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Hair Bling

As I lay in bed here on this fine Sunday recovering from a serious post-church food coma, I am debating at what the heck to blog about?!? 
Since I am really trying to not get out of this bed I figured I would blog about something I am currently wearing... a headband! Or as my step-dad calls them, "hair bling!" I have always loved hair accessories, if your going out or just trying to spice up some day old hair a headband is a cute and effortless look.

 Exhibit A: woke up 25 min before I needed to leave for church, made it to church in time and my hair wasn't bugging me all morning!

I own one headband that I religiously wear! My favorite night sporting said headband was a Christmas cocktail and I was getting ready in a serious hurry after my mani/pedi ended up taking over 3 hours!! (yea I know I look ridiculous on Dec 23rd with a serious tan, I have since stopped fake baking for my health!)

I found these pics that I just adore of headbands! I love how I can roll out of bed and probably re-create these easy looks with one accessory! 

Effortless beauty!

Love this for an event or cocktail attire! 

Now for one headbands can be adorable, sassy and fun. On the other hand they can end up like this unfortunate night when I thought a big ass peacock feather looked wonderful in my hair...
Could possibly be cute if I had the right clothing choices with it, but I didn't. Side note: This was on spring break freshman year, a few cocktails were consumed while getting ready, I found feather at some girls apartment and decided it was a good idea. Please don't judge. I also had a swing bob haircut... no you will never see a picture of it because it was horrid. 

Now I am just not so sure about the peacock feather craze. Thanks spring break. haha

Does anyone else love headbands as much as I do? Also do any of 'yall know where I can find a few adorbs ones? Hope everyone is enjoying this chilly and relaxing Sunday! 

Be blessed!

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  1. I LOVE headbands. They are seriously the easiest way to dress up any hairstyle, and it's the perfect way to "formalize" ant outfit.


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