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Not Your Average Pumpkin

I've never been one for carving pumpkins, they're fun but its a mess and then you have to clean that mess! This year I wanted to get a few pumpkins and decorate them, preferably with glitter. #leduh

Last night Jeremy and I headed to a little pumpkin patch in the city and picked out some adorable little punkins! After a Starbucks trip we headed home to decorate the little things!

I'm perfectly content with our not-so-average pumpkins! Everyone needs a little glitter in their lives! 
(the "B" is for our & my future last name, I wouldn't be THAT conceited to just paint a B!) 


  1. glitter makes everything better. can't love it more!!! love love love!

  2. Love the monogram glitter pumpkin! So cute!

  3. Those are super cute!! But for the sake of your sanity, make sure you dont save them for next year. I had a super blonde moment last year and put my mini REAL pumpkins in the storage bin with my gorgeous sparkly FAKE pumpkins and the realm ones rotted and ruined everything! I legit almost cried. They have large fake ones at Target that you can decorate and keep forever


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo