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For Your Information!

I had no post scheduled today except a little reminder to enter my Marley Lilly giveaway which ends TONIGHT at midnight!! Enter HERE!! 


BUT then something happened today and I realized that as many people as possible needed to be informed of what I learned today...


I filled up last week at a BP because gas there was $3.68 versus across the street at a Shell for $3.78, thought I was making a good decision, I was not. 

I went to start my car today, its push to start so sometimes it will act funny or cut off if you don't have the brake pushed down all the way or you shift into gear too quickly. 

Heres what happened...
Car cut off. 
Pressed start again. 
Car sounded like it was literally going to blow up.
Began panicking. 
Call AAA. 
AAA arrives and this is what he tells me...

BP and Kangaroo gas stations are using FILLERS in their oil to make gas cheaper!!! These fillers contain ethanol and other dangerous chemicals that literally drain your battery and can cause other serious damage to your car if you continue to use these gas stations with fillers in their oil!!!!!! OMG! He also said that if the gas price at a certain station is significantly lower that the current "average" then they are also probably using these fillers in their gas! 

Nothing serious was wrong with my car besides the ethanol in the gas I have in it drained the life from my battery and "locked" my steering wheel, my car went into survival mode according to Frank. haha 

So moral of this story is currently BP and all Kangaroo stations are using this cracked out oil that will damage your car! Frank said that Exxon and Hess/Wilco they know for sure aren't using fillers and Shell is all against the ethanol thing so they should be alright too! 

If you know you've filled up at one of these cracked out stations recently you might wanna run your car until its out of gas, thats what I had to do today :( thank goodness I only had about 1/4 a tank left!

Hope this helps some people, I certainly don't want the panic and freak out attack happen to anyone else like I had happen today! I love my car! 

Happy Thursday dolls and YAY for tomorrow being Friday!!!


  1. I've been wondering about this lately! I keep seeing shell commercials that keep saying "we don't use fillers" and I honestly didn't even know that it was legal for companies like BP to do that. AH!

    Luckily I always go to QT and no where else. I'm pretty loyal haha

  2. oh my goodness!! I went to BP today!! Thanks for the heads up... definitely not worth the 10 cents cheaper gas if it's hurting our cars.

  3. OMG! That is freaking horrible! So sorry you had to deal with that. Thankfully my go to places are Shell and Kroger or Sams Club! I will definitely be avoiding the others!!

  4. I had this happen to me a few years ago. Not fun at all!


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