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The term nostalgia describes a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

That described me about a week ago. Total breakdown & feeling nostalgic. 

I actually had a mental breakdown. I cried, ugly cried, I wanted to drive straight to Raleigh and leave it all behind. (kinda, sorta, not really.)

But I didn't, look at me being growing up. dang it.

So what did I do? Well first I made a playlist of every single song that reminded me of college. I listened to that, with some wine and cried some more. Then I drove to Raleigh, when I didn't have work, and it was appropriate. Which is today. I'm gonna go to work for my previously scheduled 8 hour shift then hurry my little ass to Raleigh. I know Hales will be there and dang it, Amanda you better be there! Leslie is in Boston, being nostalgic herself and seeing old friends. So we will catch up another time, Leslie & I often have these moments, dang it. 

So heres to nostalgia, old friends, and college days! If I wake up tomorrow and don't think "what the heck?" then it wasn't worth it. 

Heres to my BFF's from college and the year we all lived together- best year ever! 

I love y'all!


  1. Once your sister is in school, we'll just go visit and pretend we are student again!! Wooo

  2. AND I'm just glad you didn't post the "trailer park" party pictures...

  3. Oh I used to have these right when I first started working my first big girl job! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  4. Wah, you post makes me miss college days, too :( I need to attend a toga party stat!

  5. Bless you!!! It really has just started to hit me that I won't ever be going back to college. SO weird!!


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