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I am Loving... That we move in 3 days! Won't be permanent till late December
:( but at least we will have OUR place, finally! 

I am Loving... that last Friday my sweet, sweet man surprised me with these beautiful flowers! He always amazes me :)

I am Loving... That moi's birthday is less than 3 weeks away and I will be spending my birthday weekend In our new city and new apartment and hopefully with as many of my friends that I can fit in my apartment! 

I am Loving... that this nasty cold of mine is easing up! The past few days have consisted of me laying in bed and sneezing my eye balls out! Today I feel much better! 

I am Loving... the insane amounts of nail polish I purchased yesterday. Thanks to Miss Emily and her nail polish post yesterday I headed on over to ULTA and, well, I won't reveal how much I actually spent but it was enough. 
My favorite is OPI Eiffel for this Color

I am NOT Loving... And just because I can't actually say this to my stats professor, I will say it to you all...

Dear crazy professor, 
You are old, this apparently makes it very difficult for you to remember how to do statistics. I am sick of you saying at least 4 times a day "oops I made a mistake" AFTER I have already written down your mistake in ink. Also, this apparently makes you assign multiple due dates for assignments but yet you only tell us one due date. I stay up half of the night on Sunday to finish homework and when I turn it in on Monday you say "oh Bre, this isn't due till Wednesday!" THE WHOLE CLASS THINKS YOU SAID MONDAY! I asked. And then, you assign a final exam "prelim" exam on Tuesday thats due Thursday morning! It took me 3 hours, 3 precious hours that I now will never get back! I have successfully taught myself 6 chapters at this point and we've only been over 8 total.
I think you're a great teacher and your super corny jokes do make me giggle, but please, stop teaching. now. I need my life back.

A really, tired, upset, worn-out stats student

Whew, ok I feel a little better now! 
Hope everyone else is having a better Wednesday than I am!


  1. YAY I love that OPI color, even if I did make you buy too many :)

  2. I'm laughing right now at the lovely letter to your professor. I've come across those kinds of teachers in my time as well - frustrating is a good word to describe those classes.

    I'm hosting my first ever giveaway right now so make sure to check it out! It's a nifty little tool that I think every girl should own!!

    Hope your day is going well :)


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