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Why you shouldn't drink & drive

Hello lovies! Happy Tuesday to you all out there! I would love to report back and say that my supposed to be relaxing weekend was so relaxing but, it wasn't. In fact it was stress to the MAX come Saturday night! Friday night was ok, hung out with some friends and enjoyed a night in. Saturday was enjoyable, Jeremy and I picked out our new bedroom set and my step-dad so graciously purchased it for us! We are very excited! 
Saturday evening the man and I went out with one of his roomates to have a few pumpkin beers, I started not feeling well so drank one and drove everyone home. Well thank goodness we decided to go home because about 15 min after getting home we hear someone banging at the front door. In complete fear we start freaking out and ask her to calm down and come to the back door. Once she was calm and I could understand her I realize she was highly intoxicated and she has hit a car out front of the house. OK, so lets get this handled. but wait. The only car out front was my car. My beloved Jeep named Lucy... yes my fears were true, she murdered Lucy. 

 She ended up pushing my car about 15 ft. through my friends front yard and so far the word is my car is totaled :( 

 Her car was much worse than mine was, mine isn't worth much which is why I think they decided to total it. She drove a BRAND NEW Explorer, so sad to see such a pretty car banged up!

The girl was arrested for drunk driving and she sadly spent the night in jail, I am so glad no one was hurt and only car damage was the result of her drinking & driving! But please let this be a lesson to anyone who may have had one too many and gotten behind the wheel! Just think if someone would have been walking a dog or outside, she would have easily killed them. 
I am currently riding around in a pretty fly rental, its a Nissan Rouge, pretty sweet car! But looks like I will be purchasing a new ride this month! I want to keep the SUV feel but I like the crossover car perks. Any suggestions for a safe small SUV that is also about 20-25 mpg? 

Be safe out there dolls!


  1. I flipped out when I saw this on twitter! I'm sooo glad you're ok & I hope she learned her lesson

  2. you won my blog give away dear! :)


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