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Santa Baby

Oh my gosh I cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner! It is blowing my mind at where this year went! 

Since it is so close to Christmas I figured I would take the time to let some people know what's on my list, feel free to buy any of these items for me! ha!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i
This is pretty much all I want. I need it actually.

Monogram cut out necklace, with my married monogram of course!

Fiestaware! I collect the Lemongrass & Tangerine colors and I would love some more serving dishes and unique pieces!
And lastly I think this means I am officially grown up... I want a vacuum.
Preferably one with a detachable piece so I can vacuum my 100 stairs and one thats light weight so I carry it up and down my 100 stairs! 
Any suggestions?

What's on yall's Christmas list this year?


  1. I feel you on the "grown-up" wish list...I asked for a food processor! Who does that?! Haha. Love the Fiestaware -- every time I walk into Belk I just sit there and stare at it. It's so simple but so cute!

  2. I asked for a juicer & a bible. I feel you on the grown up thing!!

  3. sounds like a pretty perfect christmas to me :)

  4. You know you're a grown up when you start asking for household items. A couple of years ago, my mom bought me a new washer and dryer for Christmas. I was in heaven! The vacuum I have is the Dyson Animal. I love it! It's lightweight and has 5 different attachments.

  5. ahem... don't let anyone order that monogram necklace ;-) There might be one in your near future!!! Can't wait til you get the camera and we can go play with them together!!!


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