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Stop the world! I'm getting off!

Ever feel like hitting the pause button, taking a deep breath, counting to ten and then hitting play again? Yea I so wish I could do that right about now! I have been a little down on myself and kinda bummish lately, I am such a vivacious and outgoing girl that this has been a little weird for me. I'm going through a lot of life changes and making some big life decisions and I feel like its all happening so fast! 

I was reading this months Cosmo and a tiny little picture was in the corner of one of the pages, it said to stare at the picture for ten seconds and picture yourself in the far off tropical place pictured. Proven by Dr. so and so, doing this while stressed and or just temporarily having a freak out moment is proven to calm you down and relieve a little stress! Alright, done, I can do that! 

I sat down for a little and did some googling (my favorite tool) and found the most perfect picture that I could picture myself enjoying! 

& just because... 
this puts the biggest smile on my face and I giggle a little when I look at it! Precious! 

Where would you like to picture yourself when your stressin'? My daddy always said- "There is a whole lot to think about but nothing to worry about."


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  1. Im the same, the hot beach with a palm tree a cool breeze and a book are my favorites!


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