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Stupid Freakin' Blogger...

So Blogger SUCKS and didn't post this, this morning... oh well.

Happy Monday all! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Jeremy & I drove to Greensboro Friday night and had dinner with my two good friend from childhood/college, Hayley & Amanda! We ate plenty of mexican and drank delicious margaritas!
via Amanda's IG- @amandabrook13

Saturday morning we dining room table shopped. ugh. Makes my head hurt! Everything I dream and want, we can't afford! We found a table and chairs for an amazing deal and I am very much in love with what we bought! 
That morning at moms house I looked in the coat closet and found an adorable French Connection coat... little did I know that it was one of my Christmas presents. oops. Thanks mom!

Saturday night we came back to Charlotte to finish the packing process! We needed up going to bed around 7pm...
Yes, two twenty-something year olds went to bed at 7pm on a Saturday night. It was amazing. 

Sunday we were up bright and early and went to early service at church! It was such a great sermon! We finished packing all day Sunday and we are so ready to move!!! 
and I am a little crazy about my Fiestaware...

I started my new job today with the pediatrics floor and the peds intensive care unit! I am SO happy and so excited to have my dream job at such an amazing time in my life! I could not be any more blessed!

As of later today I will be without internet, I will be leaving y'all with some fabulous guest bloggers for the rest of the week! 
Have a great week y'all! I will update everyone on the move sometime next week! 
You can follow me on Twitter & Instagram too, I'm sure I will be updating my moving process all week! 
Twitter: brenicole88
IG: basicallybreblog

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