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My Thoughts on Social Media

Wonderful Wednesday loves! 
We've had quite the storm here in NC for the past few hours. As my friend Amanda said via Twitter:
Yes it did just that and we may have been three hours apart but we were both wearing white pants caught in a sideways ranging monsoon. 

Anyways, on to discuss what I wanted to today! 
Before I start I want to say that I d
I do not claim to know it all and I am not saying that I have never done these acts in the past. I am just saying what is on my mind and speaking my opinion, after all, its my blog. I just needed to lay some thoughts out on keyboard on get it all out...

Recently I feel like I have seen WAY too many girls (and guys) taking their frustrations and anger towards their significant other via social media. Not cool in my book and it shouldn't be in anyones! Social media was never intended as a slam or burn book towards the person you once claimed you loved or had feelings towards. Social media is also probably a reason why y'all started fighting in the first place! If it didn't start this fight I'm sure at least one was started from it! I just don't understand why couples or one person in general feels like they need to air their dirty laundry for all of their 1,432 friends to see?! (problem one- too many "friends") 

I am not directing this towards any one person or couple I just wish that by someone reading this they can maybe understand that a relationship, marriage or gosh forbid a kid is involved, ALL of that drama needs to be kept in private! Social media is meant for fun, connecting with old friends, promoting a product, sharing a picture of your white pant monsoon fail. Not for slamming your baby daddy and for telling everyone that you and boo just got in a fight. If you're looking for attention on social media then you're looking in all the wrong places. Text or call a true friend, your mom, your grandma! I don't care who I just don't think that Twitter or Facebook should be the place for a pity party because once Mr. Wonderful decided to be an ass tonight. If you spent that time thinking things over, talking things out or maybe just letting the stupid fight go you could probably patch that relationship right up! 

Next on my mind, if that once Mr. Right is turning into Mr. oh-so-wrong, ditch his ass! Don't be the girl that constantly gets her heart crushed and constantly gets walked on! Listen to those girls on Twitter telling you that you can do better! Don't ever let a man tell you that you are the most important thing in his life! Nothing makes me more upset than when I constantly have to tell a friend that her boyfriend is an ass and she could do so much better and yet she will keep going back to him! Stand up for yourself! I know its hard and sometimes so many feelings are involved but you have to find your voice and let you stand up for yourself. 

Ok, I need to calm down! Whew, getting worked up over here! I just want girls to understand that if you maybe put that phone down or log out of Facebook for a few hours then maybe you can patch up those rough spots in your relationship. I have really been trying not to blog or Tweet when I am with Jeremy in the evenings. I will occasionally finish up a post or be on my phone if he's watching sports but other than that I have really tried to devote my attention to him since our nights together are getting slim! 
If you have caught yourself using social media as your anger outlet then I challenge you to stop! Put down that phone when your upset and write, call someone or maybe talk calmly to that person you're upset at! It will make all the difference! 

And most importantly...


  1. amen sister! completely agree.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! It's so annoying. I don't care if you're "complicated" or some other crap.

    New Follower

  4. I can't believe you are Breanne/Bre too! I've never met anyone that spells it the same as me and I love it! You're adorable!


  5. You nailed it, my dear! :) Don't put your dirty laundry on twitter or your 7 louis vuittons on Instagram! :)


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