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Fashion Friday: Red, White & Blue!

Hello Basically Bre readers! I'm Sarah from Simply Sarah and I am so excited to be guest posting for Bre today! Hop on over to my blog any time and say Hi!

One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July. I cannot believe it's just around the corner! Summer is flying by. Not only do I love the barbeques, lake parties, fireworks and parades, but I also love sporting my red, white & blue!

I want to share with you some of my favorite American pride looks from two lovely online shops, plus the nail color I would pair with them!
4th of July: RDB

I love Red Dress Boutique! They have the cutest dresses, tops and accessories plus so much more. If you don't already follow them through Facebook and Twitter - you need to! They occasionally give away gift cards for no reason at all! LOVE them!

4th of July: MC

ModCloth is the second online boutique that I am loving these days. They're more retro, vintage-inspired which is so cute for all seasons. They, too, have tons of accessories and even knick knacks for your apartment! They do a give $10, get $10 deal so definitely check them out for your 4th of July needs!

4th of July: Essie

Last, but certainly not least, is the nail polish! I rarely go more than a few days without nail polish on & I can't stand not having my toes painted. This summer I am really into pink/coral/lilac/pastels. However, for the 4th, I'm breaking out these bold colors for sure. My choice for red would be lollipop, for white would be walk down the aisle, for blue would be mezmerised, and I would top off an accent finger with some sparkle in carnival!

What are you planning to wear to celebrate Independence Day?
A big thanks to Bre for allowing me to guest post!


Blogging beach-side & I got married!!!!!!

Happy Thursday loves! 
Today I am blogging straight from the beach! I was short two guest bloggers due to my lack of organization the week before I left town so I figured since I have wifi at the beach I would do some toes in the sand blogging! 
ps. if your working and you get jealous easily then stop reading now. I also apologize if you follow me on Instagram (@basicallybreblog) and have seen most of these, sorries!

My current blogging/responding to email set-up, complete with tumbler of Firefly: (no I am not drinking at 8am, I wrote this yesterday at 4pm) duh.

So my step-dads family is from Buffalo and they rarely see beaches unless its a Canadian one. And if you've been following me since last year then you know that after THIS vacation Canada isn't for me. Or anyone from the South. So they traveled their little selves down here and we all headed to Duck, NC in the Outer Banks! 

Night one was serious laughter and ridiculous fun but gloomy weather since they were calling for hail thanks to Florida's tropical storms! 

The first night also included me making an announcement to the house that the loft had a hidden stair and to be careful because it was so easy to miss and trip over, of course 3 hours later who tripped over it and started bleeding?!?

this special girl.
my natural clumsiness was to blame, not the sangria.

The days here are spent totally by the pool and making sure were soaking up everything the sun has to offer
I am OBSESSED with this Tervis! Bought it before I left and seriously carried it all week, mom has also filled it with some bomb drinks, lime beer? Not your average Bud Light Lime y'all! 

  The beaches here are beautiful but NC beaches can get very shell-y and with the storms we've been getting at night the beach is rough the next day! So I've just spent every hour by the pool! 

I also tried a little hair trick I learned before coming down here. Beautiful natural beach waves with NO heat or curling tools required! 
If I attempt to get ready tonight after my tumbler(s) of firefly I will try and shoot a tutorial for y'all! 
but first.... Who wants one??

And I know y'all LOVED the pictures of my step-dad being a total drunk-o in the refrigerator? 
In case y'all didn't see them...
hes awesome.

And now the announcement you all have been waiting for....
just kidding. 

The Buffalo family thinks its cray-cray that you can marry your cousin down here but not your gay cousin. So Paul decided that he was going to marry me and my cousin, girl cousin. 
Breaking laws this week y'all. This trip is getting wild!!!!!

Reception invitations to follow...

Ok I'm off to fill up my Tervis
peace bishes


Stay Cool this Summer!

Hi everyone! I'm Anna from Adventures of a Type-A and I'm so excited to be blogging for Bre while she's off having a fabulous time. I'm a Charlotte blogger just like Bre, and I don't know about y'all but Charlotte has been ridiculously hot the past few weeks.

Not all of us get to spend our time on the beach or at the pool, so we need some other way to cool off in the hot summer months. One of my favorite ways to cool off?

Going to the movies!

What's better than sitting in the air conditioning and enjoying a few hours of a fantastic story? So today I'm sharing a few of my must-see movies of this summer.

To Rome With Love
Who doesn't love a good Woody Allen movie? This one stars Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, and Penelope Cruz. And if you really needed more convincing, it's obviously going to have some gorgeous shots throughout Italy - for those of us who can't afford to fly to the real thing. After Midnight in Paris, I can't wait to see what he's up to next!

People Like Us
If you haven't seen the previews for this movie, I think you might live under a rock. If you have, you still might not know what it's about. To fill you in: when Chris Pine returns home for his father's funeral, he finds out he has to deliver money from the will to a perfect stranger (Elizabeth Banks) who turns out to be his sister. It looks interesting, I love the two leads - are you dying to see it as well?

Summer movies are all about the blockbusters, so I couldn't ignore them on this list. Out of all the summer movies, this is my favorite franchise of 2012. It's the movie where Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield met and fell in lurve - aren't you interested in watching their chemistry on the big screen?

I don't care how old I am - I'm a sucker for animated movies. And this one looks like it's going to be amazing. A female heroine (with amazing hair)? Check. Beautiful scenery? Check. A story that's sure to leave me in a fantastic mood? Check. Take younger siblings, children you babysit for, or just go by yourself. You're never too old to be a kid again.

What are you excited to see this summer?
Thanks again for letting me share some of my most-anticipated summer flicks! And thanks to Bre for letting me share my little corner of the blogosphere - be sure to come check it out here!


Sweat it Out!

Hello lovely Basically Bre readers! I'm Jamie and I blog over at Southern Simplicity. I am a 22 year old college student gearing up to take my victory lap as I enter my 5th {& final} year of college. I am studying to become an Elementary school teacher all while waiting for my man to put a ring on it ;) 

I don't know about the rest of you college girls and recent grads but it is dang near impossible to get everything we want done in a day. I, of course, am guilty of blogging, pinteresting (??), facebooking, twittering, and watching way too much reality t.v instead of doing things that I should be working out. BUT recently I have been realizing how important it is to maintain a structured work out schedule! So to get me motivated I started investing in some new workout gear!
My daddy is a big time runner--he runs 5 & 10k's every weekend and several half marathons a year. The guy is nuts when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Right now I am training with him to run my first ever 10k (that's 6.2 flippin miles!!!) The race is in 1 short week and I have really had to up my workout schedule to keep up with my training. So I thought it would be fun today to share with y'all what I like to wear when I am running or working out.

I am a firm believer that good workout clothes make you want to work out more! A new dry fit tank will ALWAYS put me in the mood for a run! I have put together a board of some of my favorites…

1-Dry fit tanks: Perfect for running! 
2-Asics: My go to running shoes
3-Shorter/tighter Nike shorts: I love running in these!
4-Regular Nike shorts: perfect for the gym
5-Shorter Nike shorts: these are great for runs or for the gym
6-Nike tennis shoes: love these for the gym (it isn't good to wear the same shoes you run in while you're at the gym.. you should have a running pair and a gym pair)
7- Regular racer back tanks: I wear these to the gym
8-Nike sports bra: a good sports bra is KEY!!
I hope some of this was helpful to y'all! Just get you some new gear & I promise it will make working out much more fun  ;)


Healthy vs. Skinny

Hello there to all my Basically BREaders!
[Did you see what I did there? HA! I laugh at my own jokes...]
I'm Bethany from Basically MRSbehavin' and I am basically super jealous of Bre right now.
A - because she is going to have her toes in the sand with the smell of salt water in the air.
and 2 - because she will be wearing Marley Lilly in the process.
"These are a few of my favorite things.."
... I digress.
Anyway, I do the accounting for a health & wellness center and figured I would post on something near and dear to my heart.
That would be my hatred for the words, "I just want to be skinny..."
Shut. The. Front. Door.
How old are you? Sixteen?!
We are adults and should be focusing on being healthy... not skinny.
Which of these two do you think is more beautiful?


I think I have made my point.

I thought I could give y'all a little insight to my summer planning - health edition.

First, and foremost, you should always be taking a good multivitamin. But, as women, there is one in particular that I feel strongly about. Prenatals. You don't have to be trying to conceive or pregnant to take these! Not only are they packed with great amounts of nutrition - they also do wonders for your skin, hair, and nails. I recommend these from New Chapter. They are whole food processed and organic. You can get them for less if you order them through vitacost - it's like the Wal-Mart for vitamins!

Next, stay hydrated with fruits! A lot of people do not realize that the darker the fruit is [not the skin], the more nutritious it is. Eat a lot of oranges, red grapes, peaches, watermelon, and berries. Not only will they satisfy your craving for something sweet - they will also help you stay hydrated in the heat!

Finally, settle on six small meals rather than three. Simply put - snack all day. I have absolutely no appetite in the summer. The heat makes me miserable and ultimately makes me not want to eat. Try writing down a "basic" daily meal plan and stick to it.

Here is mine:
Egg whites in the morning.
An orange at 10.
Organic spring greens at noon with a string cheese [yummmm].
Almonds at 2.
Grilled chicken and a small salad for dinner.

Obvy - you can sub out fruits at 10 and the veggie you eat with dinner. I stand strong in my "salad and cheese" for lunch. It's light yet filling enough to hold you over until your next snack. The point is to have an understanding of what you're going to eat throughout the day so that at lunch you don't say, "Oh man.. what am I going to do about lunch?" This keeps you from grabbing a frap on your way to work or  indulging at Arby's on your way home. You will have something to look forward to every couple of hours.

You're welcome.

Thanks so much for having me, Bre.
Too bad I couldn't fit in your suitcase!
I hope you have a safe trip.. and bring me home a sand dollar!


Confessional Friday

                                             Source: via Arlin on Pinterest

-I confess that my apartment looks like a bomb between fast food cups and clothing exploded and I don't know what to do about it. I do not want to clean it up and I just want to keep staring at it in hopes that it will clean itself up.

-I confess that the last 6 transactions on my debit account have been fast food or from the cafeteria at work

-I confess that as much as I would love to be a healthy eater and cook all these awesome healthy recipes with veggies and fruit and what not. I just don't care. My Doritos taco and hush puppies are far more delicious that your kale smoothie will ever be

-I confess for Jeremy that he reads my blog & I think he enjoys it. Hi honey! 

-I confess that me and my friend Rachel soaked up some sun yesterday with high hopes of running errands and possibly getting our nails done... but then we found a un-drank bottle of wine and a pizza oh and How I Met Your Mother was on Netflix 

-I confess that it makes me totally elated and I jump around on the inside when I see how awesome my followers are and how sweet all your comments are! Oh, and over 200 followers?!? Y'all kick ass! 

What are your confessions? Be sure to link-up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition!!

ps. I'm off to the Outer Banks for like 9 days, I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up for next week! Have a great weekend loves! 


From the mouths of patients!

So as most of you know I have recently started working float pool at a hospital here in Charlotte and also another hospital in a small town outside of Charlotte. Its interesting.
I love it so much, I was made to do this but holy moly patients can be weird. 

Let me humor you...

patient: "are you going to give me a bath?"
me: "yes but I am very busy right now so how about in 2 hours?"
patient: "whatever works, I'm just telling you that my cat stinks, how do you not smell it?"
...and she was not talking about a pet.

me: "hey mr.____ I am going to ask you a few questions since you just arrived on our floor so we can get to know you better, ok?" 
patient: *blank stare* 
me: "are you ok sir?"
patient: "yes, just thinking about how I would ride you like a horse"
me: *exits room and gets male nurse to take my special and very honest patient*
...seriously?? seriously?

patient: "honey child, can you come closer? I want to tell you when the best time of the day is to get high"
me: "oh ok well I don't do drugs"
patient: "PSHH child I know you are higher than a kite" *proceeds to sing happy birthday to me and call me "precious kitty"*
...and I'M the high one?!?

I work nights and some nights around 3am (the witching hour) shit hits the fan...

I walk into a patents room because telemetry calls me and tells me he is off the heart monitor. He is totally naked, ripped out his IV, ripped off the very sticky patches that connect to the telemetry monitor and he is dancing in his bed. 
me: "oh hey, um what are you doing?"
patient: "I'M STRIPPING!!!!" 
me: "sir its 3:30am you need to get dressed and I need to hook you back up to everything so we can monitor you"
patient: "oh damn, its 3:30? This is NOT the hour to strip, I guess I'll go back to sleep now"

one more for y'all...
this guy had a bed alarm on, basically if he moves around too much or takes weight off the bed an alarm sounds so we can come running and prevent him from falling. His bed alarm went off every freakin 15 minutes one night. He wanted to go home and was a bit confused...
me: "sir you really need to stay in the bed, I have a few other patients to get to and then I can call you wife but for now its 3am and you need to rest"
patient: "its ok if I fall out of the bed, don't you see all this white sand? I'll just fall on the white sand." 
me: "no sir, no white sand, you're in the hospital"
patient: "yes I know i'm in the hospital but I'm also on 85 going straight to the beach and the sand is just there, your sinking in it now"
...instant transfer to psych.

Thats all I have for y'all today! A good laugh is sometimes better than a cute outfit :)


Beach Vacation Must-Haves

I'm heading to the beach for a week long blissful vacation and I always have a hard time packing! I like to start with with staples and things I consider that are "must-haves" for ANY beach vacation!
Beach Vacay Must-Haves

Beach Vacay Must-Haves by brenicole88 
I will always pack a cute pair of jean shorts and white pants. These are a must. I can wear the jean shorts over swim suits or with a simple cotton tank during the day. The white jeans I can also throw on a cotton tank or a dressy top for dinner or going out! 

Tanks. Can't ever pack too many. I love just throwing on a breezy tank to walk down to the beach or with some shorts for shopping and those last minute trips for another bottle of wine ;)

I love packing a maxi dress! Depends on what kind of beach trip I'm going on and I'll decide if I need a simple cotton on or a more dressy one! I usually go overboard on dresses when I pack. I try to pick one or two super cute and fun dresses for nights out and then a few cotton and simple ones for day trips or cover-ups! 

My shoes are also one thing that tends to get over-packed! I always realize that I pack WAYYYY too many shoes, try to pick just one or two cute flops and a wedge or heel that will go with almost every dress you pack.

Swimsuits & sunglasses. Need I say more? My sunnies never leave my face and during the sunshine hours I will always be in a cute suit!

And how could you forget the famous Marley Lilly monogrammed hat?

...also be sure to check out THIS post on how I pack and a few of my packing tips and tricks! 

What are some of yall's beach vacation must-haves?


Sock Bun Tutorial

Well I did it. 
Just like many of you asked, I made a sock bun tutorial video. 
I just ask that you do not laugh at me or make remarks about how incredibly awkward I am, or my man voice. I just don't have a cute girl voice. sad. 

So here it is, how I make my sock bun...

Sock Bun Tutorial from Breanne Stoll on Vimeo.

Ok are you done laughing? Awesome.


Also be sure to head over to Morgan's blog, Stars, Stripes, and a Military Life to read all about my random and nifty beauty tricks!

OH, oneee last thing! I would love to have some guest bloggers while I'm gone June 23-30! Let me know if you're interested and if you would be able to get the post to me by THIS Friday the 22nd!

Thanks loves, have a fabulous Monday! 


My Thoughts on Social Media

Wonderful Wednesday loves! 
We've had quite the storm here in NC for the past few hours. As my friend Amanda said via Twitter:
Yes it did just that and we may have been three hours apart but we were both wearing white pants caught in a sideways ranging monsoon. 

Anyways, on to discuss what I wanted to today! 
Before I start I want to say that I d
I do not claim to know it all and I am not saying that I have never done these acts in the past. I am just saying what is on my mind and speaking my opinion, after all, its my blog. I just needed to lay some thoughts out on keyboard on get it all out...

Recently I feel like I have seen WAY too many girls (and guys) taking their frustrations and anger towards their significant other via social media. Not cool in my book and it shouldn't be in anyones! Social media was never intended as a slam or burn book towards the person you once claimed you loved or had feelings towards. Social media is also probably a reason why y'all started fighting in the first place! If it didn't start this fight I'm sure at least one was started from it! I just don't understand why couples or one person in general feels like they need to air their dirty laundry for all of their 1,432 friends to see?! (problem one- too many "friends") 

I am not directing this towards any one person or couple I just wish that by someone reading this they can maybe understand that a relationship, marriage or gosh forbid a kid is involved, ALL of that drama needs to be kept in private! Social media is meant for fun, connecting with old friends, promoting a product, sharing a picture of your white pant monsoon fail. Not for slamming your baby daddy and for telling everyone that you and boo just got in a fight. If you're looking for attention on social media then you're looking in all the wrong places. Text or call a true friend, your mom, your grandma! I don't care who I just don't think that Twitter or Facebook should be the place for a pity party because once Mr. Wonderful decided to be an ass tonight. If you spent that time thinking things over, talking things out or maybe just letting the stupid fight go you could probably patch that relationship right up! 

Next on my mind, if that once Mr. Right is turning into Mr. oh-so-wrong, ditch his ass! Don't be the girl that constantly gets her heart crushed and constantly gets walked on! Listen to those girls on Twitter telling you that you can do better! Don't ever let a man tell you that you are the most important thing in his life! Nothing makes me more upset than when I constantly have to tell a friend that her boyfriend is an ass and she could do so much better and yet she will keep going back to him! Stand up for yourself! I know its hard and sometimes so many feelings are involved but you have to find your voice and let you stand up for yourself. 

Ok, I need to calm down! Whew, getting worked up over here! I just want girls to understand that if you maybe put that phone down or log out of Facebook for a few hours then maybe you can patch up those rough spots in your relationship. I have really been trying not to blog or Tweet when I am with Jeremy in the evenings. I will occasionally finish up a post or be on my phone if he's watching sports but other than that I have really tried to devote my attention to him since our nights together are getting slim! 
If you have caught yourself using social media as your anger outlet then I challenge you to stop! Put down that phone when your upset and write, call someone or maybe talk calmly to that person you're upset at! It will make all the difference! 

And most importantly...


Wearing animal print as a neutral

Last week I read Sydney's post on wearing animal prints as a neutral. I realized I had been doing this for awhile now but was not aware! 

So here is my version of wearing animal print as a neutral... I let the leopard shoes act as a neutral and my neon pink dress work as the statement piece! (or the Wilma Flinstone necklace) 

Dress- H&M (in stores now) Necklace- i honestly have no idea where it is from!, Clutch- Marley Lilly, Shoes- Nine West, Watch- MK

Are y'all as obsessed with animal print as I am? 


Fashion Friday: Rocking the Retro

We made it to Friday dolls! 
(psst. also this is my 200th post!)
I am so in love with this blouse you might catch me wearing it multiple days in a row...
which I have done already. 

Later that evening we went to dinner and I was over the heels since I had them on since 7am, I did a little print mixing and wished I had done that all day instead...

 Shirt-Vestique (one I'm wearing is currently in stores) THIS one similar is online! Jeans- Old Navy, Heels- ELLE, Flats- Nine West (similar), Lips- MAC Quick Sizzle 

Have y'all seen some of this retro style going around? I am thinking "this how we all became the Brady Bunch!" ha, LOVE IT! 


PS. I need some honest answers- Do you struggle with making a sock bun? Yes or no, would y'all like to see an effortless and perfect way to make a sock bun/ a giveaway for making said perfect sock bun??


Packing 101

Happy Wednesday Dolls! 
I do not in any way claim to be an expert organizer nor do I really come up with amazing ideas on my own but I do take packing for a trip pretty seriously! 
I am notorious for packing either way too much or not enough, I have finally discovered a way to pack the perfect amount, here is how I do it. I know y'all were dying to know how I packed anyways...

First off I plan and lay out all my outfits for everyday or night. If I need a statement piece/ necklace or belt I lay that out also, I include shoes with this so I don't pack too many or too little!

Next I try to compact and compile as much as possible, such as the black shirt and pink short combo above. I use a hanger with the pant clips so I only have one hanger versus two!

Next I pack undergarments, do I need nude or black or does that even matter? I pack all my undergarments in a bag and have a separate bag for dirty undies and clothes. Zebra is clean, black is dirty. 
These bags are from when you buy sheets! I buy all my sheets either separate so they come in smaller bags or the whole set comes in a large cotton bag like these...

Next I pack my shoes, I also put all my shoes in old sheet bags...
Another way to store shoes is to use shower caps! Take home the shower caps you get when you stay in a hotel and pack your shoes in the shower caps! No one wants nasty bottoms of shoes touching your clean clothes!!

After all of that I get together my jewelry, I use a Vera Bradley jewelry case that is now retired but they still have some great travel cases! I love this one because it has many different cases and zippers to keep pieces separate!

And I know most of you have seen this trick for traveling with necklaces, but I have yet to try it!
                                                   Source: via Gina on Pinterest

I always travel with travel sized everything, you will never need more deodorant or shaving cream than whats in the travel size, for me it reduces how large my travel cosmetic case gets and I don't have to worry about packing my current items from the shower/vanity! I pack enough vitamins/medications for the duration of the trip, I also always carry my straightener and curling iron in a heat protectant case!

Ok there ya have it, all packed and ready! 

Do y'all have any neat and awesome packing tips or tricks, I would love to hear them!


Nautical Necessities

Alright ladies, you know I have talked about Daily Chic on here before and I'm back again to rave about another fabulous dress of theirs! If you are looking for the perfect nautical look this summer then Daily Chic has done it again!
My girl Brooke has done it again! She has found THE cutest dress and accessories for Summer 2012! 
How can you not love this dress?!?
Dress- c/o Daily Chic

Want even more adorable nautical gear? No worries, one stop shopping at Daily Chic...
Brooke is offering 25% off ALL orders until 6/6! Just enter code chic25ss order today to get the 25% off!!

Daily Chic- Nautical Necessities

Daily Chic- Nautical Necessities by brenicole88 on

Would you ladies wear this look? I promise this dress is to die for!


Sangria! Sangria!

I'm keeping it short & simple on this dreary Monday. I had plans to lay out and enjoy the sun today, but it looks like mother nature has other plans for the sun today. boooo.

So here is what I wanna do:
I wanna make sangria. 
preferably white.
                                                       Source: via Katie on Pinterest

And I wanna drink it on my next 4 days off and I think this is perfectly acceptable since I am working both Friday and Saturday night this week. 

How does one make amazingly delicious sangria?!? Any recipes I should try that y'all have made yourselves? Also keep in mind I am allergic to citrus (no orange, lemon or lime) or else I will look like a blowfish all cracked out. Special. 

So here is what I am going to do today:
-sleep (haven't done this in almost 24 hours)
-make sangria
-buy the new Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas, duh.
-possibly blog, I know I suck at this
-attempt to get some sun, if not i'll try that tomorrow
-try not to do the dishes since Jeremy PROMISED he would do them when he got home. This will be the most difficult thing today.
-maybe eat my face off in the form of Subway or Loco Lime. or both.

What are y'all doing on this fabulous(??) Monday? If it sucks then tell me what you wish you were doing!!


Fashion Friday: Neon

Finally back on fashion Fridays! Whooo! 
This week I am loving me some neon! 

ps. don't you love my moms fireplace trinkets? ha! and yes, in the second picture that is a picture of my step-dad laying in grass because he was too lazy to mow the lawn. 

Shirt- J. Crew, Belt- Old Navy, Shorts- Forever21, Watch- MK, Nails- ORLY Passion Fruit 

Are y'all loving neon garments as much as I am right now?