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Our Big News!

Anyways, I guess its time I tell y'all the news...
I mean, I can't really hold it in much longer!
I tried to wait until we closed but I just can't wait another month!
We bought a home! Town house to be exact!

The story to how we got here is nuts...

A few Sundays ago, September 30th, we started TALKING about looking to buy when our lease was up in February. We contacted a few realtors and told them the basics/needs and if they could put a few things together. A few people responded and one realtor, April, gave us an awesome response, made us feel comfortable and told us we could look at a few properties on that Thursday! 

We planned Thursday out with some properties that had been on the market for months/almost a year. (giving indication that we would have weeks/months to decide) that Tuesday night we browsed the internet again and found "the one." Just had been put on the market and was perfect. But we just figured we could lump it into Thursdays appointments and see if we even wanted a town home and all the extra space/up-keep that came with it. We really didn't want a home, were not yard work, back yard living type of people. We LOVE the city and all it has to offer so we never imagined we could find such an amazing town home in middle of the city!

Thursday rolls around, we see one property we thought we would love, it was eh, ok. Next property is awful, you couldn't have gotten me out of there any faster! Third was awesome, we wanted that condo BAD! It needed a few updates but for the price we would offer it would be so worth it! 
...then we saw "the one." We just knew it, we walked in and it felt like home. There wasn't a thing wrong with the place and we could picture ourselves there for awhile! 

We left that Thursday evening wanting it badly but with only two days on the market we said we could wait till later to decide.
Fast forward- Friday morning, I'm at work and I have multiple missed calls from Jeremy, something he has never done, he knows I usually can't answer or even look at my phone at work. 
I called him back and he is semi panicked, two offers were made on the town home, if we want it we have to make an offer, NOW! 

*insert panic* 
Like I said before we have only flirted with the thought of buying, this was supposed to be a trial period, see what's out there, maybe look some more, etc. 
We put in an offer Friday afternoon, along with two other people/couples. 

Friday night we headed up to Boone thinking "obviously we offered low, they won't accept this and it's ok, were not really prepared to buy right now since this all happened so quick." "If it's meant to be then God will let it be, if not then his plan is something else and that is also totally ok!"

Fast forward- Saturday evening. 
We get an email from our realtor, they have made two counter offers. 
They chose us. 
Holy crappppppppppppp.
We accepted one.
We own a home. 

Papers were signed and checks were written on Monday October 8th! 
Like I said, holy crapppppppppppp. 

This was my "OMG Emily & Crystal, I'm so excited I could pee myself face" 
Emily & Crystal-
 seriously y'all were awesome friends through all this! I was blowing their phones up with worry, excitement and fear for two straight days! I love y'all!

We are so excited and so ready for this new chapter in our lives but it just all happened so fast. We are ready to move on and move in! 

I will share more on the home and more pictures once the staging furniture is gone! I wan't to see my new home empty- so I can't make it my own! 

Happy Saturday dolls, smile! Because I know I am! 


  1. Congratulations! It's so pretty, can't wait to see how you'll decorate it!

    My Musings

  2. Congratulations! Sometimes the best things come at a completely unexpected time. It is such a beautiful home!

  3. Congratulations!! Aaaahh that's soo exciting! Right before the holidays too!

  4. Ah! I am over-joyed for you and Jeremy! Can't wait to see the new place and come visit! :)

  5. woohooo congrats!! owning is the best!


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