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Wedding Wednesday

So I realize that we haven't set a date for our wedding yet, and it will be at least 15 months away... but still, I wanna start doing a Wedding Wednesday here and there! 

This week: location/city of the wedding!

Jeremy grew up in Ohio and moved to NC around 8th grade, we both grew up in Greensboro after that and both have family all over the dang United States. 
We don't really have a love for Greensboro and there isn't really a reason to have the wedding in Ohio or Florida since we have no ties there anymore. 

We love Charlotte, we have SO many friends here and family is only an hour to three hours away from Charlotte. Jeremy had a few family members left in Ohio but I know they wouldn't mind traveling for our wedding! I don't like the idea of a destination wedding because just thinking of that gives me anxiety. 

So were going to get married in Charlotte! 

Next is to pick the date/venue! I do not want to get married in a Church, nothing against a Church but we don't really have a home church or a Pastor we both love and grew up with! Nothing again my man Jesus but I would prefer our ceremony and reception to be in the same place! And we all know I can't get my groove thing on in a holy place!

I'm going to the Charlotte wedding show in February so until then I think I'm going to hold off on looking at venues! If any of you Charlotte ladies know of a great place leave me comment! I would love to do a little bit of looking between now and February, just to fill the wedding excitement!

Here's to many more Wedding Wednesdays!


  1. I have a longggg list of venues if you're interested. I can tell you anything Charlotte wedding related at this point haha! We did A LOT of research!

    My advice is to get your big vendors now because they'll be scooped up by others if you wait. Spring is a popular time to get married in Charlotte!

  2. Your first wedding wednesday!!!! Yay!!!! I think Charlotte will be the perfect place for y'alls wedding! My roommate's bf lives in Charlotte and they will be getting engaged soon and she will be moving there so I will have a free place to stay for your wedding ; ) So exciting!!!

  3. How fun! Can't wait to follow your wedding planning journey!


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