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Tuesday Randoms

Hey, its Tuesday. I am in the weirdest, kind of I don't care, I just wanna chill, mood. So here are my random Tuesday thoughts!

First off, I finally purchased something from the Missoni for Target line... only because it was 50% off and matched my new home

My mom is nuts but this wine is AMAZING! go and try it. stat. 

I've been in a "blue" mood lately... bought this presh little black/blue dress from Francescas Collections This week all apparel is buy one, get one 50% off. go do that also. 

I also bought these blue skinny's from Tar-jay, super stretchy and soft and awesome bright blue color! But beware- they run small, I'm talking I bought I size I didn't think I would ever even pick up. or maybe its all the chick-fil-a I've been eating lately?!?

Speaking of Chick-Fil-A, I did the math, I'm close to triple digits in the bank account spent on that delish food in the past month. Yes, triple digits. I know, judge me..... now. Ok, stop. 

My new apartment is incredible, beautiful, perfect, way awesome and any other words that go along the lines of freaking amazing. It's currently a small disaster between atomic bomb went off and organized perfection in 3 small areas. I was only there for about 26 hours last weekend and in back in WS this week for school. sucks. I'm going back this weekend with my mom so I can mooch off the money maker and buy some necessities! Oh and I need her eye for design too, she's really good at that! 
Here is my kitchen, only thing that is slightly, semi put together. Still have A LOT to do and I will prob withhold anymore pics until it is perfect!

As for now I have got to go babysit some devil perfect kids for a few hours, aka paint my nails while they watch spongebob! yay!

Anyone else is this funk along with me? I hope not!

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  1. Your new kitchen looks fab! Can't wait to see more pictures of your new place.


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