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Awful & Awesome Monday!

Ok, heres the deal. I wanted to do the awkward & awesome Monday post but currently my Monday is a WHOLE lot of awful and my weekend was quite awesome. So I'm going to do an awful and awesome Monday. done.

-My freaking, cursed, awful luck with cars. First my Jeep gets totaled, then I get assaulted over my brand new car AND THEN this happens...
Apparently some people went through my town on Saturday night and slashed the tires of over 30 cars, really? Oh my word y'all if I could get my hands on one of those idiots they would probably never, ever even think of vandalizing one single thing ever again! Oh it makes me so mad I could go crazy! And the police had to finger print my car so its all gross with black stuff too, again, UGH. 

-My genius school thinks its a great idea to not have an exam week. Sounds great right? Nope. Instead of classes ending this Friday and then having 2 weeks of exams and days off, we have 3 full weeks of school left. Mandatory classes and I want to shoot someone over this. Really? 15 days of classes left? ARGH

-Last one, tuition is due today. Breanne has zip, zilch, nada money. Insert generous family member right here. I am so blessed to have a great family who supports me and is supportive of my 5 years in college now, oops. 

Alright, I will stop now. I don't need to whine and complain over silly stuff, its just all building up! You know, having one of those days!

-My new apartment, I know, I won't shut up about it but seriously, Its awesome. I got a lot done this weekend with my mom and its almost perfect! I wanna show you all but there are still a few things I wan't to finish before my big reveal! But in the mean time, I know it's not much but I started to organize my bathroom drawers, eek!

 I don't have all my makeup in Charlotte yet so I'm a little worried it may not all fit but i'm still working on it! 

-Birthday presents. nuff said. Jeremy and I decided that it was a great idea for me to get my birthday present last night. Why, I don't have the slightest clue but at the moment it was a great idea! So before I reveal my gift, I have a confession: for my 20th birthday I got a nintendo. LOVE it, play it all the time, I was the nerd in class playing my gameboy, in college. Something about Mario just makes me happy. 
Soooo he bought me this...
Um yes, thats a Mario edition Wii. Hells yea. I lit up like a kid on Christmas, wait, I guess I am a kid. I know its a weird little habit, kinda geeky/nerdy. But hey, its freaking fun! We played for hours! He also bought Just Dance and Donky Kong for me. Yupppp. Kinda wish I was in Charlotte now, playing Mario, all day. 

-I went Black Friday shopping. It's a tradition in my family, me, mom, sister and my best friend Lindsay always go! Last year we stayed out till 7am. yuck. This year we only lasted till 3am. Last year I went nuts, like insane, why did I buy this nuts! This year I got some boots, for myself. It was a lot of fun!

I could go on for days with this awesome thing but I really must start on my stats homework! boooo.

Anyone else having a awful/awkward/awesome Monday? Tell me!


  1. I hate all of the bad stuff going on with your car :( NO GOOD! I hope they find them!!

  2. Oh my god that stinks about your car!

  3. So sorry to hear about your car! But, I can't wait to hear more about your apartment!

  4. What a tough way to start the week.... sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope things are on the up & up ASAP!

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