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Awful & Awesome Monday!

Ok, heres the deal. I wanted to do the awkward & awesome Monday post but currently my Monday is a WHOLE lot of awful and my weekend was quite awesome. So I'm going to do an awful and awesome Monday. done.

-My freaking, cursed, awful luck with cars. First my Jeep gets totaled, then I get assaulted over my brand new car AND THEN this happens...
Apparently some people went through my town on Saturday night and slashed the tires of over 30 cars, really? Oh my word y'all if I could get my hands on one of those idiots they would probably never, ever even think of vandalizing one single thing ever again! Oh it makes me so mad I could go crazy! And the police had to finger print my car so its all gross with black stuff too, again, UGH. 

-My genius school thinks its a great idea to not have an exam week. Sounds great right? Nope. Instead of classes ending this Friday and then having 2 weeks of exams and days off, we have 3 full weeks of school left. Mandatory classes and I want to shoot someone over this. Really? 15 days of classes left? ARGH

-Last one, tuition is due today. Breanne has zip, zilch, nada money. Insert generous family member right here. I am so blessed to have a great family who supports me and is supportive of my 5 years in college now, oops. 

Alright, I will stop now. I don't need to whine and complain over silly stuff, its just all building up! You know, having one of those days!

-My new apartment, I know, I won't shut up about it but seriously, Its awesome. I got a lot done this weekend with my mom and its almost perfect! I wanna show you all but there are still a few things I wan't to finish before my big reveal! But in the mean time, I know it's not much but I started to organize my bathroom drawers, eek!

 I don't have all my makeup in Charlotte yet so I'm a little worried it may not all fit but i'm still working on it! 

-Birthday presents. nuff said. Jeremy and I decided that it was a great idea for me to get my birthday present last night. Why, I don't have the slightest clue but at the moment it was a great idea! So before I reveal my gift, I have a confession: for my 20th birthday I got a nintendo. LOVE it, play it all the time, I was the nerd in class playing my gameboy, in college. Something about Mario just makes me happy. 
Soooo he bought me this...
Um yes, thats a Mario edition Wii. Hells yea. I lit up like a kid on Christmas, wait, I guess I am a kid. I know its a weird little habit, kinda geeky/nerdy. But hey, its freaking fun! We played for hours! He also bought Just Dance and Donky Kong for me. Yupppp. Kinda wish I was in Charlotte now, playing Mario, all day. 

-I went Black Friday shopping. It's a tradition in my family, me, mom, sister and my best friend Lindsay always go! Last year we stayed out till 7am. yuck. This year we only lasted till 3am. Last year I went nuts, like insane, why did I buy this nuts! This year I got some boots, for myself. It was a lot of fun!

I could go on for days with this awesome thing but I really must start on my stats homework! boooo.

Anyone else having a awful/awkward/awesome Monday? Tell me!


My Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear Lord,
I pray, beg and plead, that you keep me healthy this Thanksgiving. 3 years ago I was hospitalized after our Thanksgiving football game because of an infection and massive dehydration. I was actually in the ICU and they told my mom had about a 20% chance of making it through the night. Well obviously I beat the odds. Not only once but TWICE...
The next Thanksgiving I was rushed to the ER after dinner because I was in the worst pain I have ever experienced, EVER. After mass amounts of morphine they diagnosed me with a kidney infection. Two hours after being released I was back in the ER unable to keep my meds down and had the feeling that a small elephant child was sitting on my chest. Pneumonia it was. I was instantly admitted to the hospital and sedated, this was the day after Thanksgiving, I did not wake up from sedation till December 2nd and was not released from the hospital till Dec 5th. There was a point when I woke up that I prayed for God to either take me then or make me better, I was so sick that I couldn't imagine living another day through the hell and pain I was enduring. Triple threat of kidney infection, pneumonia and swine flu. Oh yea, when I get sick, I do it big!
Last year I was admitted with an upper respiratory infection, only stayed for a few hours but GEEZ, CAN I BREAK THIS SPELL??

As of right now it is 6pm on Thanksgiving and I am feeling fine! Hoping my serious prayers to God all day helped!

I am very thankful, most importantly for my health this year, along with my family, friends and Jeremy. I have so much to be thankful for and I am one lucky girl!

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving and stuffing themselves full!

Oh & I'll leave y'all with something to giggle over, when I was in the ER for the kidney infection my mom thought it was hilarious to video me because I was on so much morphine. I am about 3 sheets into the wind!!

OH and one more thing- I am so thankful for all of my new followers! I am getting a few everyday and this makes me VERY happy! yay! 


Tuesday Randoms

Hey, its Tuesday. I am in the weirdest, kind of I don't care, I just wanna chill, mood. So here are my random Tuesday thoughts!

First off, I finally purchased something from the Missoni for Target line... only because it was 50% off and matched my new home

My mom is nuts but this wine is AMAZING! go and try it. stat. 

I've been in a "blue" mood lately... bought this presh little black/blue dress from Francescas Collections This week all apparel is buy one, get one 50% off. go do that also. 

I also bought these blue skinny's from Tar-jay, super stretchy and soft and awesome bright blue color! But beware- they run small, I'm talking I bought I size I didn't think I would ever even pick up. or maybe its all the chick-fil-a I've been eating lately?!?

Speaking of Chick-Fil-A, I did the math, I'm close to triple digits in the bank account spent on that delish food in the past month. Yes, triple digits. I know, judge me..... now. Ok, stop. 

My new apartment is incredible, beautiful, perfect, way awesome and any other words that go along the lines of freaking amazing. It's currently a small disaster between atomic bomb went off and organized perfection in 3 small areas. I was only there for about 26 hours last weekend and in back in WS this week for school. sucks. I'm going back this weekend with my mom so I can mooch off the money maker and buy some necessities! Oh and I need her eye for design too, she's really good at that! 
Here is my kitchen, only thing that is slightly, semi put together. Still have A LOT to do and I will prob withhold anymore pics until it is perfect!

As for now I have got to go babysit some devil perfect kids for a few hours, aka paint my nails while they watch spongebob! yay!

Anyone else is this funk along with me? I hope not!


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!
 He would have been 50 today and I miss him so much every single day! I know he is enjoying his birthday in the presence of the Lord and I am quite sure he is having a far better birthday than anyone here! I love you so much daddy and not a day goes by that I don't think about you and reminiscence about how funny and amazing you were! 

I don't think I have ever really blogged about my dad and I don't know if I ever will, or can. But I encourage you to read his blog- My Journey He was the most amazing, strong and wonderful man I have ever known. He fought a good fight and he will be forever missed by so many! I warn you, his blog is powerful, emotional and at some points, very deep. If you have the time and possibly a box of tissues I do encourage you to read it! 

We celebrated tonight by going to his favorite restaurant and talking about how crazy my dad was! He liked to "cut up" as I would say, he was a real jokester!

Sister & I at Macaroni Grill tonight!

Please excuse my blogging absence, moving was rough this weekend! Post on that to come later this week!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Wish List!

Well like I said yesterday my birthday is just a few weeks away! Along with Christmas! Prior years I usually go nuts on the birthday/Christmas list but the past few months my mom and step-dad have been so generous with me not having a job and helping me out with the new home that I dwindled down my list! 

My loving and amazing beauty guru sister already knows to get me make-up and nail polish, duh. If she didn't know then she better know now! 

So I just asked mom for these two little things!
Marley Lilly  Peyton cross-body clutch LOVE this! 

and a pair of Tory Burch flats! I can't ever find a perfect pair of black flats so I'm just gonna give in and ask for these!

I also asked for some Tar-jay gift cards, because lets be honest, my entire apartment will probably be decked out in some Target crap! 

But heres the thing... I am hoping that maybe Jeremy reads my blog once in a blue moon, and if so, hey honey! 
Here are a few other things I would LOVE for Christmas!

Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in Luggage 

A serious spa day at Rock Barn I'm talking, all day, total luxury, pamper myself spa day. Possibly perhaps even a couples spa day?? ahhh. 

Lastly I would really love to add to my David Yurman collection...

What is everyone asking for this Christmas? 



I am Loving... That we move in 3 days! Won't be permanent till late December
:( but at least we will have OUR place, finally! 

I am Loving... that last Friday my sweet, sweet man surprised me with these beautiful flowers! He always amazes me :)

I am Loving... That moi's birthday is less than 3 weeks away and I will be spending my birthday weekend In our new city and new apartment and hopefully with as many of my friends that I can fit in my apartment! 

I am Loving... that this nasty cold of mine is easing up! The past few days have consisted of me laying in bed and sneezing my eye balls out! Today I feel much better! 

I am Loving... the insane amounts of nail polish I purchased yesterday. Thanks to Miss Emily and her nail polish post yesterday I headed on over to ULTA and, well, I won't reveal how much I actually spent but it was enough. 
My favorite is OPI Eiffel for this Color

I am NOT Loving... And just because I can't actually say this to my stats professor, I will say it to you all...

Dear crazy professor, 
You are old, this apparently makes it very difficult for you to remember how to do statistics. I am sick of you saying at least 4 times a day "oops I made a mistake" AFTER I have already written down your mistake in ink. Also, this apparently makes you assign multiple due dates for assignments but yet you only tell us one due date. I stay up half of the night on Sunday to finish homework and when I turn it in on Monday you say "oh Bre, this isn't due till Wednesday!" THE WHOLE CLASS THINKS YOU SAID MONDAY! I asked. And then, you assign a final exam "prelim" exam on Tuesday thats due Thursday morning! It took me 3 hours, 3 precious hours that I now will never get back! I have successfully taught myself 6 chapters at this point and we've only been over 8 total.
I think you're a great teacher and your super corny jokes do make me giggle, but please, stop teaching. now. I need my life back.

A really, tired, upset, worn-out stats student

Whew, ok I feel a little better now! 
Hope everyone else is having a better Wednesday than I am!


You wear it, You wash it.

Happy Monday!
I don't really know how to contain my excitement right now, so I'm not going to...

Whew, ok, got that out. 

I think we got the bedroom figured out... possibly. I ordered a few pillows and then had regrets. But can't undo a handmade order. I'll deal with it. 
ps. sneak peek at the new bedroom furniture (don't know why the wood looks different colors, the first pic is the most accurate)
No, that will not be used as a book shelf and calculator holder but I have no intention on setting things up when we move again in 5 days. 
Yes, that is a really cool, sneaky, pop-out jewelry organizer in my mirror. whattt.

So back on track. I want to make my laundry room not look like a normal laundry room. I was thinking along the lines of things like this:

Gorgeous & perfect, right?

But see my laundry room looks a lot more like this with a lot less space... Well this is my actual laundry room. 

Things I need in my laundry room:
-Hanging rack on door to steam clothes and hang dry items
-rack for ironing board and iron because yes, I still iron some of Jeremy's work clothes
-Something to disguise/cover up things that will be on the top shelf 
-baskets and bins to hold cleaning supplies and such

So heres my thing, I have tons of ideas and no idea how to put this all together! Do any of you ladies have a to die for laundry room? Or even a simple idea that has made laundry time more appealing/fun/cute?

Let me know! 


These Are My Confessions

I have kind of noticed a trend going on... people are confessing! I wan't to jump on this bandwagon! 

I confess... I want to do this whole one glittery nail thing, bad. So bad I literally just thought about going to CVS at 10:30pm to buy glitter polish. 
I obtained this fab idea from Leslie's blog! 

I confess... I have realized that no matter how nice I truly am and no matter how nice I try to be, girls are bishes. Just flat out. I feel like I have always known this but when I genuinely reach out to you, trying to put bull shit high school days in the past and you still are a bia. Well, your loss. Not mine. 

I confess... I have been hiding out at Jeremy's house for the past two days to avoid my mother. Jeremy isn't even here, he's away for work, and yet I am hiding out here. Mom- I love you, but Lord woman, you drive me CRAZY! 

I confess... (I know, It's gross) I don't wash my hair every day, sometimes not even every other day. My hair is blonde so it rarely looks nasty or greasy and I have found that in 20 some years of washing my hair that if I was it everyday it get so grease-tastic/thin/falls out. my solution, wash it every other day. In some circumstances when I hit the snooze button twelve too many times I just dry shampoo that ish and go about my day! Washing my body however is a daily routine. mandatory. 

I confess... I have worn this outfit three times in the past two weeks. I just LOVE it! So this is my OOTW (outfit of the week?) 
Shirt Old Navy, Cardigan J. Crew, Jeans Forever 21, Boots BCBG (about 3 seasons old) Watch Michael Kors, Bangle Target 

and my last confession... 
I confess... Normally I am so tidy, neat freak, love clean and put together. BUT lately I have been, lazy, not neat, wear the same shirt, and not care if the floor is bare kinda mood. What is wrong with me?? I honestly think that I am just tired of living out of a suitcase/ moving homes every week. I just want to be in one place. My new home. 

Have a great Friday dolls! 


Before I go nuts on Etsy... Someone Help!

Thanks to dear Emily yesterday she helped me make the final decision on our master bedroom bedding! Yay, she was a lifesaver! I know, I can't decide on my own bedding, too indecisive! 
I finally went with a solid white duvet so I can put my ah-mazing down comforter inside! Our furniture is a really dark brown with copper hardware (being delivered today, ek!) So I was thinking that I would do some form of light blue and or turquoise pillows all over the bed! Love lots of pillows! 

So after ordering the duvet I went nuts on Etsy! But before I spent $200 on pillows I figured I need some second opinions! Jeremy loved all my ideas but lets  be serious- he loves everything I have ever decorated or designed. No second opinion there! 

First off I can't decide between white or brown Euro shams up again the head board, leaning towards white. Yes, white. 
So then I found these... Can't decide on the bright or muted blue color. Kinda want to put them in front of the white Euro shams! Too bright? I want a very bright bedroom so when I make my bed in the morning I actually wake up, and not get back in it! 

And to top if off I really wanted the pillow that Hailey bought for her new home! I found the shop on Etsy and between J & I we decided on the apple green "relax" one!

Butttt... Do the light green and bright turquoise go together? Ah! Idk! I don't like these decisions! Or should I just do all green? Hmmmm

Someone help me!
Give me your thoughts, opinions, or if you have better ideas! Let me know!

Oh and I'll leave y'all with an OOTD! 
Shirt, Cardigan & Shoes Target, Jeans AG, Necklace from local boutique, Watch Michael Kors

ps. trying out a signature for the first time! What do ya think?

THREE Awesome Bloggy Blogs!

Hello Ladies! 
I wanted to let everyone know about three awesome girls and their precious blogs!

First off Hailey is hosting a giveaway for reaching 200 followers! She is providing the giveaway gifts herself so go show the girl some love! She is giving away an awesome necklace, $25 Starbucks gift card, 2 Essie nail polishes (LOVE) and $30 to spend at Swoozies! She's amazing!!

Secondly you should head on over to Emily's blog, she is doing a Holly Jolly Swap! Such a great idea and I am SO excited to participate! All the details are in the Holly Jolly post and the deadline is Nov. 25th!

ALSO everyone should head on over to Miss Megan's blog and enter her YT Clothing giveaway! She is an awesome blogger and I always love her posts about fashion! She also had probably the best OOTD's, I get so jealous of her wardrobe! YT Clothing is giving away a pair of earrings and a pashmina scarf in the color of YOUR choice!

Two awesome giveaways and one super fun swap! 

What are you waiting for? GO! 

Happy Wednesday Y'all! 


Awkward & Awesome Monday!


-Getting a little too tipsy on Saturday night at my parents house with lots of friends and literally busting my ass in the kitchen. I blame the slippery socks but everyone else blames the maragronas. 

-Currently my room is awkward. We moved a bunch of my furniture this weekend and my room is so empty feeling! My precious little blue desk is gone and so is my lingerie drawer, so my panties are everywhere! And no, I am in no mood to organize and put things in a proper place, too lazy. 

-Literally laughing out loud in class today at some stu-pid girl. We have known for WEEKS that we had an open book test today, she always says that she doesn't understand our teacher. I agree, she can be confusing at times, but when you are playing on facebook 98% of the class, well its not the teacher sweetie its you. Well today we sit down, I pull out my book and teacher notices she didn't bring hers. Dr. Campbell then says "you get a zero" Girl freaks out and starts yelling she never told us about the test. The WHOLE class is now staring at her and i busted out laughing. I couldn't help it. I got a nasty look from Dr. Campbell but come on girl, we've all known for weeks, possibly months. Check yo syllabus! 

-Carrying a knife around all weekend in my purse and continuously reaching in and getting stabbed. We took a knife to the storage unit so we could open boxes and see what we wanted to keep/throw away. Well I kept forgetting it was in my purse! 


Watching two amazingly hilarious movies this weekend. Purchasing both of these asap, or putting on Christmas list. Yes, Christmas list. Hilarious! 

- Maybelline Baby Lips, y'all this stuff is awesome! Its super moisturizing and just a hint of color, perfect for everyday wear. Leaves your lips feeling so smooth and soft! I bought the Peach Kiss color, nude and the Cherry Me, slight tint of red! Love both of them! Oh and super awesome- they're $3!!

-Our new bedroom furniture is being delivered on Wednesday! yay! And we also confirmed our official moving day, November 19th! Can't freaking wait to be in Charlotte! 

- My best friend Leslie lives with a few girls and one of them won a wine and shopping night at a little boutique in Winston! Wednesday night I get to go sip wine and shop with a sweet discount after hours! If only I had more than about $100 in my bank account. Oh sigh, can't wait for that loan to begin! 

Any awkward and awesome stories from your guys this lovely Monday? I wanna hear them!