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Family Vacay Part 1- the most interesting 3 nights of my LIFE.

Hows your vacation been? How was Canada? Questions I have been getting since I left the comfort of my own home, my response to all... a glimpse of hell.

 Let me set the picture: Friday, 13 hours in car, we arrive in Canada, we have a wonderful dinner at this local fish market place and then expect to go to our cottage and r e l a x, possibly drink a few and laugh. 
Here is what actually happened... 
We arrive at the cottage, its hot, not eh its warm, its flippin' hot! Why you ask? oh because NO WHERE in Canada has air condition! This place is straight from the 1950's, all the furniture could be my great great grandmas and there are creepy dolls and Jesus statues all over this house. If that wasn't wonderful enough there is one TV, I am convinced it was the first television ever made, no cable and no movies. We decide to play a game, its in french. We decide going to bed would be the best choice at this point, that would have been lovely but oh yea there are HUNDREDS of bugs, nasty, noisy and gross bugs. These bugs are flying in your ears, nose and mouth while your trying to sleep. We wake up the next morning and I have sweat myself to death because there is no air condition and I am pretty sure I have swallowed 30 bugs, we quickly decide that the four day relaxing cottage adventure in Canada would be cut short and we would leave asap. THANK GOD!

Saturday we lay by the water and were back over the border by 5pm and its onto New York's largest 80's party! You heard me right, largest 80's party! After a Target trip and some tacky hot pink eye shadow I was ready to go! 
This is Meagan (kinda step-sister) Me and Meagan's cousin Lindsay!
And I mean its no big deal but I met Carlton Banks at the 80's party... yea I said that, Carlton from the Fresh Prince anddddd he did the Carlton!
By far the best night we've had yet, 3 down, 6 to go. whomp whomppp. 

So Sunday we went back into Canada and went to Niagara Falls. It was moving and a wonderful experience, I have never been so amazed at nature like I was at the falls! I have amazing pictures on my camera but I have no camera cord so here are a few pictures from the crackberry!
One issue I had was wearing a linen and cotton dress and the mist from the falls gets you SOAKED! I was dripping wet! 

So last night we arrived at Paul's brothers house, wonderful home, nice company but once again NO air condition! These NY people are crazy, We have stayed in 3 different places and have yet to have air condition! I am actually getting used to muggy feeling clothes and wavy hair at this point! I do have to say sleeping in some undies and sports bras has been quite wonderful! haha well heres the story to last night, like I said this has been one freakin eventful trip! We get all cozy last night, everyone is falling asleep, I am passedddd out from walking all day and all of a sudden I see Paul coming into my bedroom with a fishing net, yes a huge fishing net. He is coming towards me yelling "GET DOWN!!" I have just awoke from a pretty deep sleep so I bury myself under the covers and start screaming. I take a peek to see what the F*#! is going on and there is a freaking BAT flying around my room, a bat!!!! After an hour of chasing the thing It gets free, still in the house but its no longer being chased my Paul. Poor little bat, Paul had a scary look in his eye and I doubt that bat could have gotten out of here alive! 

So yes this has been my trip ladies & gents... 3 nights down and I could probably still sit here for another hour and type out stories to you all. Six more nights to go, I hope I can keep someone entertained with my insane and not so luxurious vacation! Meanwhile I hope everyone back in the South is enjoying the wonderful air condition and a bug free evening! 



NY & Canada, eh?

Yep thats right, this time tomorrow I will be in this country...

Drinking a little of this...

And getting to see this beauty!
Yea so I am SO excited I am about the Canada part of the trip but I am also extremely excited about going to New York! Exactly a year ago I went to NYC with my cousins and sister and I had the time of my life! 
Last year in NYC...

This year I will be with my family and "step-dads" extended family in Buffalo! I am really glad I will get to know his side of the family a little more and spend time just hanging out! My mom, sister, Meagan and I will be going to NYC for a night during the trip! Basically 48 hours of shopping, eating and going wild in the city! Who needs sleep?? I am going to take my laptop with me so I can hopefully blog and keep up to date on friends and what not, 10 days is a along time to be away!! However If I am unable to obtain wireless internet then please excuse my 10 day absence :( 

ps. this is my current set up planning for NYC... a Yuengling & Lloyd's new album! mmhmm! 
pss. I stole sisters aquamarine diamonds for the evening... LOVE them! shhh!



are you afraid of the dark?

Hello ladies! So my last post (which I know was forever ago!) talked about how I was going to go to a lake house with my Papaw and family, it was wonderful but haunted. Yes, haunted. So Jeremy and I arrive at this adorable little barn looking house, sitting back in some trees, nice homemade tree swing, cute porch, oh and a CEMETERY! I did not stutter... a freakin lawn full of dead people! So my instant fear of all things dead and dark kicks in and I want to leave, immediately. Call me a baby or whatever you would like but In my opinion I like to leave the dead, dead and alone. I do not want to be "up in their space" or creeping around their resting place. After a pep talk from Paul and mom I decided I could at least try one night there and see how things go. 
Dinner was wonderful, drinks were plenty (that may have been the problem!) and surprisingly there were many fun games to play! After dinner we all went downstairs to play some shuffle board and I noticed something scary!
Me and Papaw playing! Deer in headlights?
Jeremy playing ping pong with papaw!
Here is where things got funky! Notice this picture has no little freaky spots...
THIS one however does! eeek! Ghosts?
Which I'm guessing they came from their RESTING place here...
Poor dunzos they just wanted to be left alone! Well the trip ended up being quite gloomy and horrible cold weather but very fun! Between the games and drinks it was quite an exciting weekend!! Saturday was super rainy but we managed to take a misty boat ride to enjoy the views of the mountains! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!


Lake time, OOTD & nail polish! typical post.

Happy Friday Ladies! Who else is super happy it's Friday? um meee! This weekend I am headed to a remote little lake up in the mountains with my family and grandfather. My papaw is older and has some health issues so I was really happy when he invited Jeremy & I up to the lake house for a weekend! Now I have a small confession to make... I'm an over-packer, SHOCKER! Since I know I won't be going out while up in the middle of nowhere I decided to pack smart for the weekend. How so you might ask? I thought about a normal weekend at the lake by my house and what do I normally wear? Bathing suits, running shorts and t-shirts. Simply put thats all I decided to pack, now I kinda had a small panic attack when I didn't pack heels and sassy dresses but who need those in BFE? I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Jeremy and my family with a few glasses of vino! 

Now last night was date night with my honey and I managed to snap a picture of my outfit before going out! Previous post I whined about my poodle hair but thank goodness Sister came home to help me and I didn't have to re-shower before going out after all! 

LOVE the back of this top! (also loving my tan lines! ha)
Top Naked Zebra, Jeans Makers of True Originals, Shoes MRKT via DSW, Audrey Clutch from Coach

After rummaging through my sisters nail polish collection I discovered this little beautiful color...
You Rock-Apulco Red! by OPI

As always I will probs not be posting over the weekend so I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! 


PSA: too much heat= poodle status

My very first public service announcement... I am not very savvy when it comes to hair so naturally when I try something new I tend to try it hours before my actual plans because chances are I will be showering twice to re do that hair do! So today I decided "hey I'm going to curl my hair like my sister does!" Well first off I should have put more thought into the fact that my sister is only 16 but professional status at hair and makeup. She has a YouTube channel with two other girls about makeup, hair, beauty, etc. AND she gets paid. So once again what was I thinking? I used a new curling iron of hers that seems to be wonderful, for her. This little gadget gets up to 400 some odd degrees and curls your locks in a matter of seconds, little sister looks like this...
Beautiful & perfect! 

I look like this... poodle like and huge poofy hair! It may look semi ok but it is SO NOT! if I move too fast it comes undone and becomes hugeee! AH 

So ladies I am warning you, a device that reaches 400 degrees in heat should not be used on your hair unless you are sure you know what your doing, or maybe if I had more hair. Who knows but all I'm saying is It looks like I'll be showering before tonights dinner! ek!




Hello kiddos! Well its Wednesday again, I prefer hump day. Just got off work and lemme tell you, its flippin hot outside! Working at the pool has it perks, for once I have a pretty sexy tan going on. And it has its not so perky things, pouring sweat and being exhausted at 5pm. ew. But back to what I am loving on this hot and beautiful Wednesday!

I am loving the time I have been able to spend with le boyfriend. He is truly an amazing person and he has really gotten me back on track with God in my life. My last relationship was lacking that spiritual connection and I really lost touch with with God. Jeremy has such a strong passion for the Lord that it made me take a step back and say, "what can I do to become closer to God?" I have been blessed with Jeremy in my life and I am thankful for everyday I have gotten to be with him! Love you!

I am loving the time I have been spending with my family. I will be moving, once again, in about a month for school so I am really looking forward to devoting my last few weeks in the household to family time! My mom is an amazing woman and we may not get along everyday but she is a "super mom."

I am loving that the sun is doing some work to my hair! As you know I have always been a blonde, Barbie colored to be specific. After my last relationship ended I did the whole "I need to color my hair so I feel better thing." Note to self: STUPID idea. I went for a dark brown, now don't get me wrong I really liked it but I quickly started noticing that the color was making my hair fall out. not cool. Since I would like to not be bald and 20 something I have decided to let my hair go natural. yikes! So thank goodness I have chosen an outside summer job because the sun is really lightening up my hair! 

 Exhibit A: super dark hair

Exhibit B: sun kissed natural hair!

I am loving so many more things but right now I am loving the thought of eating dinner. So I am going to stuff my face and I'll talk to you dolls later! 



My life be like ohhh ahhh...

Anyone else remember that song? I was a little obsessed with it! So heres what I'm thinking, I follow quite a few blogs and I feel like one lingering question I always have is "how can I get to know this person?" So just in case anyone has ever wondered that about me I figured I would take a moment out of my oh so busy lazy night and tell ya a little about me, by answering 25 weird/random questions! 

1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
yes mam :)

2) What was your dream growing up?
to be a ballerina

3) What super power do you wish you had?
I wish I could fly because this girl in traffic or a long car ride... notttt pretty! 

4) Favorite drink?
non- alcoholic? Diet Coke, duh. 
otherwise hand this lady a glass of pinot grigo ;)

5) Favorite vegetable?
cucumbers! try a cucumber and mayo sandwich, mmm! 

6) What was the last book you read?
90 Minutes in Heaven

7) What zodiac sign are you?

8) Favorite TV show?
Criminal Minds! ohhh mannn! (watching it now!)

9) Worst Habit?
le obsession with Diet Coke...

10) Favorite outfit?
Seriously? is this a serious question? I'll go with a classic sassy dress & pumps!

11) What is your favorite sport?
Football! Who doesn't like to watch hunky men running around in spandex??

12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?
Optimistic! Live everyday to the fullest & like it's your last! 

13) Best thing to ever happen to you?
Overall best thing? hmm can't really say just one but I would say my current best is meeting my boyfriend. He is so good to me & he makes me laugh!

14) One weird fact about you
I hate eating food off of a bone, ick! I am ashamed to say I ate my first non boneless wing about two weeks ago... oopsie. 

15) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
Nothing, I love how I am, God made me this way! 

16) What color eyes do you have?
Born with blue but apparently they are now grey!

17) Bottle or can soda?
Every good Diet Coke addict knows its better out of a can!

18) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
pay for school & move outta this place! 

19) Favorite accessory?
Probably my Michael Kors Watch, I wear it everyday! I am in love with it!

20) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I really enjoy spending time with my friends and Jeremy! They really make my life so much better!

21) Biggest pet peeve?
People who chew with their mouth open and or smack while chewing. Come on people shut your dang mouth while there is food in it! ew!

22) In one word, how would you describe yourself?

23) Favorite and least favorite food?
Favorite- Shrimp anything, I am a shrimp-o? haha
Least fav- onions, get them farrrr awayyy from me!

24) Do you believe in God?
Yes mam! (assuming this random questionnaire is a woman) God is my savior and my strength! 

25) Your stranded on an island... what ONE thing do you have?
Chanel mascara. End Of Story. Gotta love those long lashes!

Hopefully I haven't bored you to tears now! If you could answer two questions from this list of 25 to tell me a little about yourself which ones would you answer?


Coastal Living

Hey hey hey! So 10 days later I am back from vacation and honestly I am not ready to go back to real life! Currently I am laying in bed watching Sex & The City and researching this gorgeous furniture from Coastal Living by Stanley Furniture. Being in Charleston always makes me want to completely re-do my home with a beachy feel but today I ran some errands and stumbled upon this Coastal Living collection, I am LOVING it! I love the look of every piece of furniture and how all the pieces kind of flow together for each room. Here are some layouts I found and am kind of drooling over! 

I love this bedroom set in the green color, I feel like I would wake up so happy everyday! 

This china hutch is amazing, my perfect ideal hutch

I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING this one chair with the swirl looking back, it comes in so many different colors and I just think its a beautiful set with whatever you put it with

They just really pull the room together, I am obsessing over them! 

Well thats all the day dreaming I'm gonna do tonight! I've got a stack of school papers to go over and some TV shows to catch up on! 
Have a fabulous week!