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Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos

So yeah, we still don't have engagement photos done. Oops! Like I said in my last Wedding Wednesday, it's gonna be a long engagement and I don't care.
With that being said, after 7 months we are finally talking engagement pics. 
I do not want them to look cheesy, staring at each other and holding awkward hands, the weird side eye, lay on his lap crap. Nope! I just want beautiful normal pics, us walking, standing, being normal. 
I really don't want them to be done in Charlotte but I wouldn't mind it, I preferably want them in the mountains. Gorgeous scenery and since it is the middle of June, it will be much cooler! 

I would love to go up to Boone/ Blowing Rock one afternoon and snap some pics as the sun sets! Then go have some wine watching the stars, just sayin, when in Rome...

So Emily, wanna go to Boone? All expenses paid! ha! Emily will be our photographer!

This is kinda what I have in mind, very natural and fun pictures! NO posing, no weird shots or awkward making out. 

A little cheesy but I love the mountains and I am picturing an exact spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway when I see this!

HOLY this whole engagement session, click on the "via" down below and please just drool over these pics with this gorgeous couple with me! Ah!

You almost married and married ladies- are there any pictures or "poses" we MUST have? What were some of your favorites?


  1. I love these ideas! Since my boyfriend and I met while in schoo at App, I 100% plan on our engagement photos being there. It really is the most wonderful location!! And I think I know the exact spot on the parkway you're talking about :)

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  3. We never got engagement pictures done. I'm not sure why other than the fact that we didn't NEED them. Looking back, maybe I wish we had because it would have made us more natural in front of the camera on wedding day. I like what you want to do. I hate those cheesy ones too!

  4. I really like the ones where they put the ring as a forfrontand then blend the couple in with the background. Everyone needs a good ring picture!

  5. She did some fun ones of us (me on his back & etc) and those are my faovrites! I love capturing the moment versus taking the picture.

  6. I love engagement pictures SO much! I think you've got some really great ideas and I know Emily will do a great job!


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