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It happened, again...

Remember my Thanksgiving prayer? Yea well I thought I was in the clear, I thought I had broken the curse! 

Uh, I was wrong

So the story in a nut shell is, for the past 3 years I have been hospitalized twice on Thanksgiving day (same Thanksgiving), once the day after Thanksgiving and once in the dead of winter mid-January. Awesome. Now it is January 6th and I have been hospitalized again. 

Bad luck? no. Poor living style? no. Alcohol problem? yes. no. 
 So Breanne, what is it? 
Diabetes my friends.

Diabetes is a disease that you never outgrow or get rid of. It's fo life! Basically my pancreas organ decided that one day it was too tired to continue life and it said peace out. Your pancreas produces insulin, which you need 24/7/365 or else, you die. Everything you eat or drink breaks down into fats, sugars, carbohydrates, etc into your body and the insulin helps break down the sugar so that you can maintain a normal glucose level. 

Say what? 
I don't know, I'm no doctor, read about it here.

Well I've had diabetes since I was 8 and ever since then it has been one hell of a ride I call life. Since I struggle with my diabetes a little more than most I have an extremely weakened immune system. I don't do germs and I don't like em. You sneeze, I catch it. I drink/eat after you, I catch it. It sucks. So FYI, if your sick GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!! k, thanks. 

On the bright side modern medicine is marvelous, they now have makeshift organs that you can purchase for a small price of $7,000. 
Here is mine, which currently is "out of style" and has a huge crack in it. Also a mis-match cover because I broke the last one. Whoop! 

And that skinny clear tubing is attached to a port in mah belly. I will leave out those pics since it is veryyyy close to my lady parts! 

Breanne, why are you telling us all of this?
Well honestly, diabetes is a huge part of my life. I have to check my glucose levels daily by pricking my finger 4-6 times a day. I have to tell that green little machine pictured above what that level is and I also have to tell it everything, and I mean everything I eat or drink. I felt like in order for y'all to know me a little better it was time for me to tell you about me and all of me. 

I was whisked away in an ambulance early Wednesday morning because my glucose levels got too high after becoming very ill from a simple ear infection. See what I mean, shit sucks. 
I will let y'all go ahead and laugh your ass off for a second...
Don't you dare judge, like I said, ambulance took me at 4am people. 

I am doing MUCH better now and am almost back to normal! Thank you to anyone and everyone who was aware I was there and prayed for me, prayers are awesome!

Every year I participate in the JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes and for the past 3 years I have attended the JDRF Hope Gala for A Cure. Since 1970 JDRF has raised over $1.6 BILLION for research for a cure! I have successfully raised and donated close to $100,000 to that cause since 1997 with the help of many friends and family! I could not live without the support of JDRF and an amazing family. If you are interested in knowing more or would like to donate to JDRF click here!

My JDRF walk team last year- Get Hype to Cure Dia-Bre-tes! 

Me, mom and Paul before the JDRF Hope Gala last year! (also the night I met Jeremy!) 

ps. I did not write this post to ask y'all for money or drag you into some commitment, I just know that this is something very dear to my heart and even though I am no longer considered a juvenile I still support the JDRF 100%, they helped young little me and my family through the rough of the first few years with diabetes! 

I am off to have a relaxing and movie watching evening with my man! Happy Weekend!


  1. I hate that you had to be hospitalized! :( Thanks for telling us your story! Hope you're feeling much much better!

  2. girrrrl I am so glad you're ok! When I saw your tweets I was FREAKING out for you! People in my family have diabetes, its a chore. I admire you for having it and still being so so awesome! :)

  3. Jeeez, and to think I complain about virtually nothing. Thanks for a great post about a serious issue that helps put things into real perspective :-) And of course I'm happy to hear you're all right!


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