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Blogging beach-side & I got married!!!!!!

Happy Thursday loves! 
Today I am blogging straight from the beach! I was short two guest bloggers due to my lack of organization the week before I left town so I figured since I have wifi at the beach I would do some toes in the sand blogging! 
ps. if your working and you get jealous easily then stop reading now. I also apologize if you follow me on Instagram (@basicallybreblog) and have seen most of these, sorries!

My current blogging/responding to email set-up, complete with tumbler of Firefly: (no I am not drinking at 8am, I wrote this yesterday at 4pm) duh.

So my step-dads family is from Buffalo and they rarely see beaches unless its a Canadian one. And if you've been following me since last year then you know that after THIS vacation Canada isn't for me. Or anyone from the South. So they traveled their little selves down here and we all headed to Duck, NC in the Outer Banks! 

Night one was serious laughter and ridiculous fun but gloomy weather since they were calling for hail thanks to Florida's tropical storms! 

The first night also included me making an announcement to the house that the loft had a hidden stair and to be careful because it was so easy to miss and trip over, of course 3 hours later who tripped over it and started bleeding?!?

this special girl.
my natural clumsiness was to blame, not the sangria.

The days here are spent totally by the pool and making sure were soaking up everything the sun has to offer
I am OBSESSED with this Tervis! Bought it before I left and seriously carried it all week, mom has also filled it with some bomb drinks, lime beer? Not your average Bud Light Lime y'all! 

  The beaches here are beautiful but NC beaches can get very shell-y and with the storms we've been getting at night the beach is rough the next day! So I've just spent every hour by the pool! 

I also tried a little hair trick I learned before coming down here. Beautiful natural beach waves with NO heat or curling tools required! 
If I attempt to get ready tonight after my tumbler(s) of firefly I will try and shoot a tutorial for y'all! 
but first.... Who wants one??

And I know y'all LOVED the pictures of my step-dad being a total drunk-o in the refrigerator? 
In case y'all didn't see them...
hes awesome.

And now the announcement you all have been waiting for....
just kidding. 

The Buffalo family thinks its cray-cray that you can marry your cousin down here but not your gay cousin. So Paul decided that he was going to marry me and my cousin, girl cousin. 
Breaking laws this week y'all. This trip is getting wild!!!!!

Reception invitations to follow...

Ok I'm off to fill up my Tervis
peace bishes


  1. Glad you are having so much fun! Your family reminds me of mine--crazy & fun ; ) Haha!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! And yes, I am very jealous while I sit here in my office reading about your fun in the sun! lol

  3. Where did you get this tervis missy?! I want one ASAP. kthx! :)

  4. Looks like such a fun trip! And we totally wouldn't judge you even if you were drinking firefly at's vacation!!

  5. Looks like you're having a blast! Absolutely love that Tervis tumbler!

  6. never heard of a Tervis Tumbler until today! I love Tumblers & yours is super cute!

  7. looks like you're having a blast!! :D drink a little something for the rest of us ;-P

  8. I laughed out loud when I saw that instagram of your stepdad! So great!!


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