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Sixty Days

thats a long time, sixty days. But I'm doing it. 
No drinking.
No shopping.

----------------- oh that was my heart stopping for just a second.
Yes, you read that correctly, no drinking alcohol & no shopping for 60 days

I originally started this sixty day journey on January 4th but then I had some wine with friends one night and bought a $4 pair of boots on Monday, I mean they were four dollars! 

So I'm restarting this and I'm committing to it!
Start Date: January 14th
End Date (aka drink a bottle of wine a buy some shoes date): March 16th

"Breanne, you're crazy! Why do this?" 
Well I kinda got out of control with both. Judge me, I drank too much wine, I bought too much stuff one month. And probably the amount of wine I consumed correlated with how many packages showed up on my doorstep each week, duh.

 In November and December I kept buying stuff here and there, I would get a dress, a pair of flats, etc. And it just got out of control. I have multiple dresses and shirts in my closet that I have no idea where or why I bought them and they still have tags and I probably will not wear them. I have so many shoes I found myself hiding some when we moved because they wouldn't all fit in my closet. Jeremy has rolled his eyes at me one too many times at the amount of clothing in our guest room closet that I haven't even touched since we moved. 
Excessive much? I just love shoes! 
I want to come up with a plan for it all, I want to donate clothes, sell clothes and probably throw away some old shoes and shirts! I just don't know my plan of action for it all yet, I need time to plan this, I love my clothes. 

My exceptions for the shopping ban are:
-I can buy it if I have a gift card
-I can buy it if it is necessary for daily life activities (i.e. shampoo)
-I can buy gifts for birthdays/occasions (anniversary/valentines/birthdays)
-I can buy food, because I can assure you if I can't drink or shop, I'll eat.

Now the drinking part, oh this part. 
Where do I start? 
I like my wine and my margarita Mondays with Rachel, a lot. I noticed myself wanting a glass or two of wine after work every day, a beer on a beautiful Saturday or a whole bottle while painting my nails with a friend. Just too much, it's spending unnecessary money and honestly I'm sure all my health problems will significantly improve from being sober for awhile! 
Jeremy decided to do the no drinking thing along with me for support and someone to hold me accountable. 
Do I think I have a problem? No, not at all. I just know that my body is dealing with a lot of medical issues and stress right now and I could really benefit from a sober month or two. The detox will be nice and my bank account will love me also! 

I know there really shouldn't be any exceptions for this but I do have one or two...
-The annual JDRF Hope Gala is March 2nd, I can have a drink or two this night as long as I'm healthy. My body knows when my numbers and counts are out of whack and I feel it. I have to keep myself disciplined to watch my blood sugars closely and make sure I'm taking my iron and eating correctly so I feel good and not crappy if I have a glass or two!
-Our good friends Forrest & Erin will be moving to Chicago in a few weeks and you bet your butt I'm going to see them off one evening with a toast! But just one!

My support system for this will be Jeremy and the Bible. I have started a few devotionals and prayer books that I have really gotten into the past two weeks. I want to turn to God and His word when I am feeling tempted to relax and have a glass of wine or go shopping for a dress. I don't need to be giving into the worldly sins of greed and alcohol but I do sometimes so I know that if I pray or open my Bible, God will lead me through it!

So I hope y'all stay with me through this, I want to blog my weekly thoughts about it and how I'm doing. I use my blog as an outlet for thoughts and ideas so I really want to blog about my sixty days! I also want to blog about what I do with my closet problem, maybe a blog sale? Maybe I'll just donate! 

Whew ok, time to go relax and drink a glass of wine read a book!


  1. I have a no shopping cleanse for 90 days. Mine ends April 1st. Now I need to find something to give up for lent. Hah.

  2. Good luck, Bre! I really respect what you are doing! I am considering giving up shopping for a little while too. I keep buying things that I don't need and when the credit card bill rolls around, I hate it! As for the drinking, I gave up alcohol last year when I was preparing for a 46 hour dance marathon. I realized that keeping busy was the biggest key...when I wanted a drink I read a book or went to the gym! Good luck and I can't wait to read how everything goes for you!

  3. That's great you have a detox time to get you healthier (feeling better) and your bank account too! I know you will do great, and the fact Jeremy is doing it with you just shows what a great guy he is and that he is standing by you as a to-be-husband! Good luck girly, I know you can do it!

  4. Good luck!! I'm sure you can do it! I have tooooo many shoes as well...maybe I should try this out too. Think about how much money you will save!

  5. Bre - I am really inspired by you. I have been thinking about doing the no drinking thing until our cruise.. Which is March 9... But, I just went to vineyards last week and spent $200 on wine. :( I have definitely been spiraling out of control with it, too. I am in NO way an alcoholic and HONESTLY since I changed my eating habits back in September I quit drinking during the week [where I used to drink two glasses every night after work]... but this past weekend I completely blacked out - I had been wine tasting at 3 vineyards and had two glasses of wine with mama between 12 and 6 [plenty of spacing time in my opinion] and then we went to dinner with friends where I had two glasses of wine. We went to a billiards bar after that and I drank nothinggggg and when I woke up Sunday I couldn't even tell you ANY of the conversations had on Saturday. WTH!! I haven't blacked out since college [and a half gallon of jaeger] so it totally wigged me out.

  6. I am trying to do the same but haven't been so strick to put a time frame on it. Chicken much? It is hard girl so good luck!! Can't wait to see how you feel after those 60 days.

  7. I need to have an intervention with my inner shop-a-holic, but I don't know if I can do it?? This is extremely brave of you!

  8. Girl, I think we have all been there! good for you for doing something about it!!!!

  9. Your bank account will love you for sure if you do a blog sale! LOVE you outfits (: Good luck with everything!

  10. That is an insane (but smart) goal! I should try this with you, just not sure if I am brave enough. haha Best of luck!

  11. I need to do this too!! Best of Luck! Can't wait to follow how it goes!

  12. Ah! I need to do this!! Once I started adding up how much I would still have in my bank account if I hadn't bought the drinks I had...ouch. I am also guilty of buying random things that I honestly don't need. Good luck, girl!

  13. I started a no shopping for the month of January (hopefully to mid-February) also, mine is strictly clothing since that's my real kicker. I look at it as I'd rather spend money on experiences rather than things. Hopefully, by detoxing now it will help curb future habits!

  14. I think this is such a good thing! I've been doing the Jesus Calling devotional this year and the very first day includes Romans 12:2 - "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." You're going to do great and it's awesome that you've got such a support system. Good luck!

  15. I have considered doing thiS. The shopping would be the hardest for me. I am proud of you, and look forward to hearing how you do. You have inspired me.


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