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Hey Yall!

This week I am loving that I get to start car shopping! Poor little Lucy was declared totaled yesterday so the check is on the way and I am in the market for a new ride! So far I am crazy over the Nissan Murano. The one I am eyeballing is 2007special edition, leather, sun roof, etc. I LOVE the color most of all! Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't go anywhere till I get my check!

I am also loving that exactly one month from now we will have our new apartment keys! AHH we can't move in until December with jobs and school but that isn't going to keep me from spending every Thur-Sun there!

I am loving that tonight is date night! Jeremy will be leaving for his new job on Sunday :( which means Sunday through Friday evenings for the next month I will be allll alone, boooo. So we have really been spending a lot of time together this week, trying new restaurants, hanging out and I've been doing a little cooking also! I have so much fun with him no matter what were doing that it really puts a smile on my face to know he's always there for me :)

And finally I am loving that this weekend we get to go to J's Alma Mater for the homecoming football game! I am soooo very excited to be with good friends and party the weekend away! I also am really excited to hopefully meet Miss. Emily from In the Life of Emily!! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday!

be blessed

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  1. YAYYYYYY I am so excited for you to come up here!!! We will HAVE to meet up :) so ready for the weekend!!


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