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Livin' for the Weekend!

Happy Monday & Columbus day all! 

Thanks for coming to America Christopher, so glad you did or else I would be at work right now!

So the weekend came and went way too fast, as usual. 
Jeremy and I headed up to Boone this weekend to attend Appalachian homecoming! We had SO much fun! 

And obviously just a few pictures to document the weekend festivities! 

Friday we got up the mountain sooo late because of work so we headed to a family friends house, ate pizza and crashed!

The view from our family friends lake/mountain house!

My game day outfit! (which I had to change into boots and throw on a jacket within minutes of leaving the house!)
Shirt- Vestique
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Target

Forrest brought Oscar to the tailgate and the poor puppy couldn't hang. He just wanted to snuggle up and sleep! We all took turns letting him nap in our jackets!

 The game was against Elon, obviously App won! It was a cold and kinda rainy game but so much fun! 

We didn't want to drive back up the mountain to the house after the game due to rain, darkness and alcohol, duh. So we stayed at a hotel with Forrest and Erin... the honeymoon suite to be exact. 

It was a great weekend and we really enjoyed being with friends and family! 

We also got some SUPER exciting news Saturday evening, life changing to be exact. I won't be able to hold it in for long so I'm sure y'all will find out this week... 
any guesses?

Emily & Crystal, y'all cannot answer! haha! 


  1.'s been long enough...I just need to get my butt to NC to see you! And I am so happy for you and J! Seriously- Your exciting news made my weekend!

  2. Did you guys buy a house?? Or get engaged??


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