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Mother May I Borrow $251?

I have a confession... I am a shopaholic. My current living situation is ummm how do I put it? I live in the middle of NOWHERE! So I have no where to shop basically and I am having serious shopping withdrawals!!! My solution... online shopping! I was surfing LuLus tonight and normally I don't find much on this website but tonight I racked up a $251 shopping cart in about 13 minutes. oopsie! So I leaned over to my mother sitting across the table and kindly asked, "mother may I borrow $251?" Her response... "umm let me think, no." Story short, looks like I'll be $251 short this month. 

Here are my finds, I am so very excited! :D

What else is everyone dying to have for summer? These four dresses will totally make my summer... until next week when I start cursing online again! 


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