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Friday Five

I'm here, I'm here! I actually had some downtime yesterday after class so I decided to schedule a simple little post for today! 

1. Pumpkin Spice Waffles 
I am a waffle nut so naturally when I saw that I kind of did a happy dance... in the middle of Target. 

2. Moccasin weather
 It's not totally here yet but I'm heading to the mountains the next two weekends so I scooped up a pair! Target has some cute options right now!

3. Target is the
Cute sweaters right now, colored pants, shoes galore, um- yoga pants & pretty much everything you could ever need. Target could always be on my Friday Five list

4. This keeps happening... I don't know what to do about it!?!

5. Spray Tans
So I admit I have never ever gotten one before. Until Wednesday night. I was always terrified I would end up orange and streaky so I just never got one, instead I would fake-bake. I know, slap me on the wrist now! 
My friend Rachel is in the process of opening up her own salon and she will be doing organic spray tans! I was her test subject last night and I am in LOVE! It looks so good and is natural looking! 
I will give you local gals some more details once she's up and running!

How is yall's Friday going? Any exciting weekend plans?


  1. ORGANC SPRAY TAN?????? SIGN ME -THE FREAK- UP! So jealous. I love that ecard... except they never show up in my yard.. :(

  2. anddddd as soon as I learn to type slower you'll knw I meant "organic" not "organc"...

  3. OMFG.. and "knw" was supposed to be "know"... epic blogger comment fail. kthx.

  4. Spray tabs are so much better! I did them all last winter and loved it. They can get pretty pricey though. You think by 2012 we could have a pill to make us tan or something.

  5. Target is the reason my bank account hates me right now. They have the cutest shoes and clothes right now and I couldn't help but stock up!


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