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Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-working on a new floor. Serious awkwardness, hate it. 
"hi where is EVERYTHING" 
"no sir I do not know where room 500, I really don't even know where my own rooms are"
*can't find time clock and I'm two minutes from being late* "WHERE IS THE FREAKING TIME CLOCK HERE?!?" *everyone just stares*

-The doctors office waiting room, everyone is staring at everyone. You just want to be called back, every minute gets more weird and the CNN news just isn't cutting it.

-Once again my elevator. Always awkward, never fails. People either stare at you and weirdly clear their throat or they want to know your job, which unit you live in, your status, your blood type. 

-Jeremy gets an awkward this week...
We were meeting up at a friends apartment for a little birthday dinner and he can't ever remember which apartment is Forrest's. So he just walks into the one he thinks is it. It wasn't Forrest's, he was met by a semi-naked girl walking out of her bathroom, he freaked, she freaked, he started yelling "I'm Sorry" and ran out. 

-It's Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and I'm only working 4 hours. heckkkk yes.

-Speaking of tomorrow we're heading to Asheville with Emily & Brian! I can't wait to be in beautiful Asheville with my best friends! Last time was just amazing so I have high hopes for this time!

-My hair lately. I don't know what is going on lately but I am seriously loving my hair, it feels healthy and voluminous. I am just lovvvvving it!

-This precious dress from Daily Chic!

Anything Awkward or Awesome about your week?


  1. I <3 Asheville! It's only an hour away from me, but I rarely go there. Your post makes me want to visit again!

  2. I am cackling like a child at Jeremy's awkward award!!! I can just see this happening! And I actually dislike you right now because you have good hair. Mine has been AWFUL lately. serious awful. SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!! I've got the wine (....or 5 bottles) ready to go!!!

  3. Haha that poor girl! Hope ya'll have a good weekend!

  4. Have a great time!!!

    xo, Emily

  5. Awkward elevator rides are my life story! haha It's like do I say something...or not?

  6. Your hair is always perfect! I am so jealous! and I am dyinggg over Jeremys awkward moment. Hilarious!


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