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wedding hair!

Hello friends! So I know its been awhile but I JUST got internet on Monday and then did a little road tripping before the wedding festivities this weekend and starting my new job next week! So on Saturday I am in a wedding, the first wedding I've been asked to be in for a friend from high school, Exciting! She is a very laid back bride and let us pick our own style of dress but we just all had to be the same color, cool idea! I love, love, love my dress and I actually really don't mind the color! But anyways back to the reason I started this post, I need help! The wedding is in two days and I currently have no clue how to do my hair!!! I have to wear it up due to the dress style so I have 3 options for yall to give your opinions on and let me know what to do!
classic messy bun & small pouf!

I REALLY want a braid so I am kind of leaning towards this one! 
& this is just beautiful but I will be outside for most of the day so I feel like this might start to fall!? 

Pretty please leave me some feedback on what hair style to go for on Saturday! As far as my life lately I will have to update you lovely ladies (&gents) on my adventurous life at a later date, I am beyond exhausted & need my beauty rest!! 


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