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-I am loving the weather today! It is so warm and beautiful outside! Mom & I had lunch on the patio and then went for a walk around the park in my town! 

-I am loving that tomorrow evening around 11pm I am officially off mom-duty. The kids parents will be back in town and I will go back to being kid-less. Thank goodness, I am not ready just yet! 

-I am loving this week off school! No class, no test, no bones to look at! ah yes.

-I am loving all of the new followers and friends I am making from my little blog!
Even better I am SO excited to be announcing the winner of my Marley Lilly giveaway soon! 
Remember to go enter if you haven't already! Enter here! The giveaway will end tomorrow night!! 
The giveaway is for one of the monogrammed derby hats! 
You all know how obsessed I am with Marley Lilly! I have ordered SO many things from them and I love every single thing I have gotten! 
Just a two things I've purchased! I have the brown bag in red also, a monogrammed towel wrap, monogrammed towels and some koozies!!

-I am loving that I have been holding myself to what I gave up for lent. NO fast food and no red meat! I however seriously gave in one evening and went to Chick-Fil-A. I had been driving for like 5 hours, I was stuck in traffic and so upset, come on, cut me some slack!!! 

What are y'all loving today??

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