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Fashion Friday: Faux Fur

I instagrammed a picture of what amazing friends Emily & I are last night and got a lot of questions about where my fur came from!

My "I'm way too excited face" from Monday when I wore it first... which I promise I will tell y'all about eventually! 

I actually bought the vest at a little store in Asheville that I have never heard of and I'm sure is just a local little place! 
I searched the internet for y'all and found the exact same vest HERE at Fab'rik! They also have locations in NC, SC, Georgia, Iowa, Virginia & Texas! See all their locations here!

And the shirt I'm wearing is from Old Navy, here!

It is a staple piece I just had to buy for this winter regardless of the price tag! And yes, if you follow me on IG you will be seeing this outfit a lot, probably this weekend. 

Have a great weekend dolls! 

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ps... also just wanted to say I know y'all aren't dumb and can probably click on a link, however I always type here or HERE because my links show up the same color as everything else I type, annoying I know, still can't seem to get that fixed! 


  1. I love faux fur! I have a few collary neck wraps that my dad tells me looks like something Davey Crockett would wear, but he wears UnderArmour all day er day, what does he know? hahaha

  2. Love the fur, I have one from last year that has a hood, but haven't pulled it out for the season yet!

    xx Emily @

  3. gah, i'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a fur vest like yours! its so cute, especially with the top you paired it with! also, checkout the giveaway i'm hosting on my blog, i know you'll love it!

  4. I got my faux fur vest from H&M for thirty bucks! Score


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