't know if I can handle it but I really want to do it!
I need some opinions here guys....


Little Blue Clutch

Black & white is clearly my outfit staple recently, so why not wear some more black & white and add a little blue clutch?

Black top: Nordstrom/ Lace top: H&M/ Shorts: Zara/ Shoes: Christian Sariano for Payless/ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters



Linking-up with A. Liz Adventures for Spill About Your L-O-V-E today!

{1} Describe your dating life prior to finding your fiancé. 

Prior to meeting Jeremy I dated some special ones. I will be very honest here, I dated guys that were interested in my looks and not me. (or at least I think so) I would meet a guy at a bar or through a friend and just start hanging out or going on dates because I could, I was caught up in the fact that he was cute or nice and not that he actually showed interest in me. I dated a guy in college that was the worst. I don't even know if he really ever even liked me but there was something about that kid that I was infatuated with, possibly the fact that he took me out to dinner a lot or was happy to show me off to friends but whatever it was, it didn't work. I never felt appreciated or loved, and thats exactly what Jeremy gives me. Appreciation, unconditional love and is always genuinely excited to be with me. From day one he has shown nothing but genuine care and love for me. The night he met me was a bad night for me, but yet he stayed beside me, genuinely worrying and caring for me even thought I had only met him 2 hours before! (that is another story for another day!) Jeremy has always given me exactly what I never had in any past relationship and that is why we work! 

{two months after meeting}
ps. he had just gotten back from Miami (red face) & I was a brunette. whoa.

{2} Describe your fiancé in one word. How would he describe you in one word?
Jeremy- Hilarious
Me- Caring

{new years eve 2011}

{3} You had a really silly fight. Embarrassing silly. What was it about?
Food. The first night we formally were "on a date" I cooked for him. My sun-dried tomato & garlic ravioli. Well jump forward a year, I made the dish for his family one night and they loved it! His mom decided the last time we were home she would cook it for me! She did a wonderful job but she thought I used an ingredient, that I didn't, and cooked it. Jeremy loved it, wouldn't stop talking about how amazing it was, blah blah blah! Well I cooked it this past week, VERY reluctantly how his mom made it and he freakin' loved it. The more he talked about how much he loved it, the more pissed I got. That was MY recipe and she screwed it up (for the better!) So I got super mad, started yelling and telling him I would never cook again and we had quite the fight. He then realized why I was upset and apologized and said he wanted the old recipe next time I decided to make it. I realized how dumb I was being and I was just mad that his mom screwed it up for the better. dang it. 

{my 23rd birthday}

{4} In three sentences (and only three!), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years.
Five years from now I hope to have my BSN and still taking care of children. Jeremy would probably want to see himself either in the same position, some stability would be nice, or a regional manager. Kids are a possibility in five years but I'm thinking more of 6-7 years from now. 

{he will never be able to just smile! ha}

{5} Tell us something about your fiancé we wouldn't know from reading your blog.
Jeremy grew up very different from me, I grew up spoiled beyond belief and didn't realize how lucky I was, he did not. Which is not bad at all, I wish I had a little more discipline & structure like his family did! Jeremy had two-three jobs through high school and paid for his first two years of college before his freshman year! Jeremy has worked hard for every dime he's ever gotten and paid for his education, which he is very proud of! He has no school debt at all and in fact, no debt at all! He is a financial guru and gets way too excited at the thought of saving his clients money! He is amazing at what he does and personally, I think he knows more about the financial world than most banking industry people out there! #nerd

{raffaldini vineyards 2012}

{6} What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your fiancé, but you did?
It weirds me out, I don't wanna see him pee and I don't want him to see me pee. Farting is not big deal, I really don't care about that one. But peeing? AH! Well one day when we used to only have one bathroom I couldn't hold it in, I peed, right there in front of him. I died on the inside. 
And now- It is probably a weekly occurrence. 
Welcome to living together. You pee & fart together. It's love I tell ya!

{true love, martini in hand}

Y'all go link-up! This was so much fun to look back and think about us!