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Fab'rik Denim Dinner

Last Thursday I was invited to Fab'rik for a Denim Dinner in Chapel Hill. The sweet store manager, Amy, along with the amazing owner, Paige, had the store decorated beautifully and a fabulous dinner prepared for us bloggers! The point of the evening was to showcase the denim lines that Fab'rik carries and show off some of the new Fall items along with the denim. I am normally very picky when it comes to denim and I am a creature of habit. I always know my favorite designers and which styles to just order, instead of trying something new. This dinner was perfect for someone like me, I got to see some brands I've never even glanced twice at and some new styles from my favorite designers!

Emily | me | Linny | Amy- store manager of Chapel Hill location

I was obsessing over this adorable faux leather vest for Fall!

The store is set up so beautifully and cute, showcasing just how adorable everything is that they have!

We had such an amazing night and I really enjoyed seeing new styles and chatting with other style bloggers about the denim! As always, Emily and I couldn't just decide on one new style or piece, we got a few! 

I scooped up this awesome hat, trying to save it for our mini-moon in Asheville! I also got an amazing maxi dress that y'all will have to come back next week to see!

Paige and Amy are so sweet and treat us bloggers so well, that they want to give y'all an opportunity to come and shop! Today I am giving away a $50 gift card to Fab'rk Chapel Hill or Raleigh location! Giveaway ends on 10/4 and I will announce the winner Sunday! 
Follow the rules below to enter!

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Fall Totes under $50

Fall Toes under $50

I am 100% ready for fall, the weather, the clothes, the colors! I snagged a new bag last month that is perfect for fall, but obviously I'm going to need more than one! 

These are a few I've had my eyes on, and all under $50!
H&M burgundy croc handbag $40 (other colors available)
Torrid reversible faux leather tote $50
Old Navy crossbody $24 (also in black)
Chicnova one shoulder bag $30
Forever 21 faux leather satchel $33 (also in black)



Instagram Round-Up

Last weekend we traveled to UNC-Chapel Hill for family weekend. Jeremy's little sister is a freshman there. As much as it pained this Wolfpacker to even be around that many tar-heels, the campus was really beautiful and she is really enjoying her time there!

We got our first wedding card and wedding gift in the mail last week! I decided to pick up a box from The Container Store to keep all of our wedding cards in. 
Get it here

The temps "dropped," ha just kidding, were in like low 80's around here. Perfect excuse to wear booties?
Old Navy shirt | Gap Jeans | Old Navy shoes

My friend, Brooke, owner of Daily Chic, had a little birthday get-together on Saturday evening. I always love being around this beauty, she's such an amazing person and so positive and beautiful! Happy Birthday Brooke!

Sunday was Panthers football time! Jeremy and I walked to tailgate with Emily and Brian for a little bit. Brian is a huge Lions fan so he forced Emily to convert for the day! Excuse my nappy hair, I actually left the house with dripping wet hair, I'm that classy y'all! 

What are y'all doing on Instagram? Leave me your handle below and I'll follow! 


Wedding Wednesday: 30 days

I know y'all are probably SO sick of me talking about my wedding, but hey, only 30 more days! Then give me like 30 more days after the wedding to share pictures and gush about my amazing day. Then I will be done with wedding talk. Promise. 

So it's 30 days away, and as of Monday I was in a complete panic. I felt like I had nothing done and had a list about three pages long of things that had to be done ASAP. Yesterday I sat down and just decided to knock it out, just choke it down and do it. So I did! 

-I confirmed the menu, which was very difficult to do via email. I can't meet with my caterer until later this month so I sure hope everything taste good that I confirmed! 
-I confirmed my cake lady and all the different desserts were having. Think cake, ice cream and chocolate dipped pretzels! Oh heavens! 
-I ordered our cake topper
-I ordered the groomsmen gifts, which I LOVE!
-I ordered my wedding shoes
-I ordered Jeremy's wedding gift and received another one of his gifts in the mail. The one I ordered I'm so excited about I've almost told him like 6 times. Y'all SO EXCITED!
-I organized my Pinterest board and got my wedding must have pictures lined up
-I ordered another little gift for my bridesmaids, yes, another. I spoil them!
-I filled out a 10 page questionnaire for our venue and that brought up about 8 more to-do's
-I typed up walking orders, hair services and printed out our inventory of rentals, which took me an hour to go through and verify!
-I made an appointment for catering, cake tasting, a walk-though and my hair and makeup trial! (yes I still need to do all of that)
-Then I had a cocktail, a very strong one.

So Bre, what's left to do? Oh let me tell you…
-Ceremony itinerary
-Weekend itinerary
-Final dinner tasting
-Initial cake tasting
-Hair makeup and hair trial
-Bridal portraits
-Music for reception 
-Last dress fitting
-Dress & accessory details
-Make lists for things to pack and bring to location
-Various and numerous DIY projects
-Transportation for my drunky bridal party
-Choose ceremony readings

So am I behind? Did anyone else wait until the last minute? Can I get some pointers? 




Well, I survived my bachelorette weekend. Slightly beat up, still exhausted but I survived!

 Friday evening a few of my bridesmaids and I went to dinner and then Fahrenheit for drinks! I have been wanting to go to Fahrenheit for awhile now so I kinda demanded that we go! The view was amazing and the champs were even better! We called it an early evening so we could head out early to the secret bachy party location!

Saturday morning we were up and ready to go! The girls pulled my bach mobile around front and I finally found out where we were headed...

Ocean Isle!

 Once I car-bar'ed?!? down to OIB we all met up at a little bar and waited for the house to become available. The girls had decorated the entire house and had so much fun waiting for me! (I however, cannot show you most of the decorations!)

They even had towels and sunglasses monogrammed for everyone! And for those of you that didn't know… yes, my name will be Mrs. Butts. 

We beached it for the rest of Saturday and spent the evening eating pizza and playing some interesting games!

We were once again up bright and early for another beach day on Sunday! Safe to say we spent the ENTIRE day on the beach, drinking, laughing and rolling around in the sand...

After being iced by our neighbors, yes iced, we finally got ready and walked to dinner and drinks just a few feet from our condo! You could say I was sunburnt...

The girls toasted to me at dinner and toasty me got all teary! 

 There was a reception going on at the restaurant we were at and the bride was SO sweet! She bought me wine and had us dancing and laughing! 

To say I had fun would be a HUGE understatement, I have never laughed so hard and enjoyed a weekend so much! I have such amazing friends and bridesmaids who didn't let me worry about a thing all weekend! I am so very thankful for each and everyone one of you and for all that y'all did for little me! I LOVE YOU GIRLS! #BresBeachBach #BootyGetsHitched



A Post on Blogging

Happy Monday friends! 

I took an unexpected break from the blog, I really never plan breaks like that, they just happen. Which is why I'm writing today, life happens and seriously, blogging gets in the way. I love my blog and I love reading other blogs, but right now I just don't have the time. I love my readers and I appreciate every comment, tweet and speck of love y'all send me, I'm just worn out! 
I still want to blog, I still want to do outfit shoots and I still want to keep y'all up on my crazy life. I just currently have put blogging on the back-burner and it makes me sad. 
I never started this blog to make money or anything of the sort, I started my blog to let my thoughts out and show maybe even one person, how to style the most simple of outfits. I am going to do my best to keep up on here weekly, but when I don't, just bear with me! I'm still here! 

psst. 32 days till I'm a wifey!