5 On Friday

I decided my 5 On Friday today would be some tips & tricks & things I've learned along the way...

1. Need to make a necklace slightly longer? Loop some hair ties together and BAM!

2. Need your boots to stand up but you don't wanna pay $20 for a pair of freaking boot shapers (for all 8 of your boots)? 
BOOH YAH, dollar store pool noodles!

3. Don't wanna squeegee your glass shower door everyday (or your fiancé refuses to)? Spray some Rain-X on it! Swipe, water gone in a snap!

4. I think I now sound like an infomercial dude? Anyways, moving on, want white toes after dark nail polish? Recipe given...
(I actually did this, it works but I will NEVER show y'all a pic of my own feet, I would gag)
Make a paste using:
-1 tbsp peroxide 
-2 1/4 tbsp baking soda
-Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes and voila! 

5. Last but not least, wanna pretend your coffee isn't coffee every morning? Follow my lead...


  1. That's the best mug I've ever seen!

  2. Great idea for the boots. I use old issues of Real Simple/Vogue rolled up....the Fall issues work the best!

  3. That first one is genius!

    I use rolled up magazines to stuff in my boots since I had about 21340890534985 old issues of Cosmo lying around.

  4. mug...hilarity. and love that shower curtain too!!!

    following you now from the linkup...HOORAY!!


  5. These are all perfect! I may have to run out to the Dollar Store to buy a pool noodle....


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