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Awkward & Awesome Monday!

Hi Honey's! 
After an entire week of studying, studying and a little more studying, possibly some partying ;) I am back! Even though I am pretty sure today is the only day I can sit down and blog, I am going to do my best to schedule a few posts today! 

I saw this post about Awkward & Awesome days over at The Daybook, I loved the idea of it so I am going to start Awkward & Awesome Mondays! Because lets face it... Mondays can either be awfully awkward or amazingly awesome!

  • Trying to make an awesome drive away in my new bad-ass car getaway, but instead sitting there for all of 2 minutes trying to figure out if I started the spaceship car correctly
  • ...even more awkward, watching J from a window try to unlock and start my new spaceship car and literally crying from laughing so hard at him (ok so that was awkward for J, but hilarious for me & Forrest!)
  • Having a panic attack in the middle of a bar this weekend. Yes, thats right, panic attack. I am not at all in any way a touchy person, hate being touched and especially hate being touched by strangers. We were in this basement bar, a little crowded at first. Within five minutes it was so crowded and hot I was dying to get out of there, then everyone started touching me and rubbing on me and I freaked out. Call me crazy, or insane, but I literally started hyperventilating. I had to run outside and get a cab home. #fail
  • Finally getting my car, which I keep referring to as a spaceship because I haven't figured out the dang thing yet. It's push to start, really cool, but you have to have the brake pushed correctly and your seat belt on and the doors locked, etc. for it to start. geez! 

  • Being in Charlotte this weekend and getting to be in the ward where were living, so we walked from our new place to downtown and Church on Sunday! I am SO excited to move, I cannot wait!!!! 
  • Dressing up twice this weekend! Friday night I was a flapper and Saturday night I was an indian! So much fun! J was a hippie... cracked me up all weekend! 

  • My finds from shopping in Charlotte this weekend! Got lots of cute and fun items! Post later this week with OOTD's!
  • We begin the moving process this weekend! eeeekkk! This means my pretty blue desk and super comfy mattress will be MIA until December but I can deal with that! 
  • Church on Sunday was amazing! We had a guest Pastor speak since our Pastor was in London, lucky! Clayton King, he has written 3 books in the past 2 years and I have decided to start reading one! and again, post on that later this week! 
Have a fabulous week & Happy Halloween!!

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  1. I love your new car, I am sooo excited for you! The move is so exciting too. AND I just now realized we were the same thing for halloween haha!


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