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Are You Hungry?

... because I will be after writing this post! 

Hey y'all, Top 5 Tuesday link-up with Rachel, this week, recipes! ah yay! food!

1. Appetizer
Baked Chevre, aka goat cheese, with diced tomatoes

-Simply take a can or two of diced tomatoes, plop em in a baking dish. Throw in a log of Chevre cheese (my fav is Trader Joe's) and heat in the oven for about 15-20 min at 200 degrees. 
-Eat with bagel chips. 
You will LOVE!

2. Side Dish
 nothing fancy here... my daddy's green beans!

-Heat green beans in a frying pan full o' butter and Lawry's seasoned salt. 
-Simmer until soft and slightly crisp around the edges. If you're from the south you should seriously know when green beans are ready to eat! 
I think my dad may have thrown in a steak seasoning also but I have NO clue what it is, I just know I use the same jar he did and it has no label!

*for two people you probably want to cook two cans, just sayin', they're good! 

3. Main Dish
Four cheese ravioli with sun dried tomato sauce 

Feel free to stuff your own ravioli's but I like to go with the store bought ones, I don't know the brand but I know they're in the produce section at my grocery store! 
ps. You're going to need a HUGE frying pan! 

-coat the pan in some olive oil, turn on low-med heat
-cut up a garlic clove very teeny tiny and simmer the garlic in the olive oil (be careful not to burn the garlic, it will burn fast!)
-once garlic has simmer to a clear looking tint add a can of diced tomatoes with about half the juice from the can, not all of it! and turn heat up to med-high temp
-once some of the tomato juice has boiled away add a bottle of Classico Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo
-Let all of this heat up, be sure to keep stirring!
-While adding the tomatoes to pan boil the raviolis in a pot 
...done! and once again, you will love it. 

4. Dessert
I am not a dessert or sweets person, I would honestly rather skip it but if I must make something sweet it would be cookies! Homemade or ready to bake, I just love cookies when I'm craving a sweet!

5. Drink
 My go to drink with dinner would be some vino! 
My personal favorites...

Menage a Trois & La Crema Pinot Noir

Ok so now I wanna go cook a bad ass dinner for my man! If anyone would want a more detailed recipe about something, let me know, I can provide!

Anything you guys cook all the time? A go-to dish or recipe?


  1. Yumm I am def going to try the goat cheese and tomatoes. It sounds like such an easy but delicious recipe.

  2. La Crema is hands down my favorite wine. Obsessed!

  3. four cheese ravioli sounds amazing!! and i love me a glass of red wine :)

    cute blog you have!


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