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Drum roll please... my finished bedroom, finally!

I have previously talked about my recent move, well almost a month later I am all moved in and have finally finished my bedroom! I decided to go for a more "adult" look in this room based off of the new furniture I received from my mom's boyfriend. I went for a muted mint green on the walls and I thought it paired perfectly with the dark, chocolate brown furniture. I took a couple pictures to show yall just because I am actually pretty proud of my design skills this time around! 

Don't know why the pic is a little crooked but this is my glorious bed! My furniture is Paula Deen Home and my bedding is from Macy's.

My full length mirror really added a nice touch, I am loving the old traditional look of it and of course my Marley Lilly hat is hanging on it! 

My favorite part about the dresser is this wonderful little pull out hook/rod thing, I'm guessing it is maybe for suits or dresses but I like to use it to hang Michael up at the end of the day! 

So I realize that the robin egg blue desk doesn't really go with the rest of my room/decor but when I saw this desk at a local furniture store I simply could not leave the store without it!
  Inside the desk is a really cool little mirror that can be pulled out so you can do your makeup and work at the same time! They totally made this desk for a girl like me! 

and last but oh certainly not least... my closet. One thing I am very proud of. 
 "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet"

The rest of the house is a work in progress, had to have my room finished first! I have a lot to do before this Friday since I am hosting my moms 50th birthday party here! eek! lots to do, busy week ahead of me!

Have a fabulous Monday dolls!

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