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Trendy Tuesday

I am so happy that it finally feels like Fall outside!
I walked outside during my shift yesterday to get some air and was expecting heat... I was shivering! yay!
I do not want freezing temperatures but I am sure am loving the cooler and nicer temps!
One trend I saw coming out this fall was the ox blood color, aka burgundy.

At first I was hesitant, I wasn't loving the fact that a color (that I was kinda obsessed with) was called "ox blood." Personally I hate anything the color of blood. Reminds me of murder!?! I blame my obsession with Criminal Minds...

So yea, I was hating on this color hard.
Long story short, I'm now obsessed.

Ox Blood

Does that set not make you wanna go buy some ox blood?
I love!


  1. That peplum top is to die for! I love red, and this is a lovely shade for fall.


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